Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


42. Chapter 40


  I woke up in the morning in a place I didn't recognize. I sat up straight as I tried to get up, but pain flashed through me. I didn't remember much of last night, just that I was at a club with Jasper and now I was here...but the pain in my lower region told me something else happened. At first I thought it was Jasper that took me home...but this wasn't his room. I wrapped the sheets around me when I realized I was still naked. I groaned in pain as I got up, dropping the sheet. I grabbed my dress and slipped it back on. Walking over to the bathroom, I looked at the mess in the mirror. Groaning in annoyance I washed the black make-up off my eyes and the red streaks of lip stain from my mouth area. I couldn't do anything with my hair, so I just tamed it a bit. When I walked out nobody was there still. I walked to the closet and pulled out a jacket. I didn't know who this person was...but they took me last more ways than one...and they deserved to have their jacket taken. I pulled it on, grabbing my heals in one hand, and opened the door. I walked out into the hallway when I stopped. This place was familiar; I had been here before. The door to my left opened making me jump. I clutched my heart as the figure stared at me.

   "Rose?" He asked. I fell into Dustin's arms. "How'd you get here?" He asked as he rubbed circles in my back. I shrugged.

   "I don't know..." I whispered into his chest. He nodded. Somehow I knew it wasn't him...that meant only one other person could've done this. I suddenly remembered Issac at the bar. He must've drugged me. I blinked back tears as I pulled away from Dustin's chest. He looked confused. I shook my head.

   "Come on..." He grabbed my hand. "I'll take you home," I nodded and intertwined our fingers. He led me to his car and opened my door for me. Once he got in he turned up the heat to keep me warm. I smiled and thanked him. He nodded as he backed out of the driveway. When we got to my house without talking, he reached over and opened my door.

   "Thanks," I whispered. I got out and took off the coat. Handing it to him I walked up the steps to the house. Opening the door I only saw Kale in the kitchen. I sneaked up the steps to my room and locked the door behind me. I ripped the dress from my body and flung it into the dirty clothes basket in my closet. I grabbed new underwear and my trusty sweats with a purple sweater. Hopping into the shower, I let the water fall down my neck and back. I stayed in there for a long time before getting out and pulling the towel around me. I walked back out to my room and put my clothes on. Pulling my hair into a braid down the side of my neck, I walked over and put my normal make-up on. Unlocking the door, I was bout to walk down the steps when Jason's voice caught me.

   "Where were you?" He asked. I bit my lip before releasing it. I turned to him with a straight face.

   "In my room," He rolled his eyes.

   "You know what I mean,"

   "No I don't! I wasn't anywhere except in there, so just drop it ok?!" I yelled. He looked surprised, and I knew that he didn't believe me, but he nodded his head. We walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where Kale still sat. "Sorry," I mumbled to Jason. He nodded and turned back to the fridge. I pulled out poptarts and put them in the toaster. Jumping a little when they dinged made the boys laugh at me. I smirked at both of them and playfully rolled my eyes. I sat down next to Kale. Sitting so close to someone who looked so much like my dad was a little uncomfortable.

   I almost chocked on the poptart as I asked, "Where are they having you sleep?" Kale looked up at me. I noticed one of the only differences I could put between him and Zayn. He had bright blue eyes.

    "In the room across from Jason's," He said. I nodded. Us three were on the 2nd floor. Hannah and Lily were on the 3rd. The room went silent as we all kept eating, Kale returning to his book. Emily came through the door with grocery bags. We all popped up to help her unload them. When we were finished we all went to the living room, while Emily went up to her room to try and get a hold of Zayn...but she didn't tell us that...I just knew. We turned on a show, none of us really watching. I went upstairs and grabbed my tablet. Bringing it back down, I noticed that the boys had turned it to a football (soccer) match. I smiled and rolled my eyes as they flung popcorn round and got up and screamed at the tv. When their team made a goal they did a chest bump and started yelling. I rolled my eyes again and laughed. How long was I upstairs? I sat down on a chair in the corner to avoid the flying popcorn. I logged onto Twitter as the boys started yelling again. Nothing was on there though. Nothing from my mom or the boys. I rolled my eyes and logged onto Facebook. I was just in the middle of training one of my fish on 'Happy Aquarium" when I saw Emily walk in. She looked at the boys, laughed, rolled her eyes, and left back out the door. I laughed at her, thinking she was smart for leaving when flying popcorn hit me. They were both too busy to see the death glare I sent them. Brushing the popcorn off me, I returned to my fishies. I had named all my fish after my family. I was training Lacers right now. That's what my mom called her little cousin Laci. Laci was five years younger than my mom and had a few kids of her own. After that I was halfway done with Tevi (Laci's little brother that's 23 and has one kid) when I heard the front door open. The boys, still yelling at the tv, didn't notice so I walked out of the room with my tablet. I placed it on the counter as the door shut. I crossed my arms as a figure walked in, trying to sneak up to his room. He froze when he saw me though.

    "Look who decided to show up," I sneered. He was frozen.


    "What Zayn?! You think you can come back in whenever?! Then just leave?! Face your problems for once...stop running away!" I yelled in his face. The boys in the other room went silent. Their heads peeked out of the door. Zayn saw Kale and gulped. Kale rolled his eyes and went back in the room. I didn't blame him.

    "Rosalie...that's enough..." Emily said as she appeared on the stairs. Her eyes were icy though, like she didn't really care that much. Zayn saw her and a sad look came across his face. Hers was hard, no emotion showing. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she looked him straight in the eyes. He looked away and gulped. "The couch in the lounge is set up for you," She said to him smirking. He grimaced. I smirked. There was laughter from the other room, and I knew the boys had heard. My smirk got bigger as I grabbed the tablet and walked up the opposite stairs. Emily disappeared from the steps as Zayn walked up them to the lounge. Liam stepped from the doorway, he had heard everything. He looked up at me with a sad expression.

   "He didn't mean to..." I said just loud enough fro me to hear. I shook my head.

   "Whatever," I said back. I was almost to my room when he called out again.

   "Rose!" I turned back to face him with my arms folded across my chest. I raised an eyebrow, waiting fro him to continue. He sighed before saying, "He was drunk, she drugged him, she's not as nice as she seems. She tried it with all us, but Zayn had already had too much to drink so he didn't know better than to take the drink. Please believe us..." He whispered the last part. My eyes were wide and I nodded, quickly running up to my room. I shut the door, sliding down with my back pressed against it. I sat on the floor thinking. Did I believe him? Should I believe him? Could I believe him? And, the most important one to me. Was history repeating itself?... Almost on cue I ran into the bathroom, throwing up in the toilet...

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