Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


4. Chapter 4


   Liam and I walked through the school doors. I was surprised when he told me that I was going to a public school with the rest of the boy's kids, I would've thought that they all went to a private school. The hallways were empty and silent as Liam placed a hand on my back, gently guiding me to the office. It seemed that he knew his way around here a little too well. The lady behind the office was an older lady with greyish hair, and glasses that rested low on her nose. She looked like a librarian. Her office was grey except her bulletin board that was covered in pictures of what looked like her grandchildren.

   Liam cleared his throat and she looked up.

   "May I help you?" She said in a monotone. I couldn't help but scoff at the way she said it, finding it completely rude.

   "Um...I would like to enroll this girl into school,"

   She sighed before replying, "Fill this out and give it back," She handed me a clipboard with a paper and pen on it. "Bring back the pen also, people like to take my pens," We left her there muttering something about 'pen stealers' as we went to sit on a bench just inside the office. I filled out the paper as Liam sung to himself quietly, looking over my shoulder to see what I wrote. I answered basic questions like my name, birthday, parents (I didn't know what to put there, so Liam just had me write in Zayn as my dad and him as my guardian), etc. He looked over my shoulder as I was starting to finish.

   "Your middle name is Honor?" He asked with a weird look on his face.

   "Ya my mom liked uncommon names. That was going to be my first name, but she liked Rosalie better," I said not looking up from the paper.

   He chuckled quietly to himself and said, "That sounds like Emily," Even though I shouldn't have been surprised he knew my mom I was.

   "Were you two friends?" I asked finally looking up from the paper and into his eyes.

   A look of sadness entered his eyes as he nodded and slowly said, "Ya...we were best friends," A little smile crept over his face. "Maybe I can help you find her again. You miss her, I miss her, all the boys miss her, Zayn..." He stopped himself there, but I knew what he was going to say. My dad missed her too. I had told Liam last night that my mom had left me with a friend of hers when she went to work out of the country. Her friend had died and my mom couldn't come back to face the grief. I was placed in foster care and was in contact with her, but I had no idea where she was. Even though it made her sound like a horrible person this was the story I had told everybody...except for Aero. Aero, my best friend, the only one that kept me sane at school, the one I would now have to get through the day without. I missed her, but we were going to do another video soon so I was excised.

   Liam had a hard time believing that my mom would do that, but eventually he had to except it since I refused to let down that, that was what really happened...even though that wasn't close to the truth.


   I now walked through the halls without a clue of what to do. I stopped at my newly assigned locker and checked my schedule and map to see where to go next. The map was hard to read, so I just sighed and opened my locker. Inside was all the books I would need that the office lady had the janitors stock. I pulled out a black book with the word Biology written on the front since I was a Sophomore. I grabbed a few more things (notebook, pen, etc.) that Liam had gotten for me and closed my locker. The sound of the bell rang through the hallways and I stumbled as kids pushed past me. Out of nowhere a familiar voice sounded.

   "Why are you here?" Jason asked coming up beside me and opening his locker. I rolled my eyes at the thought of being "locker buddies" with him. 

   "Well hello to you too," I mumbled under my breath. He turned to me with his Bio book in hand, that's when I realized he was in the same grade as me. Another guy walked up beside him and leaned against the locker on my other side. With his hand on the locker he leaned in slowly, forcing my back to press against my locker.

   He smirked at me and said to Jason, "Is this the girl I've been hearing so much about?" Then to me, "Names Styles, Jasper Styles," He pressed his chest against mine, and as I glanced sideways I saw girls shooting me dirty looks. Obviously the girls thought he was a god or something the way they almost fell over him. I rolled my eyes and pushed against his chest, shoving him a bit backwards. He chuckled to himself as I pushed past him the rest of the way and started walking the other way. It made me mad at what he did, but even more mad that Jason just stood there watching. I guess that's all I could expect from him though, he seemed to have the intelligence of a 4 month old.

   A hand grabbed me from behind, wrapping itself around my waist and spinning me around. I came face to face with Jasper once again. He smirked down at me as his head lowered, pressing his forehead against mine. I tried to pull away, but he was strong. His lips pressed against mine hungrily and I pulled away quick and let my hand make contact with his face. His grip got looser and I stepped back, watching the hand print get redder on his face. His green eyes grew angry the longer I looked at him, his brown curly hair almost standing on end. I could tell my face was pulled into a look of rage. How dare he?! Everyone was staring at us, watching in horror because the new girl had just slapped the "hottest guy" in school.

   "What's going on here?!" A deep, angry voice came from behind me and I just stood there watching Jasper's expression get all innocent, and I rolled my eyes. "Mr. Styles?" The teacher asked coming to stand in the middle of us.

   "I was just trying to show the new girl around Mr. Libri. She got a little frustrated at my directions and decided to hit me. It's alright I don't want her sent to the principles on her first day. It won't happen again I'm sure," With that he winked at me and I felt my eyes turn darker, signaling that I was pissed off.

   "Well that's very nice of you Mr. Styles but school policy needs her to have a consequence. We'll call your's and her's fathers down here to discuss things. Please guide her to the office and wait there. And, Miss..." He trailed off leaving me having to admit the last name Liam had made me use.

   "...Malik..." I quietly stated. Everyone gasped and started whispering about me and about Zayn being my father. Mr. Libri nodded quickly not finishing his sentence, and gestured for Jasper and I to go to the office. Jasper held out his hand for me, but I ignored it and started walking down the hall.

   We had left everyone when I heard him speak up, "You're going the wrong way," He simply stated as I turned to go the opposite way. I walked in front of him as he chuckled a bit making my cheeks go pink. It was officially true. The old saying 'The apple doesn't fall from the tree,' is true. My mother had hated Harry, and I officially hated Jasper with a burning passion.

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