Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


41. Chapter 39

A/N Hope you guys enjoyed the R-rated parts ;) -xx Em


   Later that day Jasper brought me back home to get different clothes. We were going out to a club later that night.

   "See you later babe," He whispered in my ear as I walked into the empty house. I guessed Emily and Kale were somewhere else for now. I smiled as I ran up the steps, a little sore. I grimaced at the pain but kept going up the stairs. Once I reached my room I took a bobypin from behind the 'R' that I hid to get in at times like these. After picking the lock, I opened the door and shut it quickly. I ran over to my closet, looking round in the dry cleaners bags that I had still never touched. I opened one after another, still not finding the perfect dress. Most of them were fancy...but not club like. I gave up with those bags and moved my hands to the red bags in the corner. Hoping that the color meant they were different than the others...I was right. I opened the first and gasped in surprise. It was a red, strapless dress. Just like the one in my dream where I was my mom at the club... I looked in confusion at it, but it brought back bad I zipped it back up. I moved to the second where a white dress with thick straps and ripped sides hung. My eyes widened as I took in the sight. Wondered who would even buy me these, I zipped that one back up too. I moved to the third of the ten bags. When I unzipped it I smiled to myself. I grabbed it from the rack and ran into my room. I hopped into the shower. It took only a few minutes to finish, and I stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my dripping wet body. I blow dried my dark hair and pulled the towel from my body. I grabbed the bag from my bed as I walked to my closet. I shut and locked the door before opening the bag. I walked over to my dresser to pull out dark purple, lacy underwear and bra. I pulled them on and took the straps off the bra. I set them on top of my dresser before grabbing the dress from the bag. I slipped it on and moved it until it fit perfectly. I nodded in the mirror before opening the door and locked the door to the hallway also. Slipping into the red swivel chair in front of my vanity, I pulled the bobypins from the drawer. Pinning them in my hair, it quickly turned into an updo. It was like a bun thing with some curls falling down by my face. I slipped a thin, sparkly head band on over it to keep it from falling out. Professional hairspray locked it all in place. As I did my make-up my phone buzzed. I picked it up from its place to see a new text from Jasper...and three from Dustin...and 5 missed calls...all from him. I felt bad so I opened them.

Dustin: Where are you?

Dustin: Please just tell me where you are! I'll come get you if you want!

Dustin: Or I'll leave you alone...please just let me know that you're ok!

   I shook my head and replied back.

Me: I'm fine. Had to get back b4 parents found out. C u l8r.

  Then I looked at Jasper's text.

Jasper: I'll be there soon :) x

Me: C u then :) x

  I finished with my smokey lite smokey eye and red lips. I nodded in approval as I got up from the seat. I grabbed black heels and slipped them on. Someone knocked on my door.

   "Can I see the princess yet?" Jasper's voice came through the crack underneath the door.

   "," I teased. I giggled under my breath. I heard him chuckle.

   "Let me in,"

   'Not with that attitude!" I gasped, fake hurt flowing through my voice. We both laughed as I unlocked the door and stepped out. His mouth was open as he gave me the elevator look. He stared at the red dress I was wearing. It had thick straps, but it was tight, so it pushed my chest up so there was a decent amount of cleavage. It was shorter and zipped up in the front. The zipper wasn't zipped up all the way either ;). There were large diamonds cut out of the fabric on the sides. I giggled, my cheeks turning red. His eyes met mine.

   "You look beautiful!" He gaped. "I almost don't want to go to the club now," He teasingly whispered in my ear. I rolled my eyes and smiled. I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him downstairs. I didn't grab a purse cause I didn't want to deal with the hassle of carrying it around. Emily and Kale still weren't home so we walked out to his car. When we pulled up to the club he handed me a piece of plastic. A fake ID. I nodded and got out of the car. We both looked older so this should be easy. We handed them to the bouncer who nodded. When we got in it was a chaos scene...I smiled. I missed sneaking into clubs. When I was 13-14 my friends and I would sneak into places like these. We always made it in too somehow. I smiled at the memories. "You scared?" He asked. I shook my head, a grin appearing on my face. When I looked at him he looked shocked.

   "I've done this before," I had to almost yell to be heard over music. He nodded and grinned with me.

   "Me two," He winked. I smiled back. We walked over to the bar, Jasper's hand round my waist, never letting me get a foot from him. I guess he did this from the glances and cat calls I was receiving. I smirked at them, but his face hardened with anger. I placed a hand on his chest and slowly rubbed it through his half-open white shirt. He nodded and looked back at the bar, ordering us two drinks. After downing two drinks, Jasper left to go to the bathroom. I smiled as I sat at the bar, I was a little tipsy, but not too bad...but not in my right mind... Suddenly a drink was pushed in front of me. A figure stood in front of me. Issac. He nodded at the drink. I smiled, as did he...or more like smirked as I took a sip. When I was bout to pull it from my lips he caught it with his finger and tipped it back up. I gulped down the rest of the drink as he grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. I instantly started to feel a little dizzy. He caught me as I swooned.

   "Let's take you home huh?" He asked. I nodded, completely forgetting bout Jasper. He nodded and helped me walk to his car...

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