Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


40. Chapter 38

A/N: R-rated ;)


   We were finally hungry when the movie ended. We hopped in his car, still laughing from the funny movie. When we got to the mall, and jumped out to go to the food court. It wasn't too crowded when we got there...thankfully! I hated waiting in lines...i'm a little impatient. We both ordered food, and I walked over to the Starbucks shop that was right next to it. I ordered a Mocha Frappicino and got Jasper what he wanted. Bringing them over to a table I saw that Jasper already had the food. I handed him his drink. He smiled and nodded with a bite of hamburger in his mouth. I laughed before taking a bite out of my McChicken. He gave me a weird look when I dipped it in my McFlurry though. I smirked back at him when I took a bite from the combo. He grimaced and shook his head at the sight.

   "That's disgusting Rose," He spoke. I smirked again and took another bite.

   "It's good though," I said in a fake whining voice. I winked as I finished it off, unwrapping the other sandwich. He shook his head and chuckled, finishing off his first hamburger too. I stopped and looked at him, taking a sip from the cold coffee. He looked up from his food to meet my gaze.

   "How do you drink cold coffee when it's this cold outside?!" He asked while laughing a little. I laughed with him and shrugged. All of the sudden everything that happened over the last few months washed over me. I gulped the coffee I had in my mouth down and pushed the rest of my food to the center of the table. He looked up at me confused, bout to ask something when he saw the tears threatening to spill over. He gasped and grabbed my hand. He got up and kneeled down beside me.

   "Rose...what's wrong?" He breathed out. I shook my head, trying to hold the tears that were still trying to come.

   "Can we just go home?" I asked. He nodded and pulled me up from the table. He grabbed our food and placed it in the bag before picking that up, along with the coffees in their little tray thing, in one hand. He grabbed mine with his free one. I smiled down at it as I blinked back the salty tears.


  He had tried everything to make me eat, talk, even look at him. I refused to tell him what was wrong...everything was just wrong it seemed. I stared blankly at the wall, refusing to look at him. His head turned towards mine, but I looked to the side. He sighed.

   "You want to go for a walk?" He asked. I shook my head, still not looking at him. "What do you want to do then?" My eyes came up so I was now looking at the wall. My head still turned to the side, his breath on my cheek. I grinned a little, then let it fall. I turned my head so my lips were an inch from his.

   "This..." I breathed, as I pressed my lips to his. He smiled a little into it. He pulled me into his lap, so I had my legs wrapped around his torso. His tongue swept over my bottom lip as he asked for entrance, which I immediately gave. My hands slipped to the hem of his shirt, trying to tug it off. He shook his head and broke the kiss. I frowned.

   "No Rose...I don't want to do this. I don't want this if you're sad...I wanted it to be special..." His eyes looked sad. I knew he wanted it...I needed it. I felt sad, and if this was the way to make me feel better...than so be it. I frowned more.

   "Please," I whispered. The sadness in my eyes must've been enough for him. He nodded and pressed his lips to my quivering ones once again. I smiled into the kiss. He let me take his shirt the rest of the way off. After it was gone, suddenly, mine was too. I giggled a little as his hands found their way into my bra and massaged a little. They traveled to my back and unclipped my bra, flinging it to the ground. My hands tangled in his curls, my chest pressed to his. His hands lowered until they were on my waistband. I shook my head. "You first..." I mumbled against his lips. He chuckled and pulled away from my lips. I grinned a did he. We both stood up as I skimmed my hands down his abs. He let out a throaty moan as I reached the edge of his jeans. I smirked and locked eyes with him as I pulled them down. His eyes were darkening with each second. I moved my hands to the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down, letting his erection hang loose. I didn't move my eyes from his as I licked from his abs down his length. He moaned as I reached the tip and licked once in a circle. I smirked back at him as he tipped his head back and squeezed his eyes shut. I licked him again and again. His voice formed a growl.

   "Put that pretty mouth to work," His hips bucked forward, pushing his length into my mouth. I gagged as I reached my limit and put a hand on his stomach to stop him from forcing himself down my throat. He stopped as I began to bob my head back and forth. His hand was placed on the back of my head to guide me. "Get up!" He growled. I licked it once again and kissed my way back up his chest. I sucked on a sweet spot on his neck when he tried to connect our lips once more. I glanced up at him to see his lips part as a moan slipped. I evily grinned as I nipped it. He bite his lip, turning me on more. His head turned, forcing our lips to connect. He pushed me back onto the bed. He ripped off my leggings and kissed up my legs. I shivered as he kissed along my inner thigh. He got to the very top before ripping my underwear down with his teeth. He kissed up once again.

   "I'll make you pay for teasing me..." He whispered as he kissed my thigh again.

   "I-I need you," I whispered, slamming my eyes shut as I bite my lip. My body was already shaking. Without warning his tongue slipped in me. I gasped in pleasure as I fisted his curls. He flicked it in and out, over and over. It disappeared just as I was bout to cum. I let out a whining sound, I heard him chuckle. Two of his fingers replaced it. I moaned as he pumped them in and out of me. I bucked my hips forward. He chuckled and added a third. I gasped again, feeling the pleasure gain within me. His lips connected with my breast, sucking and nipping at the sensitive skin.

   "Hold on baby," He whispered against my chest. I nodded as he continued. I bit my lips harder, drawing blood. His other hand came up and rubbed my clit. The pleasure grew from each spot he was working on. His fingers suddenly curled inside me. Taking that as the cue to let go, I did. As I rode my high he pulled his fingers out and licked each one clean. "You taste so good," He whispered leaning down to kiss me again. He pulled away too quickly and reached into the nightstand beside his table. He pulled out a condom and ripped the wrapper open, rolling it over his length. As I came down from the high I felt him line up with me. He stayed there while he leaned down and gave me a deep kiss. Without warning he slowly pushed in. I moaned against his lips as he let me adjust to his size. Finally he pushed in farther. He slowly began to thrust in and out. I groaned in annoyance. "Scream my name..." He mumbled against my lips. I shook my head, not able to do anything else. He leaned down and sucked on the sweet spot right beneath my ear. I moaned. "Scream my name!" He growled as he kept gently going in and out. The need grew until I couldn't hold it in anymore.

   "Jasper! I need you! Now!" I scream. Thank God there was no neighbors to hear.

   "You just had to ask," He mumbled against my skin as his head came back up, a smirk crossing his face. He suddenly pushed his full length inside me. I gasped and moaned all at once, rolling my eyes back in pleasure. He increased the speed until he was at his max. His tip relentlessly brushing my g-spot. He hit it with full force. My body jerked up as pure pleasure raced through me.

   "Jasper!" I screamed. He hit it again. "I-I'm cl-close!"

   "Wait babe," He hit it again and again, making me jerk up each time.

   "J-Ja-Jasper!" I screamed as he hit it harder than before.

   "Ok!" He yelled as I let go. I assumed he did too. He pulled out and laid beside me. It wasn't night time yet, so we pulled the covers over us and lied there in each other's arms.

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