Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


39. Chapter 37

A/N K this chapter won't be one should be though ;). I made a new movella called 'No Need to Panic' if you wanna check it out :). I'm gonna end this story soon and make a sequel for it!!! :D I'll tell you when it's posted!!! Thx loves :) -xx Em


   I ran until I couldn't anymore. I fell onto the ground and stared up at the lightening sky. It must've been early cause the sun was barley in the sky. I wrapped my arms around myself as I shivered from the cold. Standing up I realized I had ran towards my house. I shook my head, I didn't want to go there...yet. Honestly I felt a little ashamed. Last night wasn't my first time...but it was my first time where I wanted it also. I shivered again...but not at the cold this time.


   I sat in the dark room that was always in my dreams. For some reason it always appeared there...almost like a warning to never go here, I was. But, I wasn't here on my own free will. I remember being gagged, drugged, and dragged here. I stared into the darkness until the opened with a creaking noise. I flinched as the smell of alcohol hit me. A deep voice sounded through the room.

   " know why you're here?" I blinked back the tears that were threatening to spill over. I wouldn't cry in front of him...he wasn't worth the tears.

   I took in a deep breath and said in the most sassy tone I could, "And why would that be douche?" I blinked up at him like an innocent little girl, even though he probably couldn't see me. His hand gripped my hair and pulled it back. His face came dangerously close, alcohol breath hitting me straight in the face. I held back the urge to gag.

   "Watch what you say to me bitch...wouldn't want to punish you more," He winked. I couldn't help the sharp intake of the breath that I took. Realization washed over me. His face came even closer as he whispered in my ear, "'re mine...whether you like it or not," I almost felt the smirk in those words. I gasped again as my body was thrown against the cold, hard floor and I felt the figure climb on top of me.


   Gasping for air I collapsed on a tree stump. I finally figured out why Issac look so familiar...he was him... Two years later I still couldn't get that night out of my mind. Not cause it was the best night of my life, but cause it was my worst nightmare...and I couldn't forget it... Gripping my stomach, cause I felt like I was going to be sick. I stood up...I needed to get out of here. I started walking back into the woods when I heard footsteps crunching over the leaves. I froze. Looking around me I saw nothing. Thinking it was just my imagination, I kept going on...until it started up again...closer this time... I froze again. There was still no one around me when the footsteps stopped.

   "W-Who's th-there?" I stuttered out. Straightening my back and rolling my shoulders back to make myself look taller, I turned in a circle, looking for the person who was following me.

   "A little girl like you shouldn't be out here alone," A voice echoed behind me. I relaxed my posture as I recognized the teasing voice. I turned to see Jasper leaning against a tree, almost concealed by leaves. I laughed a little.

   "You're such a good hider," I smirked and winked up at him as he came closer.

   "What are you doing out here Rose?" He asked coming even closer. I could reach out a hand and touch his chest. His hand reached down for mine and brought it to his lips. He kissed it once, then brought his other hand to it and rubbed it. "You're so cold..." He whispered, looking at me. He let go of my hand at took off his jacket, placing it around my shoulders. I smiled up at him, which he returned. He took my hand in his again and laced out fingers together. "Come with me," He asked almost as a plea. I gripped his warm hand tighter and followed him to his house. He pulled me through the door to another empty house. "The boys went out last night to take in the news..." He said. I nodded. I only then remembered that we had a new guest in our house. Last night I had heard Emily talking with Nora in the hallway outside my room when my mom came to give me dinner.


  "Ya! That's fine with me!" I heard Emily say. Nora's voice sounded.

   "Are you sure? I mean I don't want to intrude on your lives it's just..." Emily cut her off.

   "Nora it's fine. He's welcome here. He is Zayn's son,"

   "I know it's just...that you didn't seem all that happy when you found out and..." My mom started laughing.

   "'s not you or Kale I was mad at. I'm angry with Zayn; I'm not the type to take that out on someone else. You didn't know, and Kale couldn't have doing anything bout it! Don't worry. He's family here," I heard the smile in her voice as she ended. I heard Nora's sigh of relief.

   "You think Rose will be ok with it?" She sounded almost scared.

   "She just needs to get used to it... She'll be fine," My mom said.

   "That's good," Nora laughed. "She really takes after you, you know. You two look so alike...I can't believe that Zayn is even her dad!" She started laughing. I saw Emily's shadow stiffen from underneath the door. She let out a little fake laugh.

   "Ya...I've heard that a lot,"


   The boys had left last night and weren't supposed to get back for a few days. Haili had gone over to Kirsten's to spend the nights that Harry wasn't going to be there. She had taken Jasper's little sister with her...alone in a house with another guy that I I felt bad casue I feel like I was using Dustin like that to make myself feel better...I liked it...but I still felt bad. Jasper and I pulled up Netflix on the X-box and turned to the comedy section. He went to go make popcorn while I chose the movie. I was just ordering "Here Comes the Boom" When he walked back in with a bowl of popcorn and a bowl of kettle corn. I smiled when he handed me the kettle corn cause I hated popcorn...I didn't think anybody knew that... We were halfway through the movie when my phone buzzed. I looked down at it to see a new text from Dustin. I stiffened, and Jasper felt it.

   "What's wrong?" I asked, trying to look at my phone. I moved it slightly, so he couldn't see it.

   "Nothing. I just didn't expect it to vibrate," I lied. He nodded and turned back to the movie. I looked at the text that said:

Dustin x: Where are you?

  I exited out of the text and locked my phone. A few minutes later I saw his face pop up on the screen. He was calling. I looked at the phone, then at Jasper, then back again. I sighed quietly. My finger hit the 'decline' button. Just to be safe I turned my phone off. I put my feet upon Jasper, who gave me a funny, teasing look and went back to watching the movie.

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