Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


38. Chapter 36

A/N: BTW this chapter...and the next few get a little...R-rated ;) So please don't report me cause I warned you!!!!!!!!!!!-xx Em



   I was shut in my room all day. I couldn't believe it! How could he do that?! I shook my head and grabbed my phone. As I texted Dustin I pulled my hair out of my ponytail and threw a white polar bear hat on. I grabbed black boot slippers and pulled them on also. Dustin texted back almost immediately.

Me: Come get me

Dustin: B there in 5

   That's what i loved bout explanation needed...he was just...there! I walked over to my window and pulled it open. Thankfully it didn't squeak too bad. I jumped out the window just as a shadow came out of the woods. I smiled as I landed next to him, and his hand caught my arm to steady me. He trailed his fingertips down until they intertwined with mine. He pulled me into the woods and along a trail. We were silent for round 20 minutes until we came to a big house in the trees. I know, I know cabin in the woods and all this crap...blah blah blah...but this was an actual house! Like a mansion! Seems right for a singer's kid ;).  He opened the door with a key from his lanyard that hung outta his pocket. We walked in and it was dead silent and dark. It was round nine but it shouldn't have been that dark... I knew he had a brother (cough cough Issac) and a sister that I didn't know the name of...but they weren't young! They were actually both older! A confused look came over my face as he shut the door behind us.

   He noticed the look and said, "My family's away. I get the place to myself until tomorrow night," I smiled and nodded. We spent the rest of the night sprawled out on the couch watching Disney movies while eating leftover Chinese food. At one point I was laying down with my head propped up against one end of the couch with my feet up on Dustin's lap. The next moment I was sitting with my head resting on his shoulder. By the end of the 2nd movie he was half asleep with his head on my lap. I was playing with his hair, combing the messy locks with my fingers, tugging slightly. I saw his eyes open slightly, then squint up at me. I saw a grin spread across his face and his lips puckered. I laughed lightly and pressed my lips softly against his. He smiled into it, as did I. I broke the kiss, and he quickly sat up. I grabbed a handful of his hair and took control. He smirked against my lips before parting my lips with his tongue...Oh that's how we're gonna play it huh?! ;) We fought for dominance, both with our tongues and who was on top of who. We ended up rolling off the couch and I landed on top of him. I smirked against his lips as we continued. Eventually we ended up to the point where I was straddling him, and my hand was roaming his bare chest.

   "This is dangerous Rose," He groaned against my lips. I smirked into the kiss and pressed my lips to his harder. Finally he sat up and picked me up. My legs went around his waist as he carried me upstairs. I was laid down on his bed, and my shirt came off. Leaving me in a bright green bra with blue and pink cheetah print on the top of it. I skimmed my eyes down his tattooed body. There was black marks all around his chest. There was one though...that was covered a bit by his low hanging sweatpants... I smirked as I came back up to look him in the eyes. His eyes were glued to my body, but then they came up to lock gazes with me. An evil grin came across my face. I sat up, bringing my face close to his and placing a hand on his abs.

   I slowly trailed it down as I said, "I wish I could see the tattoo under here," As I said the last few words my hand hit his sweats and tugged at the string, making them fall off. He gulped, his eyes going wide. I saw the light blue color darken with lust. I smirked again as my head dipped down to see his tattoo. It was a medium sized bird on his V-line. It was right above his boxer-briefs. I saw him stiffen up. I grinned at the effect I had on him. Slowly I traced the outline with my tongue, making his hips jerk forward. I grinned bigger as I did it again...and again.

   "Stop there...FUCK!" He groaned/growled then turned it into a yell as I did it for the last time. I smirked and brought my head back up. He quickly pushed me back down and hovered over me. He smirked. "You shouldn't tease me like that Rose..." He seductively whispered in my ear causing me to shiver. His hands dropped to my pants and pulled them slowly down. I groaned cause he was now teasing me! He moved aside my underwear and stuck one finger in me. I gasped as another, and another slipped in. The sheet got caught up in my clenched hands. He smirked and gracefully unhooked my bra with one hand. As soon as it was off he ripped my underwear down with his teeth. His briefs came off. He positioned himself and thrust in slowly. I gasped at the pain. It quickly turned to pleasure as he moved faster. I moaned with each thrust. He rubbed my clit to make me cum faster. We both hit at the same time, and he fell beside me. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. "Told you, you shouldn't tease me," He winked and fell asleep next to me, his arms wrapped around my naked waist. I leaned my head against his chest and closed my eyes. My mind pulling me off into a dream.


   I was stood in front of a house. It didn't look too fancy, but it didn't look bad either. I felt a confused look come across my face as I watched a couple come out...the girl was pregnant. I couldn't place them...but they looked familiar. When they disappeared I saw the house grow into a large building...a hospital. A wave of pain hit me from the left side. As I blacked out I saw the same lady from before coming out with a baby carrier. She looked like she had been in tears as she placed the baby in the backseat of a cab. I watched her as the scene slowly turned into another. It was pitch black...then the lights came on. I was in a club...but...not as me. I looked down at myself and saw the strapless, short, tight red dress I was wearing. With a confused look on my face, I walked over to the bathroom. Putting my drink down I looked in the mirror. I gasped as I took in the person before me. She didn't look bad...just! I took in the sight before I realized I was a 18 year old Emily. I turned and leaned against the bathroom counter right as the door was slammed open...and locked. I looked up to see a guy with blonde hair and hazel eyes walk over to me. He pushed me against the sink and kissed my neck. i tried to pry him off...but he wouldn't budge. I let out a little 'no...I have a boyfriend Austin...I told you no...' as he tried to slip his hand under my dress. He chuckled and a wild grin flew across his face.

   "Fuck him... You're mine tonight doll..." He winked and I was pushed to the ground.


   I sat up gasping for air. My hands threw the covers off my body cause I was sweating from the dream. Looking down I realized I was back in my underwear...and Dustin wasn't by me... My eyebrows furrowed. I looked over to his pillow to see a note. I picked it up and read:

Hey babe,

Went to run some back later.

Btw...last night was amazing ;).


   My eyes widened. I remembered what happened last night. Jumping out of bed I threw my clothes on and ran out the door. I couldn't be in that house any longer...

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