Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


36. Chapter 34


  My mom tried to explain to me...but I didn't want to hear it. Instead I locked my door and laid in the bed until I fell asleep. Jasper had left earlier with his dad, who was arguing with him over why he got in a fight. Jasper refused to tell, and I didn't want to say it either. Later that night I heard my window open. I turned quickly thinking it was Issac again, but it was just Dustin. I smiled as he came over and placed his lips on my forehead. I smiled. He trailed them down my cheek before kissing the corner of my lips.

   "You missed," I whispered. He chuckled and pressed his lips to mine. My lips started to tingle. His tongue begged for entrance which I quickly gave to him. When we finally pulled away from the heated kiss for air we both smiled. I turned back around and felt his warm chest against my cold back. His body curved around mine, and we fell asleep.


   I woke up and turned to see Dustin still laying there. I smiled and kissed him. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled. He brushed hair out of my eyes.

   "You ok?" He gently asked. Trailing his hand from my forehead to my cheek. His thumb rubbed it lightly. I shivered at the feeling, and the coldness of his skin. I nodded before getting up and handing him his shirt that had gotten tossed to the side of the room before he had gotten under the covers. I looked at his face to see his scars and bruises fading, but you could still see them. I brushed the one on his jaw line as he put on his shirt. He grinned at me as I did this. He roughly pushed his lips onto mine once again. His lips moved from mine to my neck. My skin melted wherever he touched it. I would've lost my balance if he hadn't had his hands on my ass to keep me steady. My body was now pushed up against his. His hand skimmed up my side and pushed my shirt off one shoulder. I moaned as his lips melted onto my exposed collarbone. I felt him chuckle against my skin. He pulled away and pecked my lips once. I melted. "See you later babe," He whispered in my ear. With that he jumped out the window and ran off. I watched him go, I was sad to see him go. I threw on a blue Daughtry sweater that had the words 'Waiting for' then the Super Man sign. It hung off one shoulder. I threw on black leggings and grey toms. I straightened my hair quickly and put on my make-up, making sure to make the wingtips a little longer than normal. I grabbed my bags and headed downstairs.


   Dustin sat by me. Jasper sat behind me. I sat there frozen as Dustin leaned over and whispered something in my ear, then left a small kiss there. He must've thought nobody saw, but I knew Jasper did. I heard a slight growl behind me. I heard the person next to him whisper, 'Down boy,'. Trying not to laugh I looked over at Jasper. He knew I liked Dustin, but he though I liked him he think or know? I shook my head and turned back round. The teacher began talking, and I just sat there. I couldn't make up my mind between the two. I liked both of them...I loved both of them... But, I could only have one. Class ended and I quickly got up and went to my next class. Neither of them was in that class, so I was relieved. The rest of the day went by uneventful and I was driven home with a ton of homework. I was still trying to catch up on the homework from that month, but I was almost done. I left the projects for last so it'd be more fun...but it also takes more time to do those so...*shrug*. My books were getting heavy so I was glad to dump them on the bed.

   "Rose!" Liam voice rang from downstairs. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen were Liam was trying to fit a gigantic cake into the fridge. I laughed and walked over to him. The cake must've weighed 30 pounds! It was almost the entire length of the fridge, and six inches tall! It was decorated with a meadow scene on one half and a scary woods scene on the other. Little animals were scattered all around it. There were cabins on the back of the meadow and seven little dwarfs. Snow White stood while her prince kneeled down and kissed her hand. I smiled cause that had always been my mom's favorite princess. I knew she'd love it. "Zayn picked it," Liam said from behind me. I smiled bigger. Zayn really loved Emily. I turned to see Liam making something on the counter. "Help?" He asked. I laughed and went over to him. I adding herbs to the boiling sauce when Liam took a breath in from behind clenched teeth. I turned round expecting to find half his hand burned or something like that. Instead he was just watching me. His face went back to normal from worried and scared. "Sorry," He laughed. "When I see you cook I think you're Emily and I get worried," I laughed. She'd always been a bad cook. Simple things...ok... Others...break out the fire extinguisher! She set the smoke detectors off in our house once by cooking eggs! Once she was making cookies from scratch and parts of the wooden spoon ended up in the cookie dough...ya...don't let her cook.

   "She was pretty bad wasn't she..." I laughed. Liam nodded.

   "Hey! I wasn't that bad!" She came in and started laughing.

   "How'd you live with her cooking Rose?" Liam laughed.

   I shrugged before saying, "I learned to cook at a young age," I winked at him and my mom. She threw her hands up in the air and walked into the living room.

   "I hate you guys!" She yelled, joking. Liam and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. We heard the door shut and went back to cooking. We were almost done when Zayn burst through the door. He shooed me out of the kitchen, so I went back upstairs. I didn't really care I was getting bored in the kitchen.


   "Liam mate...look what I got," I heard Zayn say. I turned to see him holding out a bag for me. I gave him a questioning look before grabbing it out of his hand. It was a small silver bag. I looked in it to see a velvet black box. Pulling it out I opened it to see a small ring. 'Forever and Always' was carved into the side. I took a stuttering breath.

   "A promise ring?!" I whispered to him. He nodded like a giddy child and jumped a little in happiness. I smiled big and gave him a hug. "That's wicked mate!" I yelled. Emily walked out of the living room.

   "You two children done?" She asked with a mischievous sparkle in her eye. We both froze, hiding the ring behind our backs. Did she hear? She walked up to her and Zayn's bedroom, and we heard the door shut. We breathed out sighs of relief. "That was close," I whispered. Zayn nodded.

   "I better hide this so she can't find it," I nodded and he disappeared. I knew where he was gonna take it though. It's the same place I hid my wedding ring for Sophia. It was a little room that you only could get to from a trap door in the ceiling. If you pulled a rope a little staircase dropped down. It was an old astronomy tower where the roof opened up and you could see the stars. It was right beside his bedroom though, so he had to be quite so Emily wouldn't hear him go up there. I smiled as I turned back to making dinner.

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