Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


35. Chapter 33


  Dustin had taken Issac home, I had taken Jasper. We were walking into the house when I heard my mom's and the rest of the boys talking.

   "S-So let me g-g-get t-this straight..." I heard Niall say. Jasper and I froze in our tracks. "Z-Zayn might n-not be the fath-ther of R-Rose," My breath hitched. I saw Emily shrug. I slammed the door and ran up the stairs, not even thinking of Jasper. I slammed my door shut too, and flung myself on my bed. The covers got soaked as the tears would just not stop. I felt a hand on my back, rubbing circles. I didn't know who it was until I heard them speak.

   "Rose...I'm so sorry," Jasper. I turned over and placed my head on his chest. He grabbed me and placed me on his lap, rocking me like a baby. I cried into his chest, his shirt getting soaking wet. I felt him move some hair off my forehead before planting a kiss there. I smiled into his chest, he must've felt it. "There's the smile..." I heard him whisper. I smiled bigger and lifted my head up. My eyes fell on the blood all over his face and I stood up, he did too.

   "Let's go get you cleaned up," I whispered and pulled him towards the bathroom.


  As soon as Rose ran up to her room I walked into the living room. Emily was crying into Zayn's chest, a huge wet mark were the tears stained his shirt. He looked up at me, a few tears brimming on his eyes and on his cheeks. The rest of the boys were either on the verge of tears or speechless. They all looked up at me besides Emily. Their eyes got bigger as they saw my appearance. I shook my head and ran up the stairs after her. She was bawling on her bed so I went over and rubbed circles in her back.

   "Rose...I'm so sorry," I whispered. I hated seeing her like this. She turned around and put her head on my chest. I shivered at the feeling of having her so close, but she didn't notice. I picked her up and rocked her back and forth. Her hair was falling into her face, so I brushed it off. I couldn't resist, so I placed my lips where the hair had been. I felt her smile. "There's that smile..." I chuckled a little. She looked up. Her eyes scanned my face before getting up off the bed. I stood with her.

   "Let's go get you cleaned up," She whispered and pulled me towards the bathroom. I sat on the toilet seat while she got out the first aid kit. She seemed like she'd done this before...I raised my eyebrow at her as she turned to me with a washcloth and started wiping the blood from my hands. After she was done she moved to my eyebrow, my nose, cheek, jaw line, and finally my blood lip. As she finished she finally made eye contact with me. Her's and my breath hitched. She slowly leaned in, her lips pressing lightly against mine. I tried to push them together harder, to make the kiss deeper, but caught myself groaning in pain. When she heard it she quickly pulled back. Her eyes looked scared as she tucked so hair behind her ear and turned to rinse out the cloth. She bit her lip as she turned back and started wrapping my hands. She put little bandages on the cuts on my face. I stared at her face the entire time, but she refused to look me in the eye again. When she finished she put the kit away and sat on the counter.

   She stared straight forward as she whispered, "Why?" I looked at her, but she didn't return he gaze.

   "What?" I whispered back.

   "Why did you fight him?" She turned to look at me this time. Her bottom lip got caught between her teeth. I shrugged.

   "I had to teach him a lesson I guess," She shook her head and looked away again. Tears beginning to form in her eyes. I stood up and walked in front of her. Her head hung down as she looked at the ground. I lifted it up with one finger to make her look me in the eyes. "Please don't be mad..." I whispered. She sighed and looked to the side. I dropped my hand and sighed with her. She sighed again before catching my hair in her fingers.

   She looked at it while saying, "I could never stay mad at you Curly," I smirked at her. She looked back to my eyes, meeting them with hers. Her hand went still in my hair, gripping it softly. Slowly I walked forward until my body was in-between her legs, my hands on her waist. Her other hand went to my neck. I leaned forward until our lips were almost touching, leaving her gasping for air. I smirked again as I looked her in the eyes. Her head gave a slight nod. I gave a grin before pushing my lips roughly onto hers. I groaned from the pain but kept going. Her hand tightened in my hair, tugging hard. It turned up on, so I let my hands slip to her butt and I pulled her onto me. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I leaned back against the wall. We were like that for a while until I flipped us around so her back was pressed up against the wall. I smiled into the kiss and I felt her do the same. A knocking on her door and a slight 'Rose?...' snapped us out of it. I quickly dropped her to the floor and held her arm to keep her steady. I grinned down at her...she gave a look I couldn't quite describe back. It was full of confusion, guilt, love, hate, anger, happiness, and sadness. I've never seen that look before. It kinda shocked me. She backed away quickly, fixed herself in the mirror, and walked over to open the door to her room. She held the door there as I saw Zayn standing there.

   I went behind her and whispered in her ear, "You don't have to talk if you don't want to..." Zayn glared at me, but I shrugged back. "She doesn't wanna talk, she doesn't have to. But...she should," I directed the last part at Rose. She sighed.

   "Why didn't my mom come?" She asked looking up at Zayn.

   "She's having a hard time talking bout it...she sent me up to do it,"

   "Why did she leave?"She asked him.

   "She was raped before you were born...the guy came back and threatened her...and you... She thought that if she left you'd be safe,"

   "She didn't go that far away..." Rose whispered. He nodded.

   "She wanted to stay close just in case he found one of you again so she could get you and leave. She's been working with Kirsten and Leo on this the entire time. She's the one that gave him my address and sent you your dad..."

   " might not be my dad...he might be..." She whispered on the verge of tears again. I felt My arms place themselves on hers and rubbed them up and down, trying to comfort her. She lifted her head up high and blinked away the tears.

   "I may not be your real dad...we'll take a test for that...but I'll always be your dad..." Zayn whispered. Rose nodded and with that she slowly closed the door.

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