Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


34. Chapter 32


   I punched Issac straight in the eye. His fist caught me in the stomach. As I doubled over in pain I got pushed to the ground. Issac was instantly on top of me. His fists caught me in the cheek, eye, jaw, and stomach. I tried to dodge them...but he was quick too. Instead of trying to flip him over right away I waited until I felt his legs loosen from around me. I gave him a quick cock-shot and flipped him over. My fists caught mostly in the face, but I landed a few on his stomach too. He wasn't quite as strong as me, so I landed quite a few more than he did. I felt his hand tangle in my hair and pull me to the ground.

   "Girly way to fight Sheeran," I sneered at him as he stood up. He brushed off his hands, pleased at the bruises forming on my skin.

   "Anytime Styles," He shrugged, smirked, then winked. He tried walking away like he'd won...but that wasn't bout to happen! I flipped around and kicked his legs out from under him. He landed on his stomach with an 'oof' sound. I got up and made quick work of turning his stomach black and blue with my foot. He grabbed my leg and pulled me down. He got on the offense once again as I dodged blow after blow...I could tell he was getting tired...not me! The adrenaline was pumping through me. I easily flipped him over and took to hitting his already bloody face with my fists harder. I looked down at his face. He already had two black eyes, a bloody lip, a smashed nose, and his front two teeth were missing. I smirked. I probably didn't look too much better..but still better. I smashed his nose one more time before getting up. I wanted to finish the job...I completely forgot we were at a store. I grabbed a thing that helped you reach clothes that were on higher racks and raised it above my head. Suddenly I was tackled before I could strike him with the pole...


  I watched in horror as the two boys punched each other over and over again. My eyes filled with tears, finally they spilled over. I felt a hand on my back after what seemed like forever. I looked up to see Dustin standing there watching the two boys. His face tightened up. I looked over to see Jasper getting off the ground and raised a metal pole above his head. I gasped. Dustin was faster than me. He ran over and tackled Jasper into a clothes display, knocking six manicans down in the process. I ran over to Issac and took a handful of his blonde hair in my hand. I pulled him up by it, which made him give me a dirty look. I didn't care, I glared back. Dustin came back with Jasper, his hands locked behind his back. He was still struggling, and Issac was too. Dustin and I kept hold of them until they finally calmed down. He stepped in between the two as we let them go.

   "Come on," He motioned for them to follow him. Issac walked by his side, Jasper walked behind him, and I walked about five feet behind them all. I couldn't look at Jasper...I was afraid of what I'd feel if I did. Pity, sadness, anger, hurt? I didn't know...honestly I was scared to know. I liked Dustin...but I felt like I was starting to really like Jasper too...


  I saw Rose hanging back, so I slowed down a little. She had her head down, so she walked right into my chest. Her head instantly shot up, looking only at my chest. She sighed and tried to walk around me. I grabbed her arms and made her stand in front of me. Her eyes wouldn't meet mine. I tried to get down to her level, but she looked off to the side with a pain expression on her face.

   "Rose..." I breathed. She sighed at finally met my gaze. I heard her breath hitch, and she bit her lip. Her hand came up and brushed my cheek. As it pulled away I saw the blood that stained her whiter skin. It was wiped on her jeans before she looked back up at me. Her eyes looked like she had been crying, tears brimming at the surface again. Her skin was red and her eyes were as well. I wiped a tear from her cheek with my thumb, my hands caressing her face. Her hand came up and rested on mine. "Rose...I'm ok. Stop crying...please!" I begged She shook her head.

   "I was worried," She whispered.

   "Rose! Jasper! C'mon!" Dustin's voice yelled. I glanced over my shoulder to see him holding one of Issac's arms while glaring at us. Rose took a stuttering breath in and stepped back. She looked at me with an 'I'm sorry' look and brushed past me. I stood there frozen while she walked away from me. I really did like her...


  The boys and I were sitting round the house talking. We've been talking for hours when something was brought up...something I didn't want to explain...

   "Hey Ems...why did you leave Rose in the first place?" Louis asked quietly. I froze.

   "M-My f-friend d-d-died..." I stuttered out. They all looked at each other and shook their heads.

   "Ems...the truth," Liam said. I looked up at all of them. They were all leaning forward waiting for the answer. I looked up at Zayn who had his arms around me. His eyes were intensely watching my face, waiting.

   "...That guy...Austin," I whispered.

   "What do you mean Austin?!" Zayn started to raise his voice in anger towards him.

   "He came back and...threatened me..." The room was silent.

   "Bout what?" Niall whispered. I took a deep stuttering breath.

   "...Rose..." I breathed out. Now was the time to tell them all... "He thinks he's the father of Rose," I whispered.

   "What?!" Zayn almost yelled. "H-He's not t-though...r-right?!" The words barley made it past his lips. A single tear escaped the corner of my eye. He stiffened and his arms disappeared from my waist. I pulled my knees up to my chest, and putting my hands down on them I rested my head in my hands. I didn't let the other tears slip though. I looked up at them. Zayn was resting his back against the wall, his head in his hands. The others were just staring at me. Zayn looked up to lock eyes with me.

   "Did you cheat on me?..." He breathed. I let the other tears fall. I shook my head 'no', and they all stiffened up. They all understood now. I didn't cheat...I was raped. I put my head back in my hands. Zayn came over form the wall, tears falling from his eyes too. He rubbed circles in my back. "When?" He whispered.

    "Bout two days after you and me," I whispered out just loud enough for him to hear. His arms snaked back around my waist.

   "S-So let me g-g-get t-this straight..." Niall started. "Z-Zayn might n-not be the fath-ther of R-Rose?" I shrugged my shoulders and looked at him. At that moment I heard the door slam and saw a flash of brown hair race up the steps. My head fell on Zayn's chest as the tears fell uncontrollably. She had heard...

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