Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


32. Chapter 30

A/N!!!! Made it to 30 chapters!!!! Couldn't have done it without you guys :D Thx for everything!!! :D -xxxx Em



  Jasper still hadn't come back. I was beginning to worry. I didn't know if I was worried for him...or Issac though... I still sat there up against the trophy case when I heard the front door open. The noise of bouncing little footsteps came to my ears as Lindsey rounded the corner. She stopped when she saw me. I wasn't crying...but I looked like I saw a ghost...I was sure of it. She ran back around the corner. I heard her baby talk to her dad, but when Harry's voice came into my ears I was slowly standing up. Harry came around the corner with a confused look on his face since I should've been in school right now. His eyebrow raised as he crossed his arms looking at me. I looked at him and forced a smile.

   "What are you doing here Rose?" He asked. I'd always been pretty good at making lies up on the spot, so the words instantly came out of my mouth.

   "Jasper needed something for a class, so I came over to get it for him," I faked another smile. He raised his eyebrow a little bit more.

   "Shouldn't you be in class?" I shook my head.

   "I have a free period," I lied again. He nodded...somewhat believing me.

   "How'd you get here? Is he here?" I shook my head.

   "I walked," He nodded.

   "Better get what you need and get back to school. I don't want you late for your next class," I smiled, nodded, and headed up the stairs. I looked frantically round Jasper's room for something that he "needed" at school. I grabbed a sketch book that might work, covered the title of it with my hand, and walked out the door. Saying goodbye to Harry and Lindsey I walked back towards the school. I wasn't planning on going back...I wasn't planning on getting caught...but I needed one more thing before I left to find Jasper...I needed Dustin...


   I was sitting in the class right after lunch when I heard a knocking sound on the window. I looked over to see nothing so I turned back round to the teacher and started "paying attention". I hated this teacher. From the subject she taught, to the way she taught it, to her...I just hated this room! The knocking sound started again. I growled and turned around thinking it was the person behind me trying to mess with me.

   "Will you fucking stop?!" I whisper/growled at him. He looked at me confused before mouthing 'What?'. I rolled my eyes and turned back round. The sound went off again.

   "Fucking stop!" I had to hold back a growl before turning around to face him again. He shrugged his shoulders.

   "It wasn't me!" He said. I rolled my eyes, and he did too. He pointed to the window. Glancing over I saw a hand tapping on it. Her head popped out of the bushes, and she looked me straight in the eyes. My breath hitched. People had been whispering bout her all day long, but whenever I'd ask what they were talking bout they just they were afraid I was gonna get mad...or maybe they were afraid of me when I was mad... I shook my head and held up one finger to her signaling her to wait a second. She nodded and disappeared into the bushes again. I held up my hand for the teacher to see.

   "What?" She asked annoyed cause she was right in the middle of a lesson. I rolled my eyes and smirked at her.

   "May I go to the nurse's office?"

   "Do you not feel well?"

   "No," She nodded and pointed to the door. I smiled at my accomplishment. I winked at the kid behind me before getting up and leaving that hell hole. I walked down the hall towards the nurse's office but turned a corner before getting there. I shoved open the back door and walked over to the bushes by the classroom. The teacher had closed the blinds, so Rose was just standing there. I walked up and wrapped my arms around her waist. I smiled as I felt her's wrap around my neck. I picked her up and spun her around. She giggled a little, which made me laugh. Putting her down she took a small step backwards but not far enough where my arms couldn't reach around her little waist. Her eyes were sad, so I instantly pushed my forehead to her's. She refused to look me in the eyes.

   "Rose..." I whispered. "...what's wrong?" She shrugged.

   "Jasper's gone," She whispered back. My body went ridged, and she felt it.

   "Why do you care bout him?" I almost growled. She shrugged again.

   "I don't...he's gone to...look for" She trailed off. I tightened up again. She finally met my gaze that had been looking at her face the entire time.

   "What?" I asked. She shrugged.

   "He's gone..."


   "Why do you care bout him?" Dustin growled.

   "I don't...he's gone to...look for" Jasper had gone to look for Issac...but I lied...I did care...


   I grabbed her hand and dragged her to my car. We both got in and drove away. I had no idea where Issac...or Jasper...was. I took a guess and decided Issac probably wasn't in school, so I drove us to the mall. The whispers bout her earlier were still bothering me...why did everyone stop talking as soon as I got in earshot? It made me think that she was hiding something from me...

   "Hey Rose..." I said. She made a 'Hmm?' noise. My eyes were focused on the road as I kept talking. "What happened this morning...why'd you leave?" I asked. She tensed up a bit. I saw her bring her hand up to her mouth. I knew what she was doing...she always bit her nails when she was nervous...but...why was she nervous?

   "Nothing...this whispers were bout some stupid rumor that's not true..." She faked a laugh, and the sound of her teeth cutting through her nails got louder. Now I knew...she was hiding something from me...

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