Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


3. Chapter 3


   I was hurt and pissed off. I felt betrayed. I thought at first he was going to be like this...shocked, but I didn't think he would leave! Why did he leave?! Did he hate me that much? I shook off the question as Lilly begged me to finish her piggy back ride. I started walking again and looked over at Liam. He gave me a sympathetic look.

   "I'm sorry, Rosalie. He's just in shock," He gave me another look and walked over to the kitchen to make dinner.

   That's the night I met Hannah...


   I was deaf by the constant screaming that had started as soon as she got home. She was always talking and asking me questions, never giving me time to answer them myself. Liam looked amused, Lilly was focus on eating, and Jason looked like he couldn't care less.

   "Are you and Aero actual best friends?" By this time she had asked so many questions I was clenching my fork in my hand so hard that my knuckles turned white. I was trying very hard to hold my temper.

   "How are you going to do the videos from here? Are you going to move in? It'll be really cool when you do, we can be best friends, like sisters! Can I be in one of the videos? Will..." I had had enough.

   "Will. You. Just. Shut. Up!?!?" The words growled from my throat, turning into an almost yell at the end. I didn't want to be mean, she was only trying to get to know me over the shock of what just happened. I turned and gave her a wide smile, knowing I was about to be pushed over the edge. You'd think she was used to famous people seeing who her dad was. She froze mid question and stared at me with a wide-eyed, shocked expression. From in front of me I saw Liam choked on his food and chuckle a bit into his napkin. Lilly was busy and Jason looked up like, 'this had finally got interesting,' Her surprised expression turned into a smile and she began laughing.

   "You are just like in your videos!" She laughed barley getting the words out. I smiled glad she didn't take it to heart, but soon...she would realize I wasn't a force to be reckoned with.


   She was just like her mom. I remember back when Zayn had first met her, Harry tried to make a move on her. She had given hi an earful.


   "So you'd do it without a condom?" Harry's voice sounded out, a smirk obviously on his face. Louis and I looked at each other knowing how mad Zayn would get if he were here, seeing as Harry was making yet another move on Emily. We walked around the corner to see Harry leaning against a chair.

   "You know what Harry?!" Emily yelled, "You make one more, one more smart ass comment and I will slap that grin off your face," She got in his face, he liked getting her mad. Louis stepped forward.

   "Whoa guys! Hey Em... how you feelin?" Louis asked, trying to hold his laughter.

   "Pissed off,"

   "Why?" He asked almost laughing again.

   "Oh I don't know, Ask him," She pointed a finger at Harry, "Ask him! I bet Curly can tell you!"

   "Sweetheart...I much prefer Harry," He smirked

   "And I prefer Emily," She smirked back at him walking into the kitchen of the boy's and I's house.

   Harry laughed and said to us, "She thinks I'm a smart ass,"

  "Oh I know you're a smart ass," She snarled walking out of the kitchen with a peach in her hand.

  "'d like to look at my ass though wouldn't you?" His chuckle rumbled through his chest.

   Emily stopped dead in her tracks, she turned to Harry with a wide grin spread on her face. She was about to lose it. "Screw you Harry," She said looking him straight in the eyes.

   "You want to don't you?" He smirked at her.

   Her face dropped into a look of pure rage, her eyes turning black. She stalked up to him and got in his face again, forcing him to lean back against the chair. I could tell he was slightly scared by the look in his eyes. "I'm going to put this in a way even you can understand..." She started off slow, slowly turning it into a growl. "'She said never in your wildest dreams,'" with that she turned and stalked off towards the room we'd let her stay in.




   I woke up in the spare room. Everything in there was white and I was afraid to touch anything. I walked over to the door where I kept clothes and I picked out a see-through grey, vest top and dark, skinny jeans. I jumped in the shower and stayed there for a long time, letting the hot water run down my back, washing away all that had happened yesterday. I jumped out and pulled on a white undershirt before pulling on the top and jeans. I let my hair down and let the dark, wet curls hang around my shoulders and down my back. Putting on my make-up I walked downstairs to find it completely empty.

   I walked around, seeing only a note from Liam.


      The kids went to school, just had some errands to run. I'll be back around 12.


   Great... I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 12. With a sigh I walked over to the couch and started flipping through the channels, not deciding on one. A few minutes later the door opened and closed quickly shut. Liam walked in with grocery bags and a few dry cleaners bags. I watched him as he started putting stuff away and motioned for me to come over.

   "Get your shoes on," He said quickly, almost rushing everything he was doing.

   "Why?" I asked him, mad that he was bossing me around. I hated people telling me what to do. He stood still and looked me in the eyes with a small smile.

   "You're going to school,"

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