Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


30. Chapter 28


   I was frozen.


   "Rose...Rose?...Rose!" She wouldn't answer me. I put my cleaned up hands on her shoulders and shook her, trying to snap her out of the trance. "Rose!" I yelled, she looked at me.

   "Shh!" She hissed at me. We both went silent as we listened for footsteps...but none came. She let out a breath she was holding in, and her shoulders lost their tension. I chuckled a little at her reaction. She turned and glared at me, making me flinch. I really did love her...she just didn't realize it...I just haven't told her... "Why was your brother in my room!?" She hissed. I shrugged my shoulders.

   "Issac does weird things..."

   "Why was he in my room?! What was he doing?! What does he want with me?! Why..." She was yelling at this point. Knowing that if I 'shushed' her she'd just yell louder I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers. It silenced her immediately...except that the last few words she was gonna say came out as a moan. I chuckled against her lips cause of the effect I had on her. I jumped off the counter and grabbed her waist. I picked her up easily and put her where I was sitting. I pushed my body in between her legs, which then wrapped themselves around my waist.


   We were now sitting at a restaurant waiting to order. I wasn't hungry, but the boys ordered something for me. When it finally came I still hadn't talked, and I was pushing the food around on my plate with my fork. I didn't know what the food was cause it was a little place that was half deli/half coffee shop. We heard a bell ringing at the door, signalling that another person had walked in. None of us looked up. We were all sitting there "eating". None of us talked, just pushed the food around on our plate. Finally hunger got the best of all of us. We hadn't eaten since this morning...and now it was 10pm. The food was gone in was silent once again. We heard a girl's voice talking to the lady at the register. She was talking, laughing...I smiled cause I remembered when Emily would always do that. She had this little laugh that always made me wonder if she was laughing or crying. It was a silent little laugh, but when she did make noise it was a very loud, happy laugh. If she was laughing hard tears would come to her eyes. Sometimes if something was really funny to her she'd fall to the ground laughing, holding her reddening face in her hands, her hair sprawled out around her head. The laughing stopped. Tears were threatening to spill over, so I got up to go to the bathroom, I didn't want the lads to see more tears from me. Wiping away the ones that were already starting to fall as I walked into the back. Two voice alerted me to their presence.

   "Austin...stop," A girl's voice quietly said.

   "C'mon know you love it..." His voice turned into a seductive growl. I peeked around the corner to see a tall man towering over a girl's cowering figure. She was pressed up against the wall opposite from me, so I couldn't see her face. Her gripped her waist and tried to force himself on her by kissing her neck.

   "Austin! Stop!" She demanded. Her small hands shoved him off her. I chuckled at how strong and determined she must've been. For the first time I saw her face and I froze. Anger filling me from the inside out. Her eyes flashed in anger as they turned black. She growled through her actual growl. He looked amused until she shoved him back harder, and he collided with the wall. It was his turn to be mad.

   "You're gonna wish you didn't do that slut..." He growled at her. That's when I lunged at him...


   Dustin jumped out of my window before turning and blowing a kiss up towards me. I giggle and pretended to catch it. He smiled before turning and running through the forest. I wondered where his house was. I knew who his dad was...but I didn't know if they lived anywhere close to here. I closed the window and sat there staring outside. Issac, Issac, Issac... The name kept replaying through my head. Dustin had told me that his brother goes to a different school. He was a year older than us...but why did I feel like I know him. As soon as I heard the name I couldn't help but think back to that day. Was he there? Did he know what they were doing? I tried to shut the thoughts out of my head...but they wouldn't go away. I kept thinking bout that night...that night where everything seemed to go wrong. I sat there for what felt like hours, not able to move. I heard Jason and Callie move into his room and fall asleep. The only thing that brought me back to reality was the front door opening. I thought it might be I ran down the stairs to greet him...but it wasn't him. Instead I caught sight of all the boys walking in. They were all soaking wet from the rain that had started pouring a little bit ago, but they all looked strangely happy...happier than I've ever seen them. They were all laughing and pretending to push each other back into the rain. I was beginning to wonder if they were all drunk when Zayn walked in with a girl on his arm.

   "Boys, we have to get Paul in here?" They all laughed and gave her a huge hug. Her voice sounded familiar...but I was too tired and drained to place it.

   "Oh know that Paul had to stop your crazy ideas more than ours," Louis joked and winked at her. Did he just call her Em?!

   "Mom..." I slowly said. They all turned to look at me, smiling. Emily stepped out of Zayn grip and stood at the bottom of the stairs. "Mom!" I called. I jumped down the stairs and landed in her arms. She grabbed me and held me tight.

   "I'm sorry my baby..." She whispered in my ear. I could hear the tears in her voice, and I could feel the tears that stung my eyes.

   "Mom..." I whispered.



   Rose had finally gone to bed. I was laying down in my bed next to Emily. Her small frame was curled next to mine with her head and hand on my bare chest. I had given her one of my shirts that came to the middle of her thighs that she was wearing. I smiled at the feeling of having her in my arms once again after all these years. I can't tell you how terrible it was not having her here.


   I had almost fallen asleep next to Zayn when I heard his voice.

   "Who's Austin?" He asked. I froze...that's the one question I didn't want him asking...the one I didn't want to answer.

   "Nobody...some guy that I met at a club a while back..." I felt him nod, and I knew this conversation was far from over. I closed my eyes as thoughts ran through my head. Little did he know that I hadn't met Austin a while back...but...actually 15 years ago...

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