Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


28. Chapter 27


  I had been cooking macaroni and cheese for the family when Jason and Callie came into the kitchen. They both smiled at me.

   "Hey Rose, whaddup!" Callie gave me a little gangster symbol that made us all laugh. I shrugged.

   "Nothing much. You two?"

   "Nothing much. Just got back from the movies," Jason said. I nodded.

   "You had dinner yet?" I asked. The shook their heads as I dished them up two bowls. I handed them to them, and they went into the living room. I heard them turn on 'The Voice', then Shakira's voice yelling at Adam in Spanish. I laughed and smiled to myself as the front doors opened again...


   We had been wandering around London all day long, and there was still no sign of her! I didn't know any other place Emily could be hiding! First we had checked her work, but they said that the last time they heard from her was the day she called in saying she was gonna be gone for a while. Now that she helped run that animal day care place that's where we thought she'd go first...but apparently we were wrong. Then we went to her apartment (I got her address from her friends at work)...but she wasn't there either. In fact when we walked in everything was thrown everywhere like she was in a hurry to get out of there. I closed my eyes as I sat down on the park bench. Hiding my head in my hands I tried to keep the tears from falling. I was afraid that she had left, left us all...again. Me...I deserved it, but...Rose? She didn't...she needed her again. I wouldn't be able to deal with the pain if this was my fault for loosing my temper one time. That if Emily left Rose again cause of what I said...what I did...I wouldn't know what to do with myself. My head shook in my hands as the unsteady breaths rattled in my chest. Louis had come with me for moral support as we looked. Harry had gone with Niall in a different direction, while Liam went to God knows where. Harry and Liam knew her the best besides me...they were like her best friends...her brothers. She had to eventually talk to one of us! She couldn't just leave us hanging like that again! After all those years of thinking she ran away...thinking she was dead...thinking she was taken from us... I remember the day we had to announce the kidnap warning on the news. I remember the camera man saying something about ' not getting when to give up', and '...the police said there was a slim chance of survival for this girl,'. Harry had gotten so mad when he said that. He stood up and screamed across the set, "She is alive!" before getting us all kicked off set. I wonder if she was watching that...if she knew what we were feeling...what was she was feeling? I shook my head again as Louis rubbed circles in my back. All of the boys were good friends with we all missed her...we all wanted her back. Back then was when the boys and I were the happiest...even if it was only for almost two months.

   "She's gone Lou...I don't know what to do now..." I mumbled into my hands. My Bradford accent and the fact that I was almost ready to cry made my words seem jumbled together...but he understood.

   "Shhh, she'll come back mate...she'll come back," I let the first sob out. Those were the first words Louis had told me after she'd left the first time...


   I dropped the bowl onto the counter before running to the figure in front of me. I gasped as I took in his bloody lip, cut cheek, and black eyes. His left one was swollen shut. I carefully touched a light scratch on his chin, before looking into his blue eyes. He flinched a little at the touch, so I pulled away.

   "Dustin...what happened?" I breathed, not looking him in the eye but looking at his busted cheek.

   I felt him grab my hand before replying through the blood on his lips, "Just got into a fight. I came to see if you were ok," He whispered the last part. I smiled before getting on my tippy toes to reach a part of untouched skin on his forehead. I kissed it softly before tugging his hand and dragging him upstairs.

   "Let's get you cleaned up," I whispered, putting a finger to my lips showing that there were other people here. He seemed to get what I was saying and nodded. We were almost up the steps when I heard Callie call my name. "Shit..." I hissed and shoved Dustin up the rest of the stairs. He caught himself on the wall loudly, and I flinched at the noise it made. Callie came around the corner just after and stared at me like I was crazy. I smiled showing I was ok.

   "You ok? Jason and I heard the bowl clatter, then you just made a really loud 'bang' hit your hand on the wall?" I quickly shook my head and pointed at my foot, putting a hurt look on my face. I nodded to show her I was ok, and she gave the gesture back before walking back and sitting on the couch in Jason's arms. I grabbed Dustin and hauled him into my bathroom. Taking out the first aid kit I started on his hands and lips. When I was almost done with his lips he decided to try and talk...making the cut split open again. I frowned at him, he laughed and continued talking.

  "I'm glad you know to do this," He gestured to the first aid kit and chuckled a little. I laughed lightly before looking him straight in the eyes.

  "...Who'd you get into a fight with to mess you up this bad?..." I smirked at him.

   He gave a fake look of hurt before replying, "You should've seen the other guy..." He trailed off as he smirked. I raised an eyebrow at him and rinsed the washcloth out in the sink. The red stained the white, and the look made me shudder. He laughed a little.

   "Dustin...who?" I persisted. His laughter stopped, and he went quiet all together. I looked him straight in the eye.

   He sighed and said, "The...guy who was in your room..." It was my turn to freeze. I'm sure my eyes were wide with shock.

   "W-W-Who...." I finally stuttered out.

   He shook his head and sighed before looking me in the eyes and saying, ""

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