Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


27. Chapter 26


   I slammed the door to my sister's car as I walked up to my front door.

   "What the hell!" She yelled from behind me. She had always been protective of her car. I rolled my eyes as I slammed the front door behind me. Running to my room on the third floor I slammed that door too. I was pissed. The door opened again, and I heard my sister's voice from downstairs yelling through the house to me.

   "Dustin you'll get me a new paint job if you mess up this one!" Piper screamed up the stairs. I rolled my eyes.

   "Shut the hell up," I muttered under my breath. Pulling up my messages, I checked to see if they luck. I called the answer. I threw my phone onto my bed before landing on the covers face first. I rolled over and loudly sighed. My hand caught a pillow and pulled it over my face, muffling my scream of annoyance and anger. I couldn't believe they had the nerve to just show up at her house. I shook my head when I heard the front door open again. Standing up I walked over to the door and peered through to see three figures entering the house. My mom, Liz was first. She was holding a bunch of grocery bags. My dad Ed came in holding the other half of them. And yes, yes my dad is Ed Sheeran...famous singer, famous guy, blah blah blah. Finally came the figure I was waiting for. Our eyes locked, and a smirk came to his lips. I could feel the malice inside my eyes as they scanned the face I'd been waiting to punch since school ended...


   There was nobody home when I got there. A note on the fridge said:

Make your own dinner. Won't be home til really late.


   I could cook pretty well. I was usually the one in the family to cook at all my foster homes where the parents were home late because I was usually the oldest. But...I didn't feel like starting right now, so I grabbed fruit punch mix and shook it in a bottle while opening the freezer. I pulled out the tub of vanilla ice cream and mixed it with caramel and chocolate in a bowl. I always ate something like this when I was stressed...that's always how people knew. It started back when my mom and I lived together. We had moved to the other side of London, as far as she dared from her work. Then she was working in an animal kennel. It didn't pay a lot, but it was enough for the two of us. Whenever she was stressed about anything she would dig out the ice cream. One day after school, I was really stressed so I got the ice cream out to see if it really worked. Emily had walked into the kitchen as soon as I put the first big bite in my mouth.


   I had just dug the first big spoonful out of the tub...not even bothering to put it in a bowl. I was only 9...but people at school were mean! I just wanted to see if the ice cream thing really did work...I'd always seen my mom eating it when she was upset. I heard footsteps and looked up to the doorway to see her there with her arms folded across her chest, but she was laughing lightly. Her eyes had dark rings under them from work, stress, and something I always heard her talking to herself about...but she's never tell me.

   "You're too young to be stressed," She laughed and shook her head before walking over to the fridge. She pulled out the chocolate, caramel, and whipcream. She grabbed another spoon and two bowls before sitting at the table beside me. She took her spoon and dished up the two bowls, putting more than she'd ever given me into mine. I stared wide-eyed at it before quickly diving into it. I heard her laugh and smiled, my teeth were covered in all the toppings. It felt good to see my mom happy...she's been really unhappy lately. Her phone beeped after a few minutes, and we had barley made a dent in the bowls! Her face went pale as she read it. The TV switched on at the same time, a kidnapping alert showing. The anchorman sat at a big desk with a stack of papers in his hand.

   His voice was deep when he talked, "We have reason to believe that a girl that went missing when she was 18 could now have been the victim of a kidnapping. The reason: She has not shown up after 9 years. We would have called this a murder alert, but her friends who are determined to find her believe that she is still out there somewhere...alive. They can't seem to understand the fact that the police are telling them that there is little chance she is still alive..." He was cut off by another yell.

   "She is alive!" A guy's voice sounded from off camera. The man on camera made a motion with his hand to take the guy off-set. A big security guy came from behind him. In the background you could hear the sound of man being pushed out a door and it being slammed closed. The anchorman nodded and began again.

   "When she was 18 this girl disappeared from her boyfriend's house after a month of knowing him. The reason: We don't know why. The boyfriend and his friends that were there were all interrogated, but nothing seemed to be wrong with them so the police were forced to drop all charges. The girl's name: E..." He was quieted by my mom turning the TV off. She smiled at me.

   "No need for you to watch that and get scared," She smiled and picked up the bowls to wash them in the sink. I sneaked over to her chair and grabbed her phone. I slid the lock revealing the notices that came on it. The title: Girl missing at 18. After 9 years kidnapping notice sent out. Girl named E... I furrowed my eyebrows in annoyance that I couldn't read the name, and I didn't know her password. I sighed and put it back down. All I knew about that girl is whoever she is...where ever she is...she made my mom even more stressed.



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