Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


25. Chapter 25



  It was a randomly warm day for the end of November. I pulled down my light pink top with a white lace back and sleeves, so they overlapped the waist band of my denim shorts. Nude tights were on my legs with a black bird design on them; and finally black boots with white lace were placed in my feet. I straitened my hair somewhat so it fell in loose waves around my face. My make-up was the same as always with only skin foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner in wingtips, and a peachy baby-lips. I walked into the school with my books in hand. I was still trying to get caught up from the month in the hospital, but I hadn't even gotten a quarter of it done! Putting all my books in my locker I grabbed my stuff for English and walked to the classroom. The teacher wasn't in there, but somebody else was. I walked over to him and put my hands over his eyes.

   "Guess who," I whispered.

   Dustin chuckled before turning around and saying, "I'm sorry Mrs. Kimberly. I'm not Jasper. I don't do that with teachers," He winked at me before laughing. I started laughing, then remembered last night, and it turned into a forced smile. He didn't seem to notice though. We sat down at our desk, and the rest of the kids came in. The teacher came in shortly after.

   "Sorry kids, I was talking to my sister. She got pregnant about a month ago and won't tell me who the father is! Aghhh!" She threw her hands up in the air. I wasn't really paying attention when someone asked who her sister was.

   "Ms. Rolieer, the old drama teacher who got fired a while back. That's also something she won't tell me! I want to know who the dad is and why she got fired! Aghhh!" I froze...I knew who the dad was...but there was no way I was going to say anything.


  Finally it was the last period of the day. I walked into my only other class with Dustin. He wasn't in there when I got in, so I sat at the desk and wondered what I was going to say to him. I definitely didn't want to tell him bout Jasper...nothing happened...but nobody really needed to know either. The one thing I really wanted to ask him was...was he in my room yesterday? If he was how'd he know where I lived? Of course he knew I lived with Zayn and Liam...but there was so secluded how'd he get all the way up here and through the gate without being seen or heard? I shook my head as the principle came in. He took over the class until we could find another Drama teacher. He actually made the class quite fun, and I was going to be sad when they found a replacement. He was handing out scripts when Dustin finally came in. He sat down next to me right as the principle gave us the stack of lines. We were going to do a play, and he already had figured out who was going to do which part based on our talent in class...but he wouldn't tell us yet.

   "Mr. Sheeran, there a reason you came into my class late?" The principle raised an eyebrow at him. I had to hold back laughter when Dustin smirked. He shook his head and Mr. Therd frowned. I started laughing quietly, hiding my face in my hands. When I looked back up Mr. Therd was gone. "Ok class! You are to read these lines and practice them. Remember you don't know which part you have yet, so just focus on one scene then work your way to the next," The class broke up with their desk partners to read to scripts, but I had other ideas in my mind. I walked up to the teacher.

   "May Dustin and I got out into the hallway? It's a little loud in here," He looked up and nodded. I motioned for Dustin to come with me as I opened the door.

   "So...which scene do you want to...." He started, but I cut him off.

   "Were you in my room last night?" I asked. He lifted his head to meet my gaze. He had a shocked expression on his face.

   "What? I wasn't in your...wait! There was someone in your room last night?!?!" He stood up and I followed him lead.

   "Ya there was...I heard his voice in my sounded like you! You weren't there?!" He shook his head, his eyes wide. "T-They c-came in through t-the window...that wasn't you...I can't believe it..." My eyes were wide with shock, and my mouth was open wide. My eyes were staring at the floor. I leaned against the wall and slid my back against it until I was sitting again. Dustin sat down next to me. His face was hard, his fists shaking, and he breathed like he was struggling to keep his calm.

   "It wasn't Jasper...or Jason?" He whispered. I shook my head, somehow I knew it wasn't wither of them. Jason was with Callie, and Jasper...well he would've wanted my to be thinking bout what happened...not living it. Plus he was probably getting yelled at by his parents cause of the TWO baby things...if he even told them yet. I shook my head again. Somehow he had been stupid enough to make the same stupid decision twice...once with a teacher even!...and somehow I was stupid enough to fall for him anyways. I touched my lips as Dustin looked the other way down the hall. The feeling of Jasper's lips was still there, I could still feel them tingle a bit. I smiled at the thought then shook it away when I remembered what he did. I felt useless...cause I feel like if it happened again...I wouldn't be able to stop myself. I picked up the sound of footsteps. I quickly turned back to Dustin as he said the first line of the first scene. I stared at him surprised (from everything that's happened), while he waited for me to say mine. As the teacher walked past us he whispered the next line and I repeated it without actually realizing it. He smiled as the teacher glanced back at us then turned a corner to get to his classroom. Dustin's smile turned into a frown as he looked back at me.

   "What the hell?" He whisper/yelled. I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders.

   "I just thought it was you last night...that's all," My mask was back on. I lied to a lot of people when they asked me what as was something I'd always done.

   "Ya well it wasn't me..." He trailed off. He whipped his phone out of his pocket, his thumbs frantically flying over the keyboard as he tried to unlock it. With him moving so fast he kept messing up the number code but finally got it.

   "What?" I asked as he pulled up his messages.

   "Nothing..." I huffed in annoyance and watched over his shoulder. He noticed, frowned at me, and turned away. I smiled cause it actually gave me a better view of the words, I just couldn't see the name. I frowned as he typed eight words.

Dustin: Why were you in Rose's room last night?

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