Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


24. Chapter 24


   I tried to push him off...but his grip on my waist was too strong. I stopped moving, letting him kiss me, but not kissing back. I couldn't do anything, so I just stopped struggling. I saw him groan against my lips. I had my eyes wide open, watching him, trying to get him to stop. I pushed on his chest once again. I thought he'd gotten the hint when he slowed...but that wasn't the case. He just grabbed harder onto my waist, trailing them slowly down, tugging on the belt loops of my jeans. I gasped as he forced him tongue in my mouth. As soon as he did that...I felt my resolve crumbling. I had always had a crack in my amour...that was french kissing. Whenever someone put their tongue in my mouth, forced or not, I melted inside. That's exactly what happened. I felt myself kissing him back, the voice in my head telling me not to was silenced...or at least put in the back of my mind. He smiled as I started to move my lips with his, our tongues wrestling for dominance. He slipped his hand lower...and lower...until it was hitched underneath my thigh. I felt him grab it and wrap it around his waist. The voice all of the sudden grew louder...but when I tried to put it back on the ground he pushed his hands into my back pockets and lifted me into the air. His tongue pressed harder onto mine...drowning out the voice once again. My back was once again pushed against the wall. I pulled my hands up to his face, deepening the kiss. He groaned as I did this, sending a rippling feeling threw me and making me moan at his noise. His hands squeezed my ass as he held me there. I knew something was going to happen if I didn't come back to reality. I tried to make myself stop. I thought of what happened with Ms. Rolieer, Audrey, how he used her, how he never loved them, how he didn't feel bad bout what happened to them, how they were...pregnant. That snapped me out of it. I pulled away quickly, banging my head on the wall. I brought a hand up to it, putting the other on his shoulder for balance. He we looking at me...his eyes full of lust. I shook my head at him, and his face formed a sexy looking grin.

   "Playing hard to get, huh babe?" He groaned as he leaned back in. I leaned back as far as I could, but the wall was still there. He pressed his lips to mine again. He seemed to think that french kissing would get me to...go father again. I kept the thoughts in my mind once again, refusing myself to lose my resolve. I had to get him away somehow...actually I didn't have to do that...

   "Jasper? Rose? Where are you two?" I heard Kirsten's voice from downstairs. Jasper quickly pulled his hands out of my pockets and dropped me to the floor. I landed a little loud. He chuckled when I gasped. I pushed him off me and took a step towards the door. I grabbed my bag, and walked swiftly out the door. He was chuckling behind me, but he followed me down the steps. I looked over the balcony to see Kirsten walking around the game room, looking for us. Jasper cleared his throat, and she tilted her head up to see us. She smiled, but her blue/gray eyes showed suspicion. I smiled at her to show her everything was ok. She nodded, but her eyes kept the same emotion. "Liam asked me to come check on you guys. Make sure you weren't..." She trailed off clearing her throat. "...fighting..." She continued, but her voice almost made it sound like a question. I knew what Liam had actually sent her here for. He thought we might be fighting, but I'd bet you anything that he also knew Jasper's charm over girls, and wanted to make sure nothing was happening. Hopefully he didn't drag Zayn into this...things wouldn't be good if he did. "Here...I'll take you home Rose," Kirsten held up her car keys. I smiled and walked back down the stairs.

   I threw a, "Bye Jasper," over my shoulder before the door shut. He didn't even say anything back...that hurt me. One kiss, and I already couldn't think straight. I thought I hated this guy...why was I know feeling butterflies, disappointed that he didn't say 'goodbye' back...why so suddenly upset that he hadn't fought for me to stay. When Kirsten dropped me off, she didn't say a word...until I had almost shut the door.

   "I heard from Emily," I froze and turned back to face her. My face wasn't full of shock, or happiness, but it was...blank.

   "What did she say?"

   "That she'd be back before her birthday. She didn't want to be gone for that long. She really did have to go figure things out with work, but... she also wanted time to let off," She chose her words carefully. I nodded and was bout to shut the door again.

   "Do I need to worry? You and...Jasper?" She asked quickly. I laughed and shook my head. I headed into the house...almost losing the key like Jasper...why was I thinking bout him! I tried to shake him from my mind, but the feeling of his lips against mine lingered there, refusing to go away. I went into the bathroom and scrubbed them with a wash cloth...hoping that would make the feeling go away. It did for a while, but...eventually the feeling came back. I didn't know what to do, so I laid on my bed with my homework scattered around me. I closed my eyes, trying to block out the feelings. That's when another dream came out of nowhere.


   Jasper and I were in his room.

   "Happy 3 month anniversary babe," He whispered in my ear. I giggled slightly, grabbing the black box from his hand. Inside was a necklace with a single diamond at the end of the silver chain. I gasped as he grabbed it and placed it around my neck. I put a hand to it as he was clasping it, but...a voice...a voice that didn't belong there spoke into my ear.

   "Be careful babe...he's danger," What was weird was that I could feel his breath on my ear. I could hear his voice like it was in the same room as I could reach out and touch him. Dustin's voice faded out. As soon as he said 'he's danger' the chain around my neck tightened. It was painful. I couldn't breath...he was choking me. I heard his menacing laugh from behind me as I struggled for breath.


   I woke up and sat up straight. I was gasping for breath from holding it in my sleep. I clutched at my throat, trying to remove the chain...but nothing was there. I finally got my breath back. I heard Kirsten's voice from downstairs...talking to someone. It sounded like Liam...but who knows. They were arguing quietly bout something. Then Zayn joined, but it hurt my head too much to listen too closely. Cold air washed over me, and I shivered. I looked to my right to see my window wide open...the curtains flowing in the wind. Those two things brought two lingering questions to my mind. One...Did Kirsten have something to worry bout? And two...Who was in my room?...

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