Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


23. Chapter 23


   After Jasper's rant, I stood there watching him. The driver still wasn't there, so I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He was leaning against a brick wall for support, his head in his hands. He looked up at me with black eyes that were brimmed with tears. I had never seen him like this, so it surprised me. I drew in a sharp breath as he crumpled to the ground sobbing like a baby. I sat down next to him and rubbed slow, small circles in his back. A text popped up on my screen.

Liam: Drivers gonna be late. Can't get out of the interview til later.

   I rolled my eyes at it. The boys had a interview cause it was 10 years since they stopped playing tours, only doing small shows every now and again. They still played small shows every once in a while, but not very often. Jason had drove himself here since he had turned 16 when I was in the hospital, he was probably gone with Callie now, and Hannah was staying at a friends. Lilly was with Liam so I was the only one without a ride. I could walk home I thought. I felt Jasper look up and read the text over my shoulder. He sat up straighter and put his head back on the wall.

   "You can ride home with me...I could really use some company right now," He said. I looked over at him. He was looking straight forward, but when my eyes met his face he turned it so our gazes were locked. His eyes were brighter now, just rimmed with red from crying. His voice was back to normal, and he breathed normally once again. His facial expression showed nothing, no compassion, no sympathy for the girls, no hatred of himself...of them...nothing.  It didn't even look like he was sorry. He may have just ruined these girl's lives...I mean Audrey still had school! Not like she cared though bout school though... And think bout the little baby Ms. Rolieer was carrying! They would either grow up with no dad, or grow up knowing that their mom and dad broke the law! I couldn't think of it, so I shook the thoughts from my head. Beside my better judgement I nodded at Jasper and helped him get off the pavement. I texted Liam back.

Me: Getting a ride from Jasper anyway

Liam: :/ umm...ok...

Me: We'll be nice

Liam: Better teachers to stop a fight at home ;) -Harry

   I rolled my eyes when Harry took Liam's phone.

Me: ha ha

   Jasper was already walking to his car, so I ran to catch up with him. He got in his side and slammed the door shut. I rolled my eyes at how he was acting. Suddenly I was rethinking driving home with him and considering walking again. Opening the door I was greeted with the wonderful smell of fast food, and dirty gym clothes. I wrinkled my nose from the smell and put my seat belt on.

   "You don't need that Rose," Jasper said in a monotone. I shrugged and put my elbow up on the window. I put my hand to my mouth, silently biting my thumb. Just a feeling that I got around him told me that he wasn't the best driver. He sighed, and I saw him roll his eyes from the corner of mine. I rolled mine back as he started the Audi. After another 10 minutes of driving we finally got to his house. That's when I noticed another huge white mansion across the road from us. It was hidden by trees so I never really noticed it before, but no I realized that all the boys probably lived in the same area. I looked around for other houses, but saw a small glance of a big, light blue building in the distance. It wasn't until we got up the driveway and parked that I realized he wasn't taking me home.

   "Why are we at your house? My house is back there," I pointed behind us with my thumb as I got out of the car. He shrugged and walked up to the door. He searched his pockets, looking for the key. Coming up short he then proceeded to look around the yard. "Where do they usually have the spare?" I asked. He shrugged. I sighed. "Helpful," I mumbled. He rolled his eyes back, then continued looking. I finally found the key in a fountain that was off in a side yard after five minutes. He grabbed it out of my hand and put it in the lock. He opened the door to a entry hallway with a large staircase on either side of the room leading to a huge living room area. It looked a little like Zayn and Liam's house, but then again it had a little more modern character to it. He lead me up the stairs and to the left. A door that was painted black stood out among the light green walls. He lead me through it to a huge room with an upper level. I gasped at the size of it...then again there was only  two kids in the house. I walked in as he held the door open, finally being nice for once. I dropped my bag beside the bad that was right next to the door and stood there taking in the whole room. At least it smelled better than his car...which surprised me. It was clean down here, but up where there was another door, which I assumed was his bathroom and closet, there were clothes thrown everywhere. I decided I would stay down here instead of trying to wade my way through mountains of clothes.

   Suddenly Jasper's hot breath was breathing down my neck as he said, "Nice...isn't it babe," I gasped at his closeness, then frowned at what he called me. I turned to him, bout to say something smart back, but he cut my non-existent sentence short as he pushed his lips roughly onto mine. He grabbed my waist and turned me around, throwing my back against the wall behind me.

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