Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


22. Chapter 22


   "This is all your fault! I just got her back, and you had to go and fuck it up!" I screamed at Zayn. I can't believe that I called him 'dad'. No dad would've yelled at a girl's mom right after she found out she wasn't actually dead for five years. I turned and ran up the stairs back to my room. There was talking from Jason's room...and some silence...I can guess what was happening then. I didn't care. I flung my door open and slammed it shut. I threw myself on my bed and wept like a little baby. I felt someone come in and rub circles into my back. As I looked up through my wet lashes I saw Jason standing there. He gave me a pressuring smile as I turned my head back down to my pillow. I heard him mumble something, then I heard Callie's voice answer it. I couldn't understand what was being said, so I just tuned it all out and only gave way to the pain. After what felt like hours I finally cried myself to sleep. I felt Jason's hand lift as it pulled the covers over me, and the door shut behind the two as they made their way back to Jason's room. I wondered why he was so good at this...did he have to do this a lot for Callie when she showed herself off as a nerd? I grimaced in my sleep at this thought, and finally drifted off into a dream.


   I was with my mom in a park we went to when I was a toddler. I remember that park like I'm still in it. We always went to it. She would push me in the baby swing until it was getting dark, then I would run around while she scolded me for not getting into the stroller. I would laugh and laugh until she caught me and blew into my belly. It always tickled, so I would laugh even harder. Suddenly a dark shadow came and grabbed her by the shoulders. I was suddenly standing, watching the big man wrestle my mom to the ground. She was screaming...but no one seemed to notice. People walking on the street looked straight she wasn't there. I tried to call out 'mama', something I always called her until I thought she died. When I tried to move I was frozen to the spot...I couldn't move. The man finally grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground. My dream went black like a scene in a movie. All of the sudden I was in a dark room...alone. Nothing was there, until something moved from the shadows. Jasper walked out with Ms. Rolieer on one arm and Audrey on the other. He was smiling, and neither girl seemed to notice the other as they gave Jasper very needed attention for his ego.

   Both girls leaned in at the same time and said, "Things are bout to change Jasper. Things are bout to change," He smirked at both girls before walking by me to the door. Nobody seemed to notice me there, but what I saw when they were leaving left my jaw gaping and my eyes wide open in shock.


   I woke up suddenly. I sat straight up in bed, with the facial expression I had in the dream. I couldn't believe it...I mean I could, I thought when I knew what was going on, 'What if it happened?' I just never really thought it out loud. Jasper wasn't the most careful it didn't why did this surprise me. I jumped out of bed and jumped into the shower. I always took one in the morning. I threw on a pink tank top and a tribal/Indian patterned, black and white cardigan, and dark skinny jeans. I straightened my hair, put on light make-up, and threw on my aqua toms. I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. I didn't bother with a soccer bag cause I couldn't play anyway with the injuries I got the first practice, no one wanted to risk it. They didn't want my head injuries to get worse, and the boys didn't want me anywhere near Audrey or the others that helped her. Little did they know that jasper was behind the whole thing. I smirked at the thought of what I now had over him. I could hang this over his head and make him do anything I wanted...for a while at least. I got into the car with Liam's kids, and we drove to school.


   I was waiting for Liam's driver to come pick me up when Jasper came over to stand beside me.

   "So what's up shortie?" He asked, putting an arm on my shoulder. I rolled my eyes, then smirked again at how much trouble he was in. I was pissed at what he did still...but I had to be civil bout it, since I wasn't really the person to tattle...but that didn't mean I couldn't blackmail. His phone buzzed in his pocket. He picked it up to see a text from Audrey.

Audy ;): Styles need to talk to you...

  My smirk got bigger as his eyebrows furrowed and he texted back:

J. Styles: Tell me now

Audy ;):'re going to be a...father...

   He froze when he read the text, I held a chuckle. His eyes widened, he was bout to throw his phone to the ground to smash it into pieces when a text from somebody else popped up. The person's name was titled 'My Secret ;)'...but we all knew it was Ms. Rolieer.

My Secret ;):'re going to be a father :)

   He was done. He threw the phone on the ground and stomped on it over and over. I had to jump out of the way to avoid the flying bits of plastic and glass. I guess my dream really did come true...that part at least...but what bout the other part?

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