Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


21. Chapter 21



   Zayn and the boys has said that my mother had gone back to her work to explain why she was going to be gone. A story that Emily had shared last Saturday was that she owned an animal kennel/day care/spa thing on the other side of London. I can't believe she was so close this entire time, and I never ran into her. She loved animals and they took care of almost any kind. They told me that they didn't know when she was going to come back, but I knew it would be soon because her birthday was coming up on Friday. I was standing in front of my mirror, looking at myself before running off to school. It was the first day I was actually back, and I wanted to show all of the kids that hurt me how strong I was. You can throw bricks at me, but the best thing about it is that I can catch them and throw them back. I smirked down at my over sized sweater that was a tanish color with a black and pink word 'love' written in the center in block letters. It hung off one shoulder and fell beneath my waist. I had on dark blue low rise skinny jeans, but good thing I had on the long sweater or else my ass would show. I had black converse with it and my hair was thrown up into a bun that was a little on top of my head. A pink and black bow rested in front of it. My make up was simple. Foundation and blush tickled my skin, and black mascara and eyeliner that formed wing-tips framed my eyes making the hazel color stand out. I grabbed my book bag and walked down the stairs to the car. Liam's kids were in there when I came out and we drove off to school. When we got to school I felt bad for not asking Jason bout him and Callie, so I went up to him while we were going to our lockers.

   "Hey Jason, you and Callie still good," He looked ahead and smiled. She was waiting by his locker. When he got there before me he leaned in and kissed her, pressing her up against the locker for a second. He pulled away and smirked at me.

   "That answer your question," I giggled a little and smiled back at them. I grabbed my books for first period and walked into class. The teacher pointed an empty seat out in the new seating chart to me and welcomed me back. I thanked her and took a seat. Suddenly a whispered voice rang in my ears behind me.

   "You miss me?" I smiled as I recognized the voice and turned to see Dustin sitting down beside me.

   "I didn't think you were in this class," Was all I could think to say...nice.

   "Transferred from Mr. Haight's class. That guy is a jerk," I laughed at the thought of a teacher's name being pronounced 'hate', but that's what his name was.

   "I bet this class is a lot better though right?" I asked with sarcasm in my voice, rolling my eyes, even though I liked this class. I knew that Dustin didn't really like school, he kinda just scrapped through. I happened to glance down to his hand where I saw the new black ink where a tattoo was. "What's that one for?" I knew he had other ones, but they were just mostly covered. He looked down and mumbled under his breath like he was embarrassed. I couldn't understand him. "What?" I asked. He finally looked up at me then traced his fingers along the lines of it.

   "It's a tattoo for you," He whispered. He blushed bright pink as I brought his hand up to my face to look at it closer. It was of a small rose. The steam was wrapped around the words and had small thorns on it.

   "What's it mean?" I asked him. He chuckled a bit and pointed to parts of the small black inked tattoo.

   "You are the rose, with small, but deadly thorns. You can make it through anything. The words mean that you survived through something terrible, and you came back stronger than ever," I looked closer at the markings to read the words 'My Survivor 11/19/2038,' The date I got out of the hospital. I almost teared up, but he brought his other hand to my face, making me look at him. He shook his head and glanced to the front of the room to see Callie sitting there. She looked back and forth between the two of us and shook her head. She mouthed the word 'no' and turned back to where the teacher was starting her lesson. I shook it off, gave his hand a squeeze, and let it go.


   My mom still wasn't back home. To be honest it was kinda irritating that she just shows up after five years of being away from me, 15 years away from the boys, and then just leaves without at least calling! I rolled my eyes and walked into my room closing the door behind me. I saw Callie's things around my room and knew that she was spending the night with "me" again. I didn't mind though, so I just grabbed my homework out of my bag and opened up my English book that I had to read. The book was good, but I couldn't focus on it for long. I was a little angry with Emily. I grabbed a teal tank top and threw it on over my black lace bra. I pulled on my favorite black sweats and walked down the stairs. I stopped when I heard hushed voices. Liam and Zayn were arguing in the kitchen.

   "Well do you think she'll..." Liam whispered a little too loud.

   "Shhh! And no I don't think Emily... at least not for a while," Zayn whispered at the same loudness as Liam. I rolled my eyes at how much of a hypocrite he was.

   "It'll be alright mate. Now that she's come back, she won't be gone for long,"

   "I sure hope not. I can't take another day without her, let alone the 15 years she was gone. Even that one day I thought she was dead I could barley keep myself sane!"

   "None of us were sane mate, especially you," Liam chuckled at bit. I heard a slapping noise that must have been Liam patting Zayn on the back.

   Zayn chuckled a little before replying, "Ya I guess... should I call her? Maybe if I apologize she'll come back sooner," I couldn't take it anymore.

   "Apologize for what?" I asked storming into the kitchen. Zayn and Liam froze, mouths open staring at me with shock.

   "H-How much o-of that d-did you hear?" Liam stuttered out. Zayn put his head in his hands, shaking it back and forth.

   "All of it. Now tell me!" I spat. I crossed my arms over my chest, raising an eyebrow at them. They looked at each other before Zayn finally spoke up.

   "I kinda yelled at her, and now she's gone," I froze, it was my turn for my eyes to widen. A million questions, thoughts, and worst case scenairos ran through my mind all at once.

   "W-What k-kinda gone d-do you mean?" I asked, my voice barley a whisper. He was holding back tears, and so was I.

   "She's gone," He shook his head, and I let a tear slip out.

A/N: BTW When Emily had Rose she was 18. That was in 2013, and this is 15 almost 16 years into the future. Emily is now 33 almost 34, and Zayn is 34 almost 35. Kirsten is the same age as Emily, and Louis is the same age as Zayn. All the other boys and their wives are random ages. -xx Em :)

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