Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


20. Chapter 20


   I stared at my mother all night. After 5 years of thinking she was gone forever...I find out she really wasn't. She was there all along. She was still talking to her best friend all along, right under my nose. She was there all along! And yet... I couldn't bring myself to be mad at her, I was just so happy she was back. It got so late that I fell asleep beside her. The only thing that woke me up was Zayn picking me up and carrying me to bed. I was so tired when he tried to slip out of the door that I just mumbled the first few words that came to mind.

   "Goodnight dad," I heard him freeze from the words and could almost feel the smile on his face.

   "Goodnight Rose," He whispered back then closed the door.


   She called me dad!... What if she didn't mean it?! What if she was just too tired to know what she was saying?! The questions ran through my mind as I made my way back down the stairs. All the boys and their wives were surrounding Emily. Her and Harry seem to get along...knowing them that won't last too long. Everyone was so happy that she was back...I was the happiest of all. I couldn't stop smiling as I walked into the room and stood in front of all of them. They all looked up, and Emily's voice rang out.


   I smiled down at her and whispered out, "She called me 'dad'," She smiled bigger and got up to give me a hug. I forgot how much I missed those.

   "Congrats," She giggled in my ear. All of the sudden a thought flew through my head and my smile turned into a frown.

   "And she would've called me that from the beginning if it hadn't been for you taking her away from me," I growled as I pushed her away from me. The pain from her leaving came flooding back. My eyes darkened as I looked at her shocked expression. Did she really think that she could come back and I would forgive her like that?!

   "Zayn..." She whispered, but I stopped her.

   "What?! You're sorry for leaving?! You're sorry for keeping her a secret?!" I gestured to Rose's room as I yelled at her. She took a step forward in defiance. Her eyes turned black and her face flew into an angry look. Her hands came up and crossed across her chest.

   "Don't yell at me! I did what was best! You had to leave on tour, and I didn't want to hold the band back! What was I supposed to do?!" She screamed back. She took a step back as I took a step forward to get in her face.

   She rolled her eyes as I yelled back at her, "It wouldn't have held the band back! It wouldn't have held me back! I could've handled it! And now that I know, I would've wanted it! Back then even! You had no right to keep her from me!" At this point tears were threatening to spill over, her eyes stayed black and completely dry. "And by the way, you were evil to make Rose think you were dead for 5 years!" I growled the last part. As I pulled away she looked like she was bout ready to slap me. Her breathing came out uneven and her fists, that were now by her side, were shaking uncontrollably. Her face turned red as she struggled to control herself.

   "If only you knew the whole story," She spat as she turned and grabbed her purse. She headed for the door and slammed it behind her. I let out a deep breath that I had been holding, and looked around. They were all staring at me with their jaws open, their eyes wide. None of them said anything until Louis finally spoke up.

   "Go after her mate," Tears finally spilled over and streamed down my cheeks. I realized that no matter how bad what she did was, I would never stop loving her. I needed her, I missed her, I forgave her the second I laid eyes on her...she's gone. I turned on my heal and ran out the door. She was nowhere in sight. She had always been a fast runner. I remember one time I let her meet my friends and we had played football (soccer). She had outrun everyone there, and came back with a huge cheeky smile plastered over her face. I sat down and let the tears fall freely, making no noise, just staring into the darkness. I heard the door open and close as Niall walked out and sat next to me. I leaned my head onto his shoulder and cried harder.

   I finally let the sobbing sounds out as I said, "She's gone..."

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