Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


2. Chapter 2


   I was surprised to see the girl standing in the doorway.

   "Zayn?" She asked. My eyebrows furrowed into a confused look.

   " a fan?"

   "Uhh...I don't know, I was sent here by someone else. Wait... why would I be a fan? You famous or something?" She asked. How didn't she know? Who was she sent by? Why was she here? Why did she remind me so much of that one girl, the one girl I've ever really loved? A million questions ran through my mind.

   "Well...ya...Zayn...Malik? One Direction? Boy band?" I asked trying to jog her memory. She gasped, looking like she was going to faint. "You ok?" I asked, suddenly very worried.

   "'s just..." She trailed off, I waited for her to finish. "I'm your...daughter,"

   I almost fainted right then and there. I started swaying back and forth a slight bit as loud footsteps sounded behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see Liam, who I shared the mansion with, Lilly's dad.

   "Zayn mate! You alright?!" He yelled as he came over a placed  a hand on my shoulder. Lilly scampered off my leg and attached herself to Liam's. He laughed and looked down at her, shaking his leg playfully. She giggled and held on tighter. Liam's eyes quickly glanced to the door and he smiled.

   "Who's this mate?'" he asked still holding my shoulders.

   I swayed harder as I stuttered out, "M-my d-d-daughter," That's when I blacked out.


    I woke up on the couch with a cold cloth on my forehead. Liam sat next to me with his oldest son Jason sitting next to him, them both playing video games on the X-Box. Slowly sitting up I groaned, my head pounding.

   "Well look who's awake," Jason sneered. Liam shushed him.

   "How you feeling?" he asked me.

   "My head hurts, what happened?" I replied putting a hand on my aching forehead.

   "When you passed out you fell and hit your head," He replied simply. That wasn't the problem though, i didn't know why i had passed out.

   "Why did I pass out?"

   Liam paused his game and Jason rolled his eyes and let out an annoyed sigh. He was going through that annoying teenager stage since he was 15 almost 16.

   "Why does everything have to be about her?" He asked rolling his eyes. Liam had had enough and he sent him to his room.

   I sat up straighter, "Wait...That girl at the door?! She's real?! She's really my, my..." I couldn't say the word. Liam nodded and placed a hand on my shoulder.

   "Do you think it could've been with her?" He asked. I knew who he was talking about as I thought back to that night.


   "You sure you want to do this?" I asked her. Emily nodded and pulled down my jeans. We had met earlier in the month, but had just started dating a week ago. I wanted it as bad as she did, I just wanted to make sure she was ready. 

   "I want you," She replied. 


   I put my head in my hands and nodded. Liam and I both sighed as I looked up, tears brimming in my eyes. We had been apart for 15 years, and I still loved her. She had left a few weeks after that, not giving any explanation, just...leaving. And, now I knew why.

   "Now we know why that girl looked so much like her," Liam joked. I faked a smile and small laugh and thought back to the first time I'd seen this girl.


   Hannah, Liam's other daughter, was on her computer cracking up. I walked over behind her and looked over her shoulder. Two girls were on the screen singing and dancing. They were both really good singers, making up really retarded dances. They both looked around 14. It made me laugh also until one of the girls turned and I saw her face. I gasped and Hannah looked at me like I was crazy before turning back to the computer.

   That girl looked so much like Emily, she could be her twin. She had her dark brown, curly hair. Also her bright hazel eyes that looked like an open book, yet I knew they were hiding all her darkest secrets. Dark eyelashes framed those multi-colored orbs, and bright pink lips danced around her beautiful white smile. She was a shorter looking girl, everything just like Emily, like the love of my life.


   "I need to get out of here," I said as I got up and grabbed a jacket and my car keys. I turned to say goodbye to Liam when I caught sight of Emily...I mean whatever her name is. Lilly was perched on her back, annoyed that her piggy back ride had stopped moving. The girl looked like she had heard everything, she looked hurt. It was then that I remembered how much I hated it when Emily had cried. I almost broke into tears until I turned and walked out the door, feeling her eyes burn into my back as I shut the door behind me.

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