Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


16. Chapter 16

A/N Thanks to Love_1D_12 for inspiring this chapter!


   Wow...just wow. We stood there watching her score goal after goal on the best goalie in London. She could straight up outrun everyone on the team, even Callie who was the fastest girl I knew...not anymore. She wove around the defense to score with simple kicks and trick shots that I'd only seen professionals do before. At the end she stood by the coach while everyone else was still practicing. She was out of breath, but I'd be too after scoring 6 goals and having 5 assists. The coach handed her a purple and white uniform. Rosalie looked extremely happy. The coach blew the whistle and gave a few more girl jerseys, including one to Callie. They all walked off while Callie and Rosalie came bouncing over to us. All those assists Rose had were with Callie. They were the perfect pair. They gave each other high-fives and we all gave them one too.

   "You never told me how good you were," I said looking at Rosalie. She shrugged and took a drink of water out of her water bottle.

   "You never asked," She shrugged again and started walking towards the house. I laughed and we all walked after her. Callie caught up with her and they linked arms.



   I was standing on the field kicking the ball back and forth with Callie. She accidentally kicked it a long ways away, and as I ran to go get it I heard two voices from behind the school. I grabbed the ball and pressed my back against the wall. I was out of sight of the field so I just stood there, hoping they wouldn't find me.

   "What are you going to do for me?" A bitchy voice spoke up. I recognized it as Audrey's voice. She was the school's bitch chick, and defender for the team. She thought she was hot shit cause she was a senior.

   "Anything you want," Jasper's voice came to my ears. It sounded like he was trying to seduce her. A kissing sound came from behind the wall and a slight moan escaped her lips. I rolled my eyes. Jasper was just going to get every girl in bed.

   "Fine I'll..." Her words were cut off by another quiet moan. The kissing sound stopped and she spoke with a shaky voice.

   "When do I do it?"

   "Today. Make sure I won't have to deal with her anymore after this...then you'll get your reward," The seductiveness didn't leave his voice as it retreated. I ran back to the field and kicked the ball back to Callie just as Audrey came around the corner. She gave me a smirk and went to warm up with the goalie.


   I was grabbing all my stuff and putting it into my duffel bag. I was the last one on the field. Footsteps caught my attention, but I didn't pay too much attention to them. All of the sudden a ball hit me square in the back. I stumbled into the bench, and then stood back up. I turned to see Audrey standing there with something in her hand. A look of 'what the hell!' crossed my face as she smirked at me. She kicked another ball, but I dodged it. I walked over to her and kicked the last ball by her feet across the field.

   "What the hell!" I yelled getting in her face. She smirked again and stabbed something into my arm. I screamed in agony as I dropped to my knees to find a knife stab would on my arm. She pulled it out and swung it at my face, leaving a scratch on my cheek. I kicked her feet out from under her, and rolled sideways to avoid her landing on me. The knife stabbed her and I stood up. Out of nowhere a fist hit me square in the back. I fell to the ground and was stabbed again by the knife. The wound was right by my shoulder blade. I got hit with punches, slaps, kicks, and the knife many times over until a cloth was put over my mouth and nose. I wasn't completely out, just groggy enough not to fight back. I felt myself being pulled into the woods that were around the back of the school. They dropped me somewhat close to the edge of them and left me there when more footsteps sounded. I couldn't move, I was too sore and whatever was on that cloth made me not able to move.

   "Rose?!" A voice called out. I looked over to see Callie standing by my bag that had been spilled by the bench. She looked around and saw the puddle of blood where I had been stabbed. She looked terrified as she looked around, but couldn't find me. "ROSE!!" She called louder, hoping I'd answer. It took all the strength I had, but I finally built up enough air to let out an ear piercing scream. Callie's teared up face turned toward the woods. That was the last thing I saw before I blacked out...

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