Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


15. Chapter 15


   I was still frozen as they all looked at me.

   "What?" Liam asked, coming closer. I took a step back, that's all the proof they needed. "Who?" I didn't answer and just shook my head.

   "His name's Dustin... Dustin Sheeran," Jasper looked at all of them with a knowing look as they all drew in a sharp breath.

   "No Rose, No," Liam growled. I had never seen Liam like this.

   "He's nothing but trouble, and he'll break your heart," Zayn took a step towards me.

   "I'm still mad at you, so I wouldn't do that if I were you," He froze and his face hardened.

   "You don't talk to your father like that," He said sternly. My eyebrows raised and my hands came up to rest on my hips. 'Who the hell do you think you are' was the look that I gave him. Our looks stayed the same until Harry cleared his throat.

   "Rose, he's trouble, he takes after...some one else... You need to go to school, avoid him, and come right back home. No doing anything else...I'm sorry, but this is for your own protection," His face looked sad. From the corner of my eye I saw Jasper trying to sneak out the door. I pushed past Harry and gave Jasper a punch straight into his gut. He doubled over in pain while Jason and Callie walked through the door.

   "What's going on?!" Jason asked stepping in front of Callie. They's gone on their first date tonight. He held her hand behind his back. Harry walked over and picked Jasper up.

   "You need to stop getting beat up by a girl Jasper," He smirked and looked down at me again. "Please believe us Rose," He whispered. I didn't know why my mom hadn't liked Harry, he wasn't that bad of a guy, compared to his Jackass of a son. I walked off to my room and locked the door. Everything went quiet downstairs.


   I woke up and jumped in the shower. I had planned to do nothing today, but stay in my room. I didn't want them to talk about Dustin again, he wasn't that bad of a guy, if you could just look past what he looked like. Someone pounded on my door and then left. I got dressed and opened the door to find all of the guys looking at me with their arms crossed. Their faces were a mix between anger and disappointment. I rolled my eyes and shut the door again. I didn't need this shit. I heard Kirsten and Callie's voice talking to them and a soft knock was placed upon the door. I opened it again and let them in.

   They both sat on my bed as Kirsten spoke up, "Rose...I'm sorry the boys don't mean to be like this...they have just had bad experiences with that family," She looked me in the eye. I sighed.

   "Kirsten it doesn't matter anyway. Jasper was just trying to get the subject off him and I couldn't think of a way to defend myself. Nothing's going on between me and Dustin. We are just in the same Drama class," It was a good thing I was a good lair. She seemed to believe it, but Callie sure didn't. Her face gave it all away. When Kirsten got up from the bed I gave Callie a 'please don't tell' look. She nodded and watched as her mom left the room.

   "I'll keep your secret," She winked at me and walked after her mom. I sighed and the song 'Dirty Little Secret' by All American Rejects played quietly from my nightstand. I one had to know bout Dustin. I walked over to find a new text from Aero.

From Aero: Sorry wifi gonna go on a road trip with the "family". Will be gone for the rest of the year. 

   I groaned and rolled over on my bed. It was almost Halloween... how was I gonna survive the rest of the year without my best friend. We even call each other wifey but spell it wifi as a joke. I was about to stay there forever when my phone beeped. I'd never heard that sound before, so I grabbed it confused, finding an email. There were soccer (football) tryouts. I had never really been athletic, but I really liked soccer, and I was pretty good also. I went into my closet that Kirsten had stocked. I'm glad she knew my style. I grabbed a normal blue t-shirt and black soccer shorts. I pulled on my socks, shin-guards, and cleats. Putting my hair into a pony-tail I grabbed my phone and walked down the stairs. I grabbed a water bottle and started towards the door. I was looking down at my phone, texting Aero back, when I ran into someone's hard chest. I looked up to see Zayn standing there.

   "Can I help you?" I asked sarcastically.

   "Where are you going?" He asked sternly. I stepped back and gestured to my outfit. He quickly scanned it and asked, "Football? With who?" I rolled my eyes.


   "Why didn't you tell me before?"

   "I found out this morning. Can I go now?" I huffed crossing my arms. He nodded and waved the other guys over.

   "Only if we come with you," I rolled my eyes and pushed my way out the door, the boys following behind.

   I walked onto the field to see Callie standing there also. Some other girls were looking at me with disgust like 'the new girl really thinks she has a spot on our team?!'. The thing was...I knew I had a spot on the team.

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