Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


13. Chapter 13


   I felt bad that I hadn't done anything to help Callie. Rose was right, I didn't want to be seen with the nerd, but I didn't want to ignore Callie either. I pushed myself off the wall and walked over to her.

   I whispered in her ear, "Can we talk...please?" She glared at me and I flinched. To get that look from her really hurt. She sighed and finally nodded. I lead her into the living room and shut the door. I could hear muffled voices from the kitchen. She turned and crossed her arms and looked straight at me. My heart felt torn in two, but I knew which side needed to win.

   "Callie..." I started...

   ...But she finished, "I'm so sorry Callie! I wish I'd helped! We always said we'd keep the secret of who you really were...I was only honoring that promise... Well you know what Jason?!" Her voice started to raise and she got in my face. "I could've handled myself, you just didn't even try and do anything! You could've told Jasper that that was enough! That wouldn't of broken the promise now would it?! I've known Rose for a few days and I now trust her more than you! She actually stood up for me! What can you say now that will make up for it?!" She stopped and waited for me. Her eyes were tearing up, I hated it when she cried, it always made me cry too. I took her face in my hands and forced her to look me in the eyes. She tore her head away, but I grabbed it again. She sighed as my face came closer, my voice dropping to a whisper.

   "I should've never done that Callie...I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that you got hurt and I'm sorry that I didn't do anything. Will you please forgive me?" She shook her head, "Please Callie..." Her eyes met mine again and I could see the pain in them. She pulled my hands away and walked towards the door. "I love you," She stopped and turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. Her face was plastered with sadness and in her eyes I could slightly see a glimmer of hope. She sighed and turned back around, leaving the room and shutting the door.


   I was standing with my back pressed against my locker. I sighed and walked toward English. As I walked in the only other two people in the classroom were Rose and Callie. Rose went silent as soon as she saw me. Callie looked up...wait Callie? She wore her normal clothes. Dark, silver, skinny jeans with a floral zipper top. Her hair was down and straight. Her glasses were replaced by contacts and toms were placed on her feet. Just like her dad she was in love with those shoes. Light make-up dusted her face as she stared up at me. She gulped as the bell rung and they took their seats. I just stared as more people came in. Someone cat-called and they both started laughing. Mrs. Kimberly walked in and took attendance. When she called Callie's name she looked around and said 'I guess she's not here... does anyone know where Callie is?' Rose laughed and pointed at Callie.

   "Right here Mrs. Kimberly," Callie raised her hand. Mrs. Kimberly looked shocked and I had to hold back a laugh. I was used to seeing her like was just weird seeing this side of her at school. Everyone looked shocked to know that that was Callie.

   When class got out I tried to talk to her, but she pulled Rose along too quickly and they disappeared into the hall.


   I was standing by my locker getting my books for History out. A hand reached up and took mine.

   "I always loved you too," Callie's voice whispered in my ear. I smiled and turned to face her. She tugged on my hand and pulled me to class.


   Whispers had been going around school all day, and now Jasper and Ms. Rolieer had been called to the office. I was standing in there copying something for a teacher when she came storming out and threw the stapler from the front desk at Mr. Therd. He ducked and Jasper came walking out quietly and stood there. Mr. Therd dismissed Ms. Rolieer and told Jasper to go to class. He looked disappointed and Jasper just nodded his head with a quiet, 'yes sir,' He walked out and I gathered the papers. I walked after him.

   "Jasper!" He turned and gave me a look that could kill. I flinched and walked up closer to him. "What happened?" I asked, sincerity flowing through my voice. He leaned down and got in my face.

   "You know what happened!" He spat. The halls were empty so no one would hear us.

   "" I asked. His eyes turned black.

   "You told!" He screamed. From somewhere down the hall a door 'clicked' shut. I shook my head.

   "No Jasper...I didn't say anything,"

   "You must have! Who else would..." His voice changed from a yell to a growl, "Say goodbye to your little boyfriend sweetheart, because if when I'm done with him he's still alive, he won't be after Zayn and Liam are done," I shivered at the thought as he stormed off down the hallway. I turned to watch him leave, and as soon as he'd turned a corner, I ran the other way. I had to warn Dustin.

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