Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


12. Chapter 12

A/N Just wanted to say thank you to all of my amazing fans! Love you all! -xx Em :)


   I stormed into the house and went upstairs. I threw my bag in my room and went down the hall towards Jason's room. I pounded my fist on the door. It slowly came open and I saw Jason standing there. As soon as he saw me his face dropped and he backed up slowly. Inviting myself in I pushed past him and stopped in the middle of his room and turned to look at him. He was shyly looking at me, he knew what was coming next. His hands were in his pockets and his foot was playing with the carpet. I raised my eyebrows and pointed to my cheek where the biggest bruise was.

   He looked down with a sad look on his face and mumbled, "I'm sorry bout that,"

   I scoffed and spat back, "You're lucky it was me and not Callie!" He shook his head and when his eyes came back up to meet mine they were starting to tear up.

   "I don't know why I couldn't stop it," He mumbled again.

   "Really cause I would've thought that a boxer like yourself would've been able to stop it better than a me. You could've stepped in you just didn't want to cause you knew that defending the 'nerd' would hurt your reputation!" I growled at him. he shook his head.


   "You what?" He looked up at me and I could see the hurt on his face.

   "I love her..." He trailed off.

   I stood silent for a second, finally growling back, "Then show it," I stormed out of the room to find a very confused looking Liam and Zayn standing in front of me.

   "Rosalie what..." I shook Zayn's hand off and walked into my room slamming the door behind me. I locked it and went to the bathroom to clean up my cuts and bruises. I heard my dad knocking on the door.

   "Rosalie....What happened? Please let me in,"

   I laughed and said, "It's going to take a lot more than that to get me to open the door,"

   He sighed and said after small pause, "Fine... I'll drop it. The other boys are coming over tonight. I'll be in my room if you need me and they'll be here round 5," No sound came from the door so I knew he was still there. A long silence followed his words where I was just rinsing and washing the cuts on my hand. "...Malik huh...?" He chuckled through the door. I rolled my eyes.

   "Goodbye Zayn," His chuckled sounded through the door and his footsteps echoed down the stairs.

*5 PM*

   The voices from down stairs suddenly became louder as it seemed that each of the boy  came at the same time. I heard Liam greet everyone of them. I walked downstairs in the black sweat pants that had grey cheetah print all over them and black tank top, my hair up in a bun. I had put make-up over the bruises and had bandaged up my hand. You could still slightly see the discoloration of the skin on my face, but it didn't look nearly as bad. As I walked down the stairs I saw everyone in normal clothes like I was. Kirsten and Louis had on matching mustache sweatshirts with jeans. Niall and Harry were in sweat pants and t-shirts. Liam and Zayn were in jeans and t-shirts. Haili and Louise weren't around, but Callie stood by Kirsten and was holding Emmett, she looked like her normal self and not her nerd self anymore. Jason was watching Callie sadly, but she pretended not to notice. Lastly Jasper stood with his back against the wall facing me. His face turned into a smirk, his eyes glistening with hate. I'm sure mine had the same look to them. Niall cleared his throat to relieve the tension.

   We all looked up at him as he said, "So...what did you call us here for?" He looked directly at Zayn. Zayn and Liam looked at each other and Zayn nodded for Liam to speak up.

   "Callie will you please give Emmett back to Kirsten," We all looked confused as she handed the small baby back to his mom. "Thank you. Now it seems that these 3 have gotten themselves into some trouble lately... care to explain why?" he looked from Callie to Jasper and then to me. We all looked back and forth at each other. I understood why he would call out Jasper and I...but I didn't think he knew about Callie. Kirsten and Louis' eyes widened and Niall sat up like 'Well this is interesting...'

   "Why is everybody here for this?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

   "Zayn's your dad, I'm technically your guardian, Harry's here for Jasper, Kirsten and Louis for Callie, and Niall is just part of the gang," Niall gave twp thumbs-up and sat forward again. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

   "Well..." Liam pressed.

   Jasper spoke up, "Well I was just trying to be helpful..."

   "Helpful in what Jasper?! I thought we cleared this up in Mr. Therd's office that you are no help to this situation at all!" I yelled at him, throwing my arms into the air. Liam snapped his fingers and I went silent. He raised his eyebrows at Jasper and Harry smacked his curly haired head.

   "Why is Callie in this anyway!?" Jasper yelled.

   "Cause I'm the one you pushed down in the hall Jackass!" She yelled. I had to hold back laughter, I had never heard Callie cuss before. Kirsten laughed quietly and I suddenly knew where she got her temper from. Jasper looked frazzled.

   "N-no I pushed s-some nerd k-kid n-named..." He stopped there. She stood facing him with her eyebrows raised and her hands on her hips. "I guess yo always did annoy me," He leaned down and whispered in her ear for only her to hear, but I heard it anyways. I smacked him upside the head and went to sit down on a stool beside Niall. He was laughing.

   Kirsten spoke up, "Nerd? Why are you considered a nerd?"

   Callie threw her hands up in the air as she yelled back, "Cause I don't dress like this at school mom! I dress like a nerd...ok?!" They all seemed stunned except for Jason and I who had already known that. Jason pushed off the wall and came over to her.

   "Can we talk...please?" He whispered to her. She glared at him then sighed and nodded her head. They walked up into the living room and shut the door.

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