Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


10. Chapter 10


   My alarm played as I groaned and turned over. Callie rushed into my room and hopped into the bed beside me. She pulled the covers around her as I gave her a weird look. Liam walked in at that second and we pretended like we had just woken up, now I understood. She got up and smiled as Liam said that the car was here to take her back to her house to get ready for school. I walked into the bathroom to take a shower and pulled on a high-low white tank top with a see through back and dark skinny jeans. Cheetah print, boot, wedge heels were laced on my feet as my hair hung around me shoulders. I put on make-up and walked out the door to the car.


   I walked out of History and walked over to my locker. Their was a huge crowd surrounding two people so I dropped my books off and went to see what was happening. I pushed my way to the front of the crowd and looked up to see Jasper throwing someone against the lockers. Her face turned as he hit her books to the ground and pulled off her glasses, smashing them with his foot. He was laughing as he pushed her back up against the lockers. I knew that girl. I walked over and pulled Jasper off Callie.

   "What the hell do you think you're doing Styles?!" I growled standing in front of Callie. He smirked as he came over and pushed me against the lockers. I glanced side ways and saw Jason standing there watching with wide eyes. Callie looked hurt like he'd been there the entire time. I shook my head and gave him a glare that made him look to the ground.

   "None of your business Malik," He spat back. I shoved on his chest hard. He flew back into the crowd and was held up by some of his buddies who then flanked him. They all came walking towards me with smirks on their faces. If looks could kill they'd all be dead by now. My eyes were pitch black, and I could feel it. One of his buddies threw the first punch while Jasper just stood back and let them do his dirty work. I dodged his fist but got hooked by another from my right. I stumbled backwards. My cheek was throbbing and I could feel the bruise rising. I got right back up and started throwing punches of my own. I knocked one of them to the ground and the others went to help him. My attention turned to Jasper who now looked furious. He threw a punch and I dodged it.

   "We really gonna start this again? Remember what happened last time Styles?" I smirked as he threw another punch that went wild. My fist connected with his eye, then his came right back and hit me in the jaw. At that point his buddies and everyone else had gone silent watching someone to the right of us. Someone cleared their throat and we both turned to find the principle. He motioned with his finger for us to come with him and we walked to his office. Jasper pushed past me with his shoulder knocking me into a potted plant. I stood up and brushed the dirt off me and grabbed a handful of his hair. I pulled it backwards and his head connected with the door. I smirked and sat down in the chair. He glared at me as the principal called our parents.


   Liam, Harry, and I got called into the office. We all stood outside while Mr. Therd came out to greet us. He opened the door and we all entered to find Rosalie and Jasper fighting again. He grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground. When she hit the ground she grabbed the chair and shoved the leg into his gut. He fell to his knees and she stood back up, furious. I ran in and put myself between the two. Liam held Rosalie's arms behind her back while she fought him, and Harry picked Jasper up from the ground. They both looked in pretty bad shape. Rosalie had a big bruise on her cheek and another on her jaw. Her hand was bloody from punches she threw. Jasper's head was bleeding slightly. He had  a black eye and his stomach was bruised from the chair. They both started screaming cuss words at each other until we all had headaches. We finally forced them into chairs and got them silent. Never underestimate the power of a small girl, she was harder to get in the chair than Jasper! Rosalie crossed her arms as Liam and I sat on her sides, Harry was next to Liam and Jasper was on the very end.

   "So...this is the second time you two have been in here this week... what do you have to say for yourselves?" Mr. Therd sat forward and rested his elbows on his desk. His head sat in his hands like this was some T.V. show he was very interested in. My eyes widened as he said "second". I looked over at Liam and he nodded. Looks like Jasper and Rosalie didn't have a very good past.

   "Well I accidentally bumped into her and she went nuts Mr. Therd sir," Jasper spoke up. Rosalie rolled her eyes and scoffed.

   "Bullshit," She mumbled under her breath and when the principle asked 'What?' she said it louder, for all of us to hear. She smirked and looked at Jasper.

   "Oh, please," Jasper rolled his eyes back and mocked her by crossing his arms too. "You just need to get your temper under control sweetheart," He gave a cheeky grin.

   She stiffened and leaned over Liam to spit, "Only weak people play the victim card, make a man of yourself and take some responsibility," I had to hold back a laugh as Mr. Therd rubbed his head like his headache had gotten worse.

   "Stop! Now you both have detention with Ms. Rolieer," Rosalie groaned and rolled her eyes. "That ok with you Ms. Malik?" He asked sarcastically. I was surprised that she had used that name. She looked up at him and smirked.

   "Just fine," She leaned over to Jasper again and sneered, "Is that ok with you Jasper?" Her face looked innocent but I could see malice in her eyes.

   He smirked, "Just fine," He mocked her.

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