He's my Brother?!

A scarred freshman, Harper Johnson, was the biggest One direction fan ever- her favorite being Harry. She used the music they sang as an escape from her abusive dad, Travis Johnson. Like the average fangirl, she lie in her bed all day checking Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube and trying to get One Direction to notice her. But finally, after winning a contest, she wins a trip to LA to see a Little Mix concert. But what will happen when on the plane over, she sits next to her idol and life saver, Harry Styles?


11. Time at the Spa

I type the address of the spa into my iPhone. I realize I've never been to a real spa. I've haven't thought it was worth the money. The only thing I spent money on like it was a gym.  

I drive onto the parking lot. It isn't until I enter the modern-looking building that I see the place really is expensive. I walk to the front desk. I tell the lady I have a gift credit. She types in my name into the computer. She tells me to sit down and wait for someone to come get me. I stride to the over-stuffed couch and pick up the magazine that catches my eye first. 17- Harry Styles New Girlfriend?! It reads.

 Hmmm, I wonder if they mean Gemma or Lou Teasdale. I joke. Media today makes everything up.

 Oh, Lottie today! That's a new one! I laugh at my dry humor.

 I flip through the rest of the magazine when my name is called out. I feel like I'm in a doctor's office. They tell me to change into a robe and to go into the first steam room. I awkwardly sit down in the circular room. I can barely see in front of me. I try to relax, but every time I do, I remember Harry Styles asked me out for dinner. I feel someone tap my shoulder and lead me into another room off of the steam room. 

 When I walk into the room I can finally see. She motions me to lie down on the table. I lie down looking straight up. The whole room is bleach white. She walks over to me looking over my face. 

 "You have oily skin" She says in a clear Russian accent.

 "I put facial on" She says.

I lie there trying to pick out the words she has just said to me. She wipes my face down with a warm towelette. A green bowl is placed at my side. She dips the back of a spoon-like tool into it and then onto my face. I hate when people touch my face. Everyone has their fears. Arachnophobia, Glossophobia, Achluophobia, are just some. I have the fear of people poking my in the face. I don't really know when it started. 

  She slathers the dark blue stuff onto my face. I try not to scrunch up my face. It is actually quite cooling to my face. I've been blessed by not having too much acne. She leads me through the steam room and into another door off from it. She didn't take the blue stuff off my face. The bright light hits me with a flash. She tells me to lie down on a flower bearing table. It feels like a bed. 

 The scent of flowers strongly attacks my nose. It is pleasant. I'm almost asleep when she finally comes back to get me. I can't even move my face. 

 "Sonya is going to Acupuncture." The woman who put the blue stuff of my face. 

 I know I've hear the word before, but I can't put my finger on what it means. It isn't until she takes out long sticks from a hot machine that I remember what it is. I force myself to lie on the bed. I close my eyes and try to breathe normally. She walks over to me.

 "It doesn't hurt," She says, "I'm not going to stab you or something." Sonya says in a Minnesotan accent. I'm suspicious about her accent, until all of it washes away when she slips off my robe and takes one sharp stick at a time. She places them in a perfect place making me calmer with every stab.

  I slipped into some kind of weird haze where I felt high, then went to sleep. I woke up as she was taking out the needles. 

 "Ok, hun, that was the last one. Now I going to take off your facial." Sonya says. 

 "Uh hu," I say because those were the only things I could get out.

 Sonya gently wipes off the blue stuff with a warm towel. My face doesn't feel any different though. My back feels like it isn't there. 

 "Do you want me to take you to the front desk, mam?" Sonya asks me.

 I nod my head in response. She puts her arm around me and leads me to the front desk. When she leaves I stand there for a second to regain my balance and I walk towards my car. I think to myself if I'm ok to drive. 

 When I get back to my hotel, I turn on a playlist of Ed Sheeran from 8tracks. I lie down on my bed to check tumblr, twitter, and more before I end up falling asleep.

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