He's my Brother?!

A scarred freshman, Harper Johnson, was the biggest One direction fan ever- her favorite being Harry. She used the music they sang as an escape from her abusive dad, Travis Johnson. Like the average fangirl, she lie in her bed all day checking Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube and trying to get One Direction to notice her. But finally, after winning a contest, she wins a trip to LA to see a Little Mix concert. But what will happen when on the plane over, she sits next to her idol and life saver, Harry Styles?


9. On a plane..with Harry Styles!

"But...why?" I ask trying not to jump up and down.

"Zayn kinda wanted to see his fiancé in concert and he is afraid on planes and stuff so I came with him!"

"Oh my God" I say breathing in making my voice wheeze.

"Thanks for not totally freaking out." He says.

I go into panic mode. I start hyperventilating. I'm going into a full blown panic attack.

"Shhhhh..... It's ok... deep breaths," He says softly.

"Can I have some water?" He asks sweetly to the passing flight attendant. Her eyes widen when she sees who it is. He looks at her and puts his fingers to his lips. I feel my head fall to the seat behind me.

"It's ok, Harper." He says. I blink my eyes rapidly. My hand snaps to my forehead when I feel something of it.

"Are you ok?" Harry asks. I look to my left and smile at him. He is holding out a paper cup of water. I take it thankfully.

"Sorry," I say.

"It's fine, I have to expect that." He says with a smile.

"Thank you." The plane is now taking off. I prepare by pressing my body into the seat and taking both armrest. I close my eyes tightly. I clutch the one more than the other. The armrest clutches back. I open one eye and look at my arm and se Harry's hand intertwined with mine. He has his eyes closed. He mouth is turned into a cheeky smile.

"Oh gosh I'm sorry I was trying to-"

"It's fine, I didn't mind" He says with his eyes still closed. By this time we were in the air.

I reach down to turn off my phone. Finally, we are high enough in the air to use electronics. When I turn on my phone, I smile at the message that Josh has sent me.

"What" Harry asks with laughter in his voice.

"Oh, nothing." I say teasing him.

"Really? I've only seen that smile on Zayn when Perrie texted him," He pauses.

"So, who is he!" He says punching me in the arm playfully.

"No one, it's no one!" I says with a smile. He raises an eyebrow.

"Fine, it's just a friend at my school." I shrug.

"No it isn't." He grabs my phone. He holds it just above my reach from my seat.

' "Hey babe watcha doin?" ' He reads off my phone.

"Oh, 'just a friend' you say?" He asks mockingly.

"Is this friend a guy friend?"

"Yes.." I say nonchalantly.

"What's his name?" He asks teasingly.

"His name is Josh, if you must know." I say.

"So... how did you meet?"

"That is none of your business." I say crossing my arms.  He look sin my eyes and smiles at me. Damn, he had full control over me, with only a glance.

"Well," I start. I tell him the whole story, but instead of telling him what I told Josh that night, I told him I just passed out randomly.

"He likes you" Harry says with a funny smile.

"What, no he doesn't!" I says highly.

"Yes, he does." He snatches my phone, again.

"And, from what you said, he really cares about you!" Harry says.

"Now, text him back!"

"No! I will later"

"Do it or I will!" He says stubbornly.


The rest of the flight is mostly me asking questions about his fame and him asking me about...Josh. The pilot tell us we are landing.

"Awwww, I wish I could see you again!" Harry says like a child.

I stay silent.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... What about I buy you dinner tonight before the concert!" He says excitedly.

"No, you can't do that" I say.

"Please! Just let me buy you something to eat tonight!"

"Fine, I guess something won't hurt..."

"OK! Here's my number. I'll pick you up!" He says as we get off the plane.



   Hey my sexy popsicles! Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I just finished ITBS testing, which is like a butt load of scantrons. I got a new couch and took a five hour nap on it , then went to church, then got back at 8 then went to sleep. Yes, I sleep ALOT. I put the outfit Harper worn on the plane on Polyvore, so go check that shiznit out! Link in last chapter! Oh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd I was thinking about maybe possibly having a contest to maybe possibly having a character like yourself in the story maybe. So, if you would like a contest, put that in the comments. If you don't I prob won't sooooooooooooooooooooooooo do that and goodbye.

                                                                                      ~ Jada

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