He's my Brother?!

A scarred freshman, Harper Johnson, was the biggest One direction fan ever- her favorite being Harry. She used the music they sang as an escape from her abusive dad, Travis Johnson. Like the average fangirl, she lie in her bed all day checking Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube and trying to get One Direction to notice her. But finally, after winning a contest, she wins a trip to LA to see a Little Mix concert. But what will happen when on the plane over, she sits next to her idol and life saver, Harry Styles?


21. No Feelings Here

 My head yo-yos from lack of sleep. I've been sitting here for what seems like days, but has only been maybe five hours since that tragedy happened with only two of them in this waiting room . I was interrogated by police after they finally tackled Zayn to the ground. They wouldn't tell me where he was going unless I told them what relations I have with him- family or friend. I couldn't answer because I don't know what to believe.

 The beeping sound stopping half an hour after I got here. I'm glad because it was really annoying. The nice man dressed in uniform drove me to the hospital. I'm only just realizing what has happened. I don't even want to think about school. I just stare at the calendar in front of me until someone comes to tell me something on Harper.

 Calendars interest me for some weird reason. I feel like they know so many secrets about the past and future. Like I could go up a future to one, flip to any month, any date, and it would know exactly what happened. But thankfully, calendars are inanimate objects not capable of thinking in any way.

 I has my phone in my pocket, but I can't seem to pull it out. I honestly just want to go home and sleep forever. I couldn't do that because she did take a bullet for me. I snap out of my trance and come back to the real world. I reach for my phone. Apparently, the shooting was a pretty big deal. There is an automatic alert sent to my phone and it says only what I heard from the police. Finally, after another hour of waiting the doctor walks through he door next to the calendar. He's strolls straight to me and looks at me with a sour face. He speaks rapidly.

 "Hello, I'm Dr. Vincent. I've been doing some work of your mom and she was very lucky to have made it through the hour with the amount of blood she has lost. The bullet pierced her ribcage and it barely missed her heart. Miraculously, I hit nothing of importance, but she will need surgery to remove the bullet. Her surgery must take place now or she might loose too much blood. Could we have your permission to perform the procedure?" He stops taking a breathe and waits for my answer.

 "Uh... yes, yes!" I say.

 "The surgery will be over very late at night. I suggest you should go home and sleep."

 "Maybe... thank you very much Dr. Vincent." I smile weakly and he rushes away.

 How am I going to pay for this? I couldn't say no because she might be my real mom. I need to talk to someone, but I don't have anyone to turn to. I wager calling Harry... but he's probably has things to do. I don't want to bother him. Then I think of my grandmother- if she really is my real grandma.

 I realize how hungry I am. I stand. I decide to get something to eat at a little diner across the street. I hope it's open. I wait at the side of the road and race flatfooted on the walkway toward the diner. I open the door and smell greasy burgers. I stand in line and my stomach rumbles. When I finally reach the beginning of the line, I order a calzone and water. I find a table and check my phone for any updates. My name sounds and I stand to get my food.


 Someone pokes me in the arm. I look up the see a rough woman.

 "Honey it's four in the morning. I don't think you should sleep here sweetheart. " She says with a thick southern accent.

 "Oh, sorry." I say and she smiles.

 I stand and shimmy my way from the table. I run through the street to the hospital. I trudge to the front desk and they tell me to wait. I sit down and stare at the calendar. The same doctor comes in with a sour face.

 "I don't want to say this, but Harper had lost too much blood. I'm sorry for your lose." I nod.

 Instead of walking straight through the door he came from, he walks to a man. The doctor's lips move and the man breaks down in silent sobs. Honestly, I'm too tired to care about the man and who he is.

 I stand shakily and maze through the hallways. I speed walk to my car and dazed, I hale a cab and am dropped off at my house. I'm asleep before I even lie down on my bed.



 Hey guys... I know you hate my for not updating like I said but it's not really my fault. My mother dearest told me we are leaving for grandmas house right now. I barely had time to pack and tomorrow I'm leaving to my other grandmas house. I'm at a library- ya yall forced me to a library. I DONT HAVE ANY WIFI AT MY HOUSE I'M GOING TO DIE. Oh btw thank you to all of those who kiked me saying merry Christmas!!! I'm just now seeing all of those. Thx guys yall are really making my day. I'm going to try to update... but I won't have a computer until after New Years. ILYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!







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