He's my Brother?!

A scarred freshman, Harper Johnson, was the biggest One direction fan ever- her favorite being Harry. She used the music they sang as an escape from her abusive dad, Travis Johnson. Like the average fangirl, she lie in her bed all day checking Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube and trying to get One Direction to notice her. But finally, after winning a contest, she wins a trip to LA to see a Little Mix concert. But what will happen when on the plane over, she sits next to her idol and life saver, Harry Styles?


16. Hospitalized

 I shoot up on the cloud. Feeling an electric pulse. I get to my feet and almost fall off the the plush cloud. Another shock runs through my body. I gently float downwards when I do. I look up and see a bright light. I follow it; being able to fly. I am bewildered to see a plethora of clouds. The sight almost looks like an underwater grotto in The Little Mermaid. Then, I feel another shock. The beautiful sight is ripped away from me as I'm being sucked backwards. 

 I sit straight up drawing in a breathe. Everyone (a very surprising amount) stands quickly. All of One Direction, their girlfriends, my grandmother, and some nurses stand with shocked faces. Harry, my grandmother, and a woman I've never seen before have glassy eyes. Harry looks like he hasn't slept in days. Then I realize why I'm in a hospital bed. 

 The woman I've never seen before walks out of the room quickly. I try to speak, but cold shoots through my veins pulling me under. This happens a few more time, but the crowd dies down leaving only my grandma and Harry. Finally, she leaves and Harry stays here. 

 The next time I wake up, I'm not vacuumed into a toxic sleep. 

 "Harry?" I ask after a few seconds. 

 "Harper? You're awake!" Harry says excitedly.

 "What happened?" I inquire.

 "Ya, Harper what did happen?!" Harry yells. His face has hardened into anger.

 "Harry I-" He cuts me off.

 "I made you do this...didn't I?" He says blaming himself. He falls to his knees and his head lands on his hands.

 "What? No! Harry some jackass at my school-" He stops me.

 "Who is he?!" Harry yells. "I swear to God I'm will kill him!" Harry says speed walking to the door. I stand to try to stop him. Pain shoots through my fragile body. I begin to falls but Harry catches me. His expression softens when a nurse comes through the door. Harry sets me down gently onto the hospital bed. 

 The nurse checks my papers.

 "You're a very lucky girl. With wounds like that, I'm surprised you're still with us!" The nurse says.

 "Well she was dead for a little bit." Harry mumbles coldly. 

  Thankfully, after an hour, I was aloud to leave. She told me I'd been 'asleep' for three days. I also convinced her that I'm stable. Harry drives me back to my house wordlessly. We pull up to my house and Harry doesn't sprint to my door. He instead hold an envelope out to me. 

 "Zayn said to give this to you when you were ok to meet him about something. He was really weird about it." Harry says not even looking at me. I take the envelope and open the passenger door. I step down off the vehicle wincing. It's almost hard not to say anything back to him. Do I have feeling for him? More importantly, does he have feeling for me? 

 I shuffle around my bag for my house keys. I unlock my door and I just feel like laying down and falling asleep. I drift into a dreamless sleep without even opening the note. 



      Hey guys!!!! I saw Catching Fire tonight and have to sing at my friends birthday tomorrow. Sorry if the chapter is really short. ILYSM MY BEAUTIFUL QUIGLIANS. 












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