He's my Brother?!

A scarred freshman, Harper Johnson, was the biggest One direction fan ever- her favorite being Harry. She used the music they sang as an escape from her abusive dad, Travis Johnson. Like the average fangirl, she lie in her bed all day checking Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube and trying to get One Direction to notice her. But finally, after winning a contest, she wins a trip to LA to see a Little Mix concert. But what will happen when on the plane over, she sits next to her idol and life saver, Harry Styles?


15. From High to Low

 IMPORTANT: TRIGGER WARNING TO THOSE WHO IT INVOLVES- I will mark the start of the part with a '(TW)' ILYSM!!!:)


Sunday, about 2:35   Diary Entry 704

  This weekend has been the weirdest! I did drugs for the first time... that was fun. Grandma's going to flip when I get home and haven't called her. Just wanted to update you before I left LA!



 According to the flight attendant, I slept for the whole flight; even the stopovers. I unload from the plane and pray my car is in the place I left it. Thankfully, it is. I unlock the door and the noise echoes through the parking garage. I plug in my iPhone and drive back to the house.


 I take a sip of my tea I got from Starbucks as I drive down the road towards my school. I plan to get there a little early so I can get the work I need from my teachers. I park in my designated place and open the door and a blast of chilly air wraps around me. I push the doors of the school open and see its empty except for that one person who forgot to do their report and are rushing to get it done. 

 In my first class, I see Josh has made some friends- the 'cool kids'. I getting scared for the poor girl he had to hurt to get in. Milliseconds after I walk into the classroom, I feel all eyes go straight to me. Silence falls over the room like a blanket. I'm used to this, but usually they stop after a few seconds. This time it doesn't. Everyone stares at me as I make my way to my seat. 

 "There goes Harper the Whore!" Persephone says. Everyone bursts out laughing.

 "What?" I ask. Where did this come from?

 "Oh, you haven't checked Twitter?" She scoffs.

 I pull out my phone. I'm scared of what I will see. I see a new hashtag. #harpysawhore. I trace the first tweet with that hashtag. @JoshyShShapir01 tweeted 'Just movd and this chick @Harpyphoh has already come onto me! #harpysawhore'. I realize I'm the girl he crushed to get in with the 'cool crowd'.

 Everyone is beside themselves laughing at my reaction. I stare at my phone in horror. Just then, the teacher comes in telling us the settle down. I run out of the classroom; sprinting down the halls. Tears streamed down my face as people started laughing and pointing at me. I run out the front doors of the school and to my car. I cry as I drive madly back to my house. 

 I run straight to my room and go to the place I haven't been to in so long. Why now? I ask myself. I had been asking myself that question for four years. Every time I asked myself this, I won. Not today. I say. But my emotions win. 

 (TW until last sentence) I lift up the loose floorboard and see the little box that hold my secrets. I open it and see with wide eyes what I haven't seen in years. I grab a rectangle of metal and I feel its coldness on my wrist as I slowly glid it across the skin ripping it. Stop, Harper! I tell myself. One, two, three, four, five, six. Blood is now covering the white tile of my bathroom. Last one Harper! That's all you have room for! I say pleading with my self. 

 (TW) Then I do something I'd never done before. I got another razor and press it to my thigh. I seeth through my teeth because this hurts more than I remember. I tears are mingling with the blood on the floor. Puddles are forming as I begin get dizzy. My head feels like it has been weighed down with lead. Four, six, eight, nine- my strokes get slower as I fall backwards with one last slash through them all. 

The last thing I see is someone rounding the corner and dropping red roses at my feet.





     Hey guys... I hope one didn't cry as much reading the chapter as I did writing it. If anyone struggles with this kik me! This is the kind of thing I was talking about! My hope with talking is to help you! Trust me, I understand what you're going through if you are going through something like this. I've gone through the whole lot and more and I would love to help you guys, even if it's just one person...it's definitely worth it.  As always I love you all and even if you think you don't have anyone, I'm always here for you.





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