Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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13. Watch your Back

A/N: Sorry I haven't been writing on this work lately, I've been so busy with school,  holidays, TWD (The Walking Dead was so awesome for the mid-season finale) So sorry Guys! Really I am so Sorry!!!                                                                                                    

I eventually told Isis about the encounter, her exact words were "Don't go in the forest alone!" And that's all she told me... I tried to read her mind to figure out what was going on but she out some kind of shield over herself, I also asked Kristen if she would control Isis to tell me but nothing works!

Ryan and my "parents" get along great which I guess is fine , he's spent the night over at my house a few times and I at his. I read his parents mind, apparently, Ryan liked me before we were even changed! Which is weird because I never even noticed him! It's strange but, I thought he would be a total ass, but he's not as douche-y as I thought he would be once we were together!

I'm going to dye the tips of my hair a slight purplish color I think. Everyone is doing it, even Sandy and she's a (this sounds really childish but) goody-goody. Ryan says that if I do it, he'll also dye the tips or ends of his hair the same color, that's so sweet!

It's Friday! The last Friday of November. The full moon change this month was ok, I woke up next to Ryan. Oh my gosh, I'm sorry I've been talking about Ry- Him so much, it's just...He's my first boyfriend, and I didn't know it myself but, I really do care about him more than I thought...

Sandy, Ryan and I are going into the woods to look for what's up with that creepy guy that said my name. We all changed to wolves right away, we're all thinking the same thing: If something surprises us, We'll surprise them or it too. Sandy and I are communicating through our minds.

"What exactly are we looking for?" Sandy says suspiciously

"I'm not really sure... Anything that seems creepy, strange or... Yah, I don't know." I say. I bet she'll come up with a nerdy explanation.

"Well I would be easier to find anything unusual if we were vampire's because they have a 73 percent incres-" I just tune sandy out for a moment, I'm surprised how much I've been doing this sort of thing. She's right, I should bring out Kristen, they do have a 70-somthing percent, blah blah blah. Something that I can't even remember.

"Selene!" Sandy nearly pushes me down! "Look at that Selene! Look at it! Does that look unusual to you?!!" she turns her snout to "point" to a tree stump. On the stump, There some words: Watch your back Selene, We're coming for you!

I sniff the tree stump for some clues to this but I can't find any. Then I sniff the actual words, The words are written in blood but not just any, Isis's blood.

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