Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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2. Understanding

*Authors Note: This Movella was already written, but I took a break and I'm re-writing all the chapters, since my "Skillz" have greatly improved. Tell me down in the comments how you like the new version. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this AN up but I'm keeping the original chapter down below, Thanks for reading* And another side note: I did change a few things but for the better. No letters today though.

The day is Monday, and of course I go to school. Yes—the shitty teachers, the shitty attitudes of other students, and the even shittier burden of doing actual work. I spent most of my morning looking up plot lines of werewolf movies, vampire movies and anything supernatural or paranormal to a degree. I even thought about watching a Barbie movie, the one with fairies because it just helps me. I have so many questions, and no one around to answer. The day goes by pretty normal, I have some friends. Jeannette is a good friend; I have five out of six classes with her. She’s pretty talkative, I actually found her annoying at first because of it; but we get along. 


The only thing that was off at school, my last period. In my English class, Mrs. KrunBerry wasn’t there; I don’t really miss it though, she was pretty strict. As soon as I walk in the desk arrangement is different, and so is the whole room. 


“What’s going on?” asks another student.

“On the list you will find your name and numbers, find out where you sit and sit down. We need to get straight to business. I’m Mrs. Isis your new English teacher. Isis like the Egyptian goddess, nothing else. Mrs. KrunBerry isn’t coming back, a family emergency. We’re a few weeks into the second semester, as we discussed I am your new English teacher. As in permeant.” Her voice is stern and it’s obvious she doesn’t play around. The fact of her being around six feet tall helps with the intimidation, not to mention dressing in the earth-tones.


The new desk arrangement is in groups of four. Three girls and one guy at my table, all of which I’ve had brief contact with. I sit next to a blonde girl, light skin and blue eyes; a poster child for the child health care fund. Oh what was her name? Sara? Shelly? 


“Sandy. And yours?” She spoke as if she was reading my mind. 

“Ryan, and this is Alana.” He pointed to the girl he was sitting with.

“I’m Selene” I’ve never been one to be social. I don’t want to talk.

“Oh I thought so.” She waited a minute "And are you feeling alright? You seem kind of stressed.” Sandy apparently could read people pretty well.

“How can you tell? She’s barely said shit—“

“Mr. Delquene, language.” Ms. Isis interrupts, glaring at Ryan.

“Sorry miss. Won’t happen again.” he turns his attention back to our conversation “Anyway as I was saying, we like just met—actually met.” 

The rest of the period was reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” in silence. I felt this weird…like a sort of energy coming off of the teacher, I’m not sure what it means.


The ride home is pretty quiet. Steve was driving us home, myself in he front seat. 

“I never asked, how was the art exhibit?” I asked. He waited a minute before sighing.

“It didn’t, Mr. Jerry’s antique auction. The schedules overlapped, and the house is more in favor of his activities. Then traffic was pretty tough and we didn’t get home until almost one. So, it was a rough night.” He sighed again and rolled down the window via hand crank. It was light drizzle but not exactly sprinkling so no rain found itself in the car. A few minutes afterward, we pull into the driveway.

 “Well, we’ll be down stairs. Love you.” he smiled after rolling the window back up.

“I love you too.” I say while the front door screen falls behind me.


I race up the stairs, this time not hearing the creaks but I have something else on my mind. During lunch, I went to the library. Mostly the books in the supernatural section were fiction, most of the books I checked out were grouped as history books. 

‘The Complete Idea of the Magical Being’ seemed to give me most confidence. ‘The Brothers’ Grimm List of Creatures’ also gave me some idea surprisingly. Werewolves and vampires each have huge sections in both of the books. At about eight o’ clock I leaned back in my chair.

“Take a look at this mess.” I say to myself. There are now sticky notes, four school journals all of which have the original titles scratched out, along with the memories of eighth grade, two books and crumpled balls of crumpled paper scattered on my desk. The desk is pretty small to begin with, all the work is all together, overlapping. What I think might could be true. Again I lean back in my chair a sigh, eyes on my slanted ceiling. How do I do this? I thought to myself. The chair sat back up. I mumbled “Wind” but nothing happened. I said it louder “Wind” still nothing, One more time. I yell, “Wind” and suddenly all the papers fly off my desk. No sympathy, it was obviously my doing. The wind was overly forced and hard. I got this, this is easy.


Not entirely sure when I fell asleep, but I’m woken up by Buster and his overly loud barking especially from a small mutt. His tail wags back and forth with so much motion his hips join in the fun.

“Alright, lets get you outside!” I pick him up, and make my way to the backdoor. After putting him down, my hand pushes the sliding door open. Buster just sits down and starts to bark yet again. 

“Really?! Stop Barking! There’s nothing out there!” He doesn’t move “Look, I’ll even go out with you, come on” I step outside, Buster too but he dashes in between to the forest a that take up a corner of or property. “Shit,” I say under my breath. For a small fat dog, he can run pretty fast. I chase after him.


After about thirty minutes of straight running, I’m not winded but I have to stop. My spine hurts somehow, like it’s bruised but I know it’s not. Suddenly, I drop to the ground in pain. There’s excruciating pain near my hip. Only when I feel my teeth sharpening, and my skull to completely change shape is when I realize what’s happening; I’m changing into the wolf. Cries of pain echo off the surrounding trees. The sound is so violent and animalistic the cannot possibly be coming form me. It feels like my spine is breaking, being healed and snapped over and over again. After I feel my muzzle lengthen, my vision becomes blurry and I feel a sharp pain in my chest and knees. This pain is the worst yet; it’s so intense I fear it will kill me. I pass out, I’m not sure out of pain or sheer fear.


I wake up soon after. I look to my left hoping, praying it was all a dream and my alarm clock is right next to me; but no. All I see is my shredded clothes less than a foot around me. Nope, I’m still in the forest. Alone. “Hello?” I ask but nothing comes out. I look around, no I’m still alone. I want to look at myself, but where am I—and how is a wolf going to get a mirror? I lay my hands, or paws out in front of me. They’re the same color as my hair the nothing-special-dull brown hair. My claws though, my claws are almost glowing a super-light mint color. But I have muzzle and I can barely see past it right now. I try to look back; I catch a small glimpse of my tail but that’s not enough. About 10 minutes later I stop and laugh at myself—Did I really just chase my tail?


I try to walk but I’m all wobbly, not only did I feel like an idiot a few minutes ago, but now I can barley walk. Now I’m all alone, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to admit it to myself let alone others but I’m scared. There’s a silence but a noise so sudden it makes me flinch. But I need to go to it, I need to find what that is. It’s so compelling. I start running—well stumbling on the ground pretty fast. While running, branches bash me in the face, the tall grass I can fell under my belly. 


There’s someone behind me, I can hear them as well as the commanding high-pitched scream, but that’s the priority now. I’m almost there, almost. As I stumbled, my eye catches a piece of broken glass. In the reflection in the glass I see the figure behind me. It’s definitely a wolf, a werewolf because I can see glowing claws, and they’re not mind. While thinking about who that could be I trip on a tree root. I didn’t see it, but I just know. Almost as planned, the figure also trips and lands on top of me.


“Sorry!” It said, the word echoed. But they didn’t say it, they thought it. Wait a minute—I know that voice.

“Sandy?” I said back, well thought back.

“Selene?” I smiled, or tried to… “Wow, even as a wolf you still have a baby face, what are you doing here?” That came out a little rude but she accepted it.

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here? Why are we dogs?” She was still terrified; I don’t think her parents told her or maybe she lives with others. “And why are my nails glowing?”

“I don’t know! Same as you!"


We were in a clearing, a large tree stump in the middle. A twig snapped, both my pair and Sandy’s ears perked up and we got quiet. We turned our snouts to the bushes and out came another wolf, slightly bigger then us. This wolf was a dark brown, I thought as a dog I would be colorblind but no, I see colors—even more colors than a human eye if that’s even possible. This wolf didn’t say a word, but this scent felt familiar, a male no doubt but what else? 


“I think that’s Ryan! Whoa!” Sandy said to me via thoughts “How many wolves are here? Damn!” She pointed her muzzle to another shaking bush and the wolf that stepped out. I knew whose red hair that was. “It’s Alana!” said Sandy.  I could hear her thoughts. She didn’t figure out the she could communicate that way yet.

“Oh great, It’s Selene. But at least Ryan’s here.” She thought. What did I do to her? Nothing! But whatever.


“Wait, that means—” I’m interrupted by a flash of bright light. I couldn’t tell the face immediately, but it was a woman. The light faded, And I saw the new English teacher. What was her name? It takes me a minute but I whisper “Ms. Isis?”


And three words come out of her mouth, her human mouth. “Welcome, Young Ones."



The next day I write a List of everything I knew how to do

I tried some things by saying and thinking it

1) Fire

2) Ice

3) Water

4) Growth

5) Winds

6) slight levitation

7) Werewolf powers (UNKNOWN ABILITIES)

8)  Vampire powers (UNKNOWN ABILITIES)

That's all I Have so far it's coming along really good.

I got another letter that day.

Selene, We weren't Killed at all, we live in Andalis ( If you weren't sure how to pronounce it's An-Dall-Iiss). Nothing Is really going to happened to you, just normal teenage problems with a slight difference, You will be a full wolf not an ugly furry human. You will not eat your friends unless they make your really very mad at them. ( you will learn to tame these abilities LATER). You worry a lot my darling. No one knows except us. Aunt Mindy and Uncle Evan aren't related at all. We fully Hypnotized them to believe they had a sister who died and well you know that story. Since you are just beginning your powers and your a royal you will get the main four elements and probably two or tree extras to start with. Your real aunt (who is a good witch) put a spell on Uncle Evan and aunt Mindy to let you out at night at 8:00 every other day, that's when your Werewolf changes will occur(it will hurt for the first few times), and for your vampire senses to not take over and suck their blood. I love you!- Love your Mom, Dads away on a trip.

So I guess the powers, fire, water, growth, and winds are really Fire, Water, Earth and Air- The four elements. I immediately got to the desk and write.

OK, ok I guess this is not a prank, I'm happy your not dead, seriously so happy, I promise not to be weird to Mindy and Evan. I hope I can talk to Buster, he's our dog. I got more questions too, I'm gonna write it as a list though because I think it will look better that way (I'm a little OCD about tidiness, which I guess you already know because you've probably been watching me all my life).

1) how often to werewolves change like fur patterns and stuff, like do we shed?

2) Am I the only one in the world who doesn't belong here?

3) who was the werewolf, who was the vampire?

4) can I talk to dogs and other animals when in human form or just wolf form?

5) Is there a power limit or like strength bar?

6) are there gonna be vampire and wolf powers like in twilight?

7) will I Ever talk to you in Person?

- Love your Crazy Hybrid, Selene

Then I go to the attic. "Fire" and it flies it out the window, Then I go back to my room, I hadn't thought of this yesterday but where did the box go?. I play with my powers for a while trying to learn some stuff but I fail to. My plants in my room look very good now. I guess that's a perk to the earth power.

Yesterday was my birthday that means today is the first change of the wolf. I find myself just waiting until 8:00 when Evan lets me out. The time finally comes and I step out. We live in the country. I go to the back part of our acres, the last, about acre is a forest we share with the people next to us and behind us. As soon as I get far enough deep in the woods, It happends. My body starts to hurt as if my bones are all breaking, then healing, then breaking again. Guttural cries of pain echo off of the surrounding trees so violent and animalistic they cannot possibly be coming from me. My vision begins to blur as I feel a stabbing pain in my chest. The agony is so intense, so excruciating, I fear it will kill me. I hope it will, and soon...anything to stop the pain. Then it did. Am I dead? No I would feel good. I guess I'm not dead. I feel different... I mean I am me but I different. I open my eyes their not exactly colorblind but the coloring is dull. I stand up, it feels weird. I look down. it's dark, but still a little visible. I have four legs, not just any legs, but furry dog legs. It takes me a minute to process because I know what's happening I just forgot. My ears perk up I hear howling in the distance. Maybe it's my mom. It takes me a minute to learn how to walk on the four legs. but soon I am running to the place of howling. It's in a clearing There is an 25 year old wolf, I don't know how I can sense that. Then Two more wolves show up, both trembling. The Old wolf says, "Welcome, Young ones"

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