Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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9. Turn?

I freeze with fear, how in all the moments I don't need her, she shows up, but when I do need her, she's never there? I turn around trying to smile. Then Kristen turns around and just...

"Hello ma'am, How are you doing? Were you here the whole time? Are you also a werewolf?" The I give her the 'evil eye' basically telling her this is not the time. I then, along with Sandy, do a face palm. "Isis I am so sorry, the blood substitute was gone before I could do anything, then I bit her, now we're in this mess..." I say when, not realizing, but pacing. Isis holds up her hand and walks down from the pathway.

"Now Kristen, you must never ever tell anyone what you have witnessed. Do that and die, no offense. Since I am the Guardian of supernatural change, I can do that and no one will ever know, you must not tell your mom, your sister, brother, father or even your dog, you may not write in a diary or journal about this either. Good day" Then Isis vanishes with dark green dust circling her. "Is she always like that?" Kristen says. Oh my God, I'm about to just kill her! I start to think to the gang...

'Guys what should we do with her?' I ask. 'I don't know but we better think of something fast!' says Ryan in a sluggish tone. 'Maybe we should kill her' blurts out Alana. We all look at her with an emotion of bewilderment and embarrassment because we were all thinking the same thing before we started talking though the minds. 'I got a better idea.' says Sandy. 'Let's turn her into a vampire! That way she'll still protect us but, she won't be our problems because we're mostly all werewolf's then Isis will have to teach her!' She says.

I know Isis is listening, I can feel her presence but I think I'm going to do that anyway. I walk up to Kristen who is watching a ladybug on a tree. I reach out to touch her shoulder...

"Kristen? How would you like to become a vampire?" I say.  Then she turns around and yells "Would I ever!!!!!" We take her to one of the farther back clearings and there's Isis again, She simply says "Do it!" and finally I just do it!

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