Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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6. The Full Moon

Originally this was three chapters, now it's a combined very long chapter.

The Full moon Is Tomorrow. It is 11: 30 at night. The change will happen at the start of the day...Aka midnight. It's as if I find the gang immediately. Sandy starts speaking to my mind.

"Alana said or me to tell you to 'watch your back or else' can you believe that?" She says, when quoting, Sandy makes her voice high. "Why didn't She tell me herself?" I ask "Because she's afraid, Of what you can do, say, even think, I mean come on, your a hybrid, Like six times stronger than the whole gang combined" Then Sandy Is struck with the force, I know soon she and I will change. Ryan comes out of the bushes "Hey are you-" Then He and I are struck by the same invisible force that's already Sandy is already going through. Since this is the first full moon, we have to change-its required. In about an Hour we have all changed. There is no sign of Alana so far. Isis says that she is watching us and that we're supposed to track her and eventually we will find her, It's a game that I think I'm good at. "Ahhh!" Sandy screamed and jumped back into the thorny bush, Alana had surprised her. "Hi Alana, Where Have you been?" I ask her "Catching a mouse until you guys showed up and made me lose it!" 'You don't need our help to lose it' I said to Sandy. That earned a chuckle from both, she Probably told Ryan. "Wasn't she 'Large Hunter' When we meant Isis?" Sandy told my mind. "I think...Yah" "Do you need Help?" I ask her. "No I'm Just fine, I'm gonna Find Isis by myself though so bye!" Then in my mind she says " I'll find her first, and don't think about flirting with Ryan while I'm gone!" "Damn, I wish I could!" I say back sarcastically.

"Hey guys! I think I picked up a scent, not Isis yet but dinner instead!" Ryan yelled. A Badger, I am hungry, I've never actually ate one as a wolf but, I am pretty fast, I have the speed of a vampire and a werewolf in one so I bet I can go the fastest. "Ryan keep Sniffing maybe we can catch it! for dinner #1!" Sandy and I Immediately follow Ryan. Ryan finds it "ok so who chases it?" Ryan says" I got an Idea" Sandy said with a smile. "Let's play rock, paper, scissors." "We don't have hands" Ryan says then turns my way "I think you should go get it" "Well Ok if you want me to." I say. " You guys go over there into the shade, I will be right back." I stalk it in the tall grass, it keeps looking around but i don't make a sound. Them Boom, It's caught and dead within minutes. The Badger is rather Large, I Smell the air, Isis is watching I picked up her scent. "Guys! It's good you can come out!" I yell. When they get here I tell them I found the scent. We eat and get going. Alana has not came here yet, I suspect she's lost somewhere or planning evil plots.

Once I found Isis's scent, I knew that Sandy and Ryan looked up to me. We stopped along the way a few times to rest, get water and such. Isis keeps moving though, she's starting to cover up her scent. It's already 10:00 by the time we decide to nap. Ryan decides to nap next to me and Sandy would rather nap by the pond.

"Hey Ryan?" I ask "Yeah, what's up?" "How is it living with your real parents?" I ask "Well just like normal, I guess, they love, take care of me, But of course there are some dips in the road, ya'know" He answers. I start to read his mind with my vampire powers, he really does like me. "Well that sounds...cool" I say. "Are your parents still alive?" He asks. "Yah they live in the other world, Andalis." I answer. "Do you know what they look like?" "Well, I've always pictured them very beautiful and intelligent, they are royalty ya'know?" I say. I read his mind again, It's says "I'd like to be her prince charming", So cheesy, yet so nice. He eventually falls asleep, but I stay awake, I guess hybrids don't sleep that much. Sandy over by the stream is having bad dream, she whimpers and squeaks. I wake her up and she plays it off like nothing, but if I was from a broken home too, I would play it off as well. It's time to go anyway, so I wake Ryan up, he was having a dream about me, (So I guess my vampire powers are reading minds and dreams?) his dream was that he and I went to Andalis together and he really was my prince, Wow. "Come on we have to get moving!" I say "Coming" they both say. I catch breakfast, a beaver, that was delicious. We start to rest again because we figure we have time, Alana hasn't come this way yet. Then we hear a loud roar. Bears, they're coming this way. "Guys! Get out of this clearing, We'll regroup later!" I go right, Sandy left, and Ryan straight. The bear just happens to run the direction I run to. It' chasing me, it's almost 30 minutes before my running legs start to hurt, I can't believe the bear is still running. The bear nips at my ankles as I start to slow down, it bites me on my back I can feel the blood running down my back a paws. I finally have to give up. I trip and fall. the bear is On top of me in seconds, cornering me. Either move I make, I will die.

Then out of no where, Ryan jumps on the back of the creature, he bites the bear, ripping a chunk of flesh, fur, and blood from it. The bear is taken by surprise and gets off of me, Slamming his back into the side of a boulder, I think for sure Ryan is dead, but then I see him breathing again. The bear picks him up in his mouth and shakes him like a puppy with his favorite toy, then just as I think the fight is over, The bear throws Ryan in the air over his head. Just as Ryan falls, the bear bats Ryan with his paw against the stone boulder. Now that I actually look at this bear, it's bigger than any bear I've ever seen, It's clear that is was sent from somewhere else. Just as it is about to rip Ryan into shreds, it just disappears.

Sandy comes out of the bushes. If I remember right, her special skills were that of Emotional calming and healing. "Hey, Sandy, remember that first night?" "Yeah, What about it?" "Isis said that we had special skills, remember? and yours was-?" I was trying to get her to finish my sentence. Then when she finally does, she understands "Selene, how good can you walk?" "uh, not very good" I tell her, "But heal Ryan first!" "Ok" She walks over to Ryan barely alive. "Now how do I do this?" Sandy said to herself. I started to read her mind. "Just think Heal, heal, heal, and I will probably get it right!" she says in her own mind. "Heal, heal, heal!" "I think it's working!" says Ryan, In a matter of minutes he goes from barley alive to thriving and healthy. Then Ryan stands up and walks Sandy over to me. "Ok, your turn" says Ryan. Sandy comes over to me and starts to heal. "Does it hurt to heal?" Sandy asks. "No but it does tickle a little bit." I say, then we all giggle a little. When I am healed We set back out. I can tell Isis is very close.

Once Ryan and i are healed we set off again, i smell a duck over by the next pond and go for it. I come back with it hanging from my mouth. "Here, it's still warm" I'm not so much hungry so i watch them eat. Isis's Scent is very strong, so strong it's almost all i can smell. We rest a while in a clearing, a squirrel scurries across the path. "I'll get it Ryan says and lunges for the squirrel. "What 'cha doing sandy?" I ask, "I'm just practicing with my healing powers, I can heal plants to!, I can make them grow back the damaged leaves and can even grow new petals on flowers!" Says sandy. "Wow! cool! can you heal this you think?" I motion to the patch of dead grass, probably dead for months "I'll try" she says and lays her paws on the patch. With in minutes the dull, yellow patch has become a healthy, green forest of grass.

Ryan comes out of the bushes 15 minutes prior to the chasing beginning. "Thanks" I say "Your welcome, it's still warm, that earns a chuckle. We eat by ourselves because Sandy doesn't want any. Isis is near, I can smell the wind carry her scent. "Let's go" I say. 20 minutes later we end up in a clearing.

"Welcome back, pups" Isis says. We tell her about out 'journey' and about the bear. "This is a thing I fear, there is bad on earth, there is evil on Andalis. Dr. Jadeals was a good man, but then he changed and became evil. He wants you because you are a Royal. Evil Andalisens are all about hunting werewolves, they like to get royals, alphas and Leaders to gain complete control of the species." Says Isis. "Oh, so he was trying to kill me?" I ask "Yes, he was" Isis says.

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