Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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10. The Carnival

It's been 6 days since I changed Kristen. Isis is also teaching her, she is the "Guardian of Young Supernatural Change". Isis has been giving me some dirt, apparently Kristen's skills are 'Controlling' and 'memory' that means she can do stuff with minds like controlling them, and erasing or adding some memory to their brain, she could be quite evil if she wanted to. Isis also says that she and I may have private lessons away from the gang together, if you don't understand, Isis will take Kristen and I for a lesson with out Ryan, Sandy or Alana.

Anyway today is Saturday, 5 which is carnival day. There's a carnival every first Saturday of September.  This, of course, is my first carnival in my hybrid state. Kristen has never been to one before. I'm talking to the gang on the phone on a 5-way phone call.

"Hey, guys remember when we had our first few changes?  We talked about being at the carnival... Do you guys want to go? Please, Please, Please!" It's silent for a few seconds then they all say yes even though Ryan was thinking of asking me out this night...again. Changes are happening... First, I can read almost anyone's mind, but if I know them, I can read their mind where ever they are, and second, Kristen's now officially part of the gang even though she's not a werewolf.

We all meet at the bench near the ticket stand. I look at Kristen, she looks gorgeous.

"What happened to you smoking?" I ask her. Kristen replies with "My fangs finally came in! and I guess so did my looks" "Cool" I say. Ryan is so crushing on me, big time. He starts to put his arm around me, I move it away, he frowns but accepts it. We're going on the easiest rides first then the rollercoasters. It's a long sticky, sweet, and revenge full day there though, Alana almost falls off the giant trampoline which was kind of funny. Sandy stayed of some of the taller rides. But my favorite ride so far was totally the Gravitron 3000. The Gravitron spins 200 mph then lifts you up and down, and up and down , and so on. Kristen keeps getting looks from guys and I think she might of even snuck off and made out with a dude near the pop-corn stand... She's definitely enjoying the new attention.

Finally the rollercoaster-not just any rollercoaster, The Krazy Komet. More than 7 stories high and goes 80 mph.  Ryan and I are in the first cart, Sandy and Kristen in the second and Alana and some other chick in the third then two more carts behind her. We're about to go over the 'mountain', it's about six stories down and kind of scary actually. I look at Ryan, he's way more scared than I. I reach for his arm, find it and put it around my shoulder. He doesn't object but does notice and stops shaking. We ride the ride. And that's the last ride because the parks closing soon...  the gang goes to the bench. Ryan and I stray away from them for a few minutes.

"Hey, that um.. rollercoaster was uh... good right?" Ryan asks. "Yeah, I had fun." I respond "Yeah, so listen um..., would you want to-" I cut him off, "I guess... yes Ryan, I would like to go out with you." he hugs me then we go to the bench. The gang talks a little bit. then we dismember. to our houses.

I end up next to Alana, she looks but doesn't acknowledge. I'm looking down at my feet at I walk. Then a drop of liquid...drops. It's not raining right now though, but it is misty.

"What's, wrong? Alana?" Of course I know what's wrong I can read her mind, but I want to hear her say it. she doesn't though. She just nudges me and leaves. She thinks that I'm popular in the gang (which I am), I'm the prettiest in the gang (which I am), and the absolute best in the gang (guess, which I am)!

This is awesome I know I shouldn't but my enemy is jealous and I'm just so happy! and I'm dating Ryan. Wow I am really happy...


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