Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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4. School

*Authors Note: This Movella was already written, but I took a break and I'm re-writing all the chapters, since my "Skillz" have greatly improved. Tell me down in the comments how you like the new version. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this AN up but I'm keeping the original chapter down below, Thanks for reading*

Well its still only Tuesday. And I took my sleep for the day last night after the change. It was so awkward being naked with other people who I barely knew—one of them being a guy. I found myself running back to where I changed, I found shreds of clothes. Not enough to look like an actual outfit but enough to cover myself. I would still have to put my arm over my chest, and I could run.


After leisurely walking to my back porch. I opened and shut the screen door silently. As I turn around Aunt Rose was standing in the arch way to the kitchen.


“How was your night?” She smiled. I wasn’t sure if they knew about me changing as I couldn’t remember much of last night.  I simply sighed as she kept talking.

“Well if you’re okay do want breakfast?” she started walking back to the kitchen “No special pancakes today but we do have waffles…” She kept talking but I cut through the kitchen and headed up the stairs. 


I open the door to my room and there was Buster thank gosh he made it back. To my surprise there’s also the box on my bed, the one from Sunday. This time I don’t have to think, when I open it there’s a letter in the box.


“Oh my baby, Selene. As you probably know now they’re are others like you. Not entirely like you however, not only are you a hybrid but you’re royal which only means you have even more abilities then anyone else. You are the first royal hybrid, you’re unknown to our world. I know this is hard but you’ll get through it. Mainly believe that you can control the elements as most royals can, just make sure Isis is with you baby. And yes of course we know about Isis. I love you! -Mother and Father”


I write back immediately, I have a limited time and thanks to that, sloppy handwriting.

“Mom, Dad… This is for real, this whole thing. I had my first change last night, and I met Isis and everything. I can’t believe it! OMG, this is real! I don’t know what else to say… thing that parents ask? I guess. My first day at wolf school was great! Yes, I think a boy is interested in me. And yeah someone doesn’t like me much but I won’t let it get in my way. I love you so much!”


This time I want to try releasing this without the match. After a few tries I don’t succeed. I guess I’m not to that level yet. Sadly, I just have to accept it and light the paper via match.



It’s more than half the day before I remember I’m also a vampire. The only reason I remember Is because Jeannette cuts her hand on the lab equipment. It starts bleeding like a fountain. And I’m compelled to taste it but I know I can’t. Then she’d know. Mr. Jansen rushes over to Jeannette.


It comes out as a stutter. “Can I go to the bathroom Mr. Jansen...”

“I suppose, take the hall pass.”

I get up swiftly. “Take Jeanette to the nurse while you’re at it.”


I nod nervously. Jeannette and I walk out of class with nothing but a tissue stopping the blood. Half way down the hall she starts initiating conversation.


“Look at it!” She exclaimed and moved the tissue.

“Ew, Why? Dude get it away from me.”

“Dude, chill out. Maybe I can get sent home.”

“Alright cool, I really need to go to the bathroom.” I hurried away while she muttered something. It was so compelling I wanted to get maybe just a drop of it but that sounds too creepy. But I can’t help it, I would probably taste sweet.”


I finally found my way to the bathroom and washed my eyes with the water. I didn’t wear makeup so I wouldn’t smear anything. Once I gather myself and walk out the bathroom I turn the corner and there’s Isis.


“Hello Selene, I’m surprised You handled this so well.” She smiled showing her perfect white teeth.

“You know?”

“Oh Selene, this is fake. This is how we see what you do in a situation like this. Don’t worry You handled it very good. When you wake up from this, go to the bathroom for real. I’ll be there and give you something. “


I snapped out of the dream-state quickly. And raised my hand.

“Can I go to the restroom?”

“I suppose, take the hall pass.”


Isis was by the bathroom door.

“Selene, I have something for you.” She held out here soft hands with small bottle.

“You’re giving me a flask?” I asked.

“It’s not a flask. When your thirst for human blood becomes too much, just drink this. It will keep you at peace for some time.”

“This is a small bottle; how many can I have?” I asked studying it.

“It replenishes itself every three hoursish. You should be good.”

“Thanks so much Isis!”

“You’re welcome, as for your senses… Well since your first change all of your senses are very very high. Just keep a low profile and make friends with the group.”


I waved off and went back to class. As soon as I sit, the bell rings, surprise. Lunch was different then expected. I decided to sit with Sandy, her face lit up when I asked if I could sit there. My eyes found Ryan in the long lunch line. Time to see how good this works in human form.


“Hey, Ryan.” I thought. He turned around swiftly.

“No, I’m over at a table, remember last night? Come sit with us, back of the lunchroom.” He turned around again looking for us. I waved my hand up as high as it stretched. I stared at him until he nodded.


Once he was done getting his lunch he sat down joined by Alana and her tray she slammed down.

“So Isis gave me this, like potion thing…” I was talking aloud now to Sandy.

“Cool, what does it do?” she said as she started to sip her orange juice.

“Well basically, since I’m a vampire… So I get cravings for blood and to keep me from being, like man-eating. Anyway she gave me a potion that will control the thirst!”

“Cool, can I see it?”

“Well…” I said as Sandy raised an eyebrow. “see well it refills every three hours… but until then it’s completely empty.”

“Oh… Well hope you use it right because that could go wrong fast…” She grabbed her tray. “I’m going to the bathroom; anyone need anything thrown away?”

“Nah, we’re good…” said Ryan.

After Sandy left Ryan started: “Why does she eat so fast? Like, I’m not even half done…” I shrugged my shoulders.


After Sandy returned she pulled a somewhat big book from her backpack. The cover was a dull but shiny brass color with a cracked spine. It had no title and no author listed, but flipping through the pages, this book was obviously hand written.

“So my parents gave this to me last night… I don’t remember if I told you but they are my real parents. I think maybe we should get to know each other a bit more or something like that.” She looked toward the rest of the group. “How about at that clearing after school?”

Everyone nodded agreeably.


I ride my bike home a lot, usually when my aunt and uncle need to do something else. No one was there except Alana of course. I stroll confidently through the clearing waiting for her to say some snarky comment.


“Hey Selene, do me a favor and, like, just let me have Ryan.” She flipped her red hair over her shoulder.

“I’m Sorry?” I asked amazed that she would think like this.

“Selene, leave Ryan alone. I know you like him and you can’t have him. I’d rather tell you to your face then be quiet about it. So strop trying or I might have to hurt you.” She smiled.

I chuckled “Wow, you’ve known him for like a day, you need to chill with that…”

“I will hurt you.”

“But I don’t even like Ryan like that… And I’m sure you know that I’m more advance and just plain stronger then you.”

“That’s funny, you think just because you’re royal I won’t hurt you?”

“Try it! I dare you.” I asked.

I have to admit I was surprised when she lunged for me but I was too quick, I pinned her against a tree. “Girl, you’re not strong enough for me!” She started raising her eyebrows to create a helpless expression. I knew she had something planned.


“Oh my God! Selene! What are you doing?!” Ryan yells bewildered.

I turn my head back fast. “Oh nothing…Alana and I were just wrestling.”

I let Alana down as she gives me a long hateful stare.

“So what do you got for us Sandy?” I asked quickly, trying to change the subject.


“Ok so when I was little my real parents gave me a book, blah, blah, blah you know that story, anyway so this book contains a lot of information about werewolf-ness. Its has information about breeding to even communication. I've already read about 3 out of the almost 80 chapters. It's really interesting and it has side notes for recording other things not included in the book. While I was flipping though the pages I also found out that most likely all of our real parents were taught by Isis herself." We all looked at her, not amazed by what she said but amazed that she could say that much without stuttering at all. It looks like she was finally coming out of her shell. Even though I hadn’t known her long I felt that she was my best friend since I was born. I was happy she was becoming more friendlyEww the original version..

It's 3rd period before I even remember that I'm also a vampire as well as a werewolf. I only remember because my Lab partner, Scarlet accidently cuts her on the lab equipment. The science teacher comes over automatically, it seems.

"Mr. Jansen, may I-I go to the r-res-restroom?" I ask

"Take the hall pass" He says

I takes me a minute to get there but when I do get there, the feeling is gone. Then I can smell the blood of a girl in a stall the feeling returns. I have to get out of here. I open the door to exit the bathroom. I'm about to go to my locker to get my stuff and ditch school. Then I bump into a woman. It's Isis, she's in a disguise. She always takes the shape of the students she teaches, so right now she's a human. I was right she does have dark brown hair.

"Where do you think your going?" Isis says

"Back home! I can't  stay here, My senses are going crazy! both werewolf and vampire. And I almost burned a pencil while sharpening it earlier today!" I say. I said it so loud I'm surprised no one heard it.

"You can't! Only a few more periods, Here" She shows me a small test-tube looking thing "drink it. it will refill every 2 hours on it's own, It's magic. And as for the wolf, you can see, smell, and hear better, since you transformed the first time, but it's ok. Just don't draw attention to yourself." Isis then winks and leaves goes into the cafeteria. Then I drunk the blood substitute

I go back to class. Scarlet's bleeding stopped at least. Then I sat back down, right as the bell rings of course. Lunch finally comes at the end of the 4th period. Sandy is there at the 5th table out of about 18. I sit with her, when she looks up, her face lights up, she probably thought that I didn't like her or I had forgot about her. I see Ryan in the lunch line. I saw this on twilight once, Maybe it's true. 'come sit down with us' I say in my head while looking at him. then I hear an 'ok' that was Ryan's voice, huh... I guess it does work! 'Ok' I hear another voice say. It's Alana's. Great. Sandy and I start talking about what Isis said to me. Then Ryan and Alana sat down. Sandy told them what Isis said too. Alana act like she already knew the stuff about werewolf powers. Sandy got a book out, she said that her parents gave it to her, and that she's been waiting to share it with us. We scheduled to meet at the clearing where we met the first night, after school.  school's out all to soon. I always ride my bike home. But this time I ride it straight to the clearing. No one except Alana is there.

"Hey, Selene, Stop looking at Ryan, he's going to be mine, so stop looking at him or I'll do something, and trust me, It's not going to be pretty. Oh and if you tell anyone about this private moment, you know what I'll do.!"

"I don't like Ryan, and you know I'm stronger than you so back off!" I push her up against the tree. Then Sandy and Ryan come out of the bushes.

"What are you doing to her?" Ryan says bewildered.

"Nothing, we were just...wrestling" I say. Then I let Alana down, she then smirks and brushes up against Ryan.

"Dude, what are you doing?" asks Ryan, Alana gives me a long hateful stare.

"So what do you got for us?" I ask Sandy.

"Ok so when I was little my real parents gave me a book, blah, blah, blah you know that story, anyway so this book contains a lot of information about werewolf-ness. Its has information about breeding to even communication. I've already read about 3 out of the almost 80 chapters. It's really interesting and it has side notes for recording other things not included in the book. While I was flipping though the pages I also found out that most likely all of our real parents were taught by Isis herself." We all looked at, not amazed by what she said but amazed that she could say that much without stuttering at all.

We all talk about how our first day at school was like being a werewolf and all. Then we all went home. I went home too. but when I left, Alana 'accidently' broke my bike when tripping over it. Great. When I got home I went up to my bedroom. The box was there.

Hello, my love Selene, I put the answer to your question like a list format.

1) Girls will usually change fur patterns every 6 months

2) No there are others like you, which you probably already figured out

3) Mom is the werewolf, dad the vampire

4) you can talk to dogs by barking in wolf form, and non-commutative in human.

5) not really

6) some, Yes

7) I don't know, Maybe

I love you more than words can tell, love your Mother, Elizabeth and your Father, Anthony.


I wrote back to them about the book and everything friends, but I didn't write about  Alana. Tomorrow I will turn again, take some lessons from Isis and other stuff. I've almost forgot about my other powers. I need to play with experiment with them a bit more.  "Fire, Water, Ice, Growth, wind" all the powers do as I say. If you say 'on' for the next power before the other has not turned off, it automatically shuts off for the next power. I drink the 'blood' supplement. Then I study up on werewolf and vampire powers. Then I watch some TV, eventually I fall asleep.

Overall a pretty weird day.


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