Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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3. Guidance

*Authors note: Isis is pronounced Ice-ses and this Movella was already written, but I took a break and I'm re-writing all the chapters, since my "Skillz" have greatly improved. Tell me down in the comments how you like the new version. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this AN up but I'm keeping the original chapter down below, Thanks for reading*

“This is new for you I’m aware.” She smiles as she steps down from the stump. “I see you are all still very shy. Gather closer, the time is now.” She smirks as she sits on the stump.

The others and I gather around Ms. Isis. She smiles again in human form “Today, you've changed for the first time, you might of been feeling it before you’ve known though.” She snaps her fingers and a large book appears on her lap. The book is a faded baby blue with shiny gold edges. “This is not just a new chapter in your life but a new book. The council votes that as your mentor—”

“Mentor? For this dog thing?” Thinks Ryan aloud.

“Yes. As your mentor I must tell you some history and how to do everyday things. It all starts long before the great America was created. Our world, the world of Andalis, came into existence. It’s unknown when exactly Andalis was created but every creature you can imagine—fairies, vampires, werewolves; everything lives there.  Every Hollywood movie is true; the humans simply don’t like us. You have to keep this a secret. Hollywood knows a lot about our world, Vampires and werewolves don’t mix, that’s just one fact.” She turns the page. “There a lot of history for you to study up on but we only have so much time before sunrise. So around 1000 BCE we had the Great Shardin War. Much like World War One, it brought chaos and misery to the whole world. It was one of the hardest thongs we’ve ever accomplished. Later the other sides leader, Dr. Dermarrion was terminated and his loyalists hid themselves in our existence. "

"Things eventually got better and society evolved. Not many things happened in recent years. The royal family though, the king’s brother had a baby, with another kind. He was a werewolf and she was a vampire. It was the scandal of the decade” Privately to me she thinks "If you can guess Selene, that would be you.” back to the group "Since you just turned fifteen, you changed for the first time.” She turned the page again but not before she was interrupted by Sandy this time.

“But I’ve been fifteen for like two months now…” she trailed off

“That’s because the leader in your area, Selene just changed so you just changed. Selene is your leader because she has the most powers near you. More powers equal more power if you understand. I was assigned to you after my other pupils graduated.”

“Is this a class thing? Do we have to do homework?” Ryan was being serious now. “And why is my…fur so long? I’m never going to get used to this.” 

“Oh Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.” She shook her head. “Yes this is a class thing but I’ve put a small spell on your other teachers to give you a fourth’s of normal homework amount so you can do my homework instead. But mines easy, no math involved. And your fur, since this is the first change” She sighed “It’s a little out of whack, it will be shorter in changes to come, but it will still remain that nice shade of glossy black. Did you guys notice that your fur color is the color of your fur—I mean hair on your head? When your human I mean.” 

“So what about you?” Asked Alana while she squinted. It was clear that Alana didn’t trust many people. “Where are you from and who told you to do this?”

“Oh child!” She laughed “You should trust me as I’m your second mother, don’t judge.” She scoffs “It’s simply unnecessary.”

“Well as you must know apparently you will find out soon enough. It’s happened too many times where students take it upon themselves to find out about me. My name is Isis; some people might say I’m Goddess of Goddesses but that is simply untrue. I’m Isis, The Egyptian Goddess of fertility, magic and medicine. You can go ahead and ask me any questions, no matter how annoying they are or how many times I’ve answered them. I know you just finished Egyptian Mythology in history.” 

“So you really married your brother?” Alana accuses instantly.

“No! That was a misprint, and the idiot mortals read into it. And when we found a child in the creek, well people thought that we had it. We couldn’t convince them otherwise so the mortals started doing it too but Osiris and I were smarter, I was heartbroken when he died. He wanted to become a teacher, and —at that time in Egypt, we only lived to be maybe thirty if we were lucky— not only did I become immortal and stayed alive but I also bettered myself for it. The other Gods, a lot of them were actually mortals in disguise, those idiots “She let out a small laugh “Any more questions to answer for the millionth time?” 

“I got one,” I thought “What about our claws and teeth? Why do they glow?”

“Ah! Someone asks a question that’s worth answering!” Smiled Isis.

“Teachers pet already? Damn!” Thought Alana. Then she whimpered as if something happened to her.

“Have you ever seen the mortal movie Aquamarine? It’s kind of like her fingernails. Well your claws and teeth glowing color is through your emotions. The light minty color that you have right now is of Adrenaline, that’s usual for the first night, they’ll probably be that color the whole first night. Usually when you have no strong emotion, they are simply black like a normal wolf. There are many colors as there are many emotions, sometimes pretty colors—sometimes ugly. There are so many emotions, it’s said no one has seen them all. Since this change it will also work on your human nails. Ryan if you to remain boyish your going to have to paint your nails.”

“Are you a wolf?” Thinks Sandy shyly.

“Yes, I’m anything I want to be. I’m a mentor I have to be, but for you guys I’m only a wolf.”

Isis thinks privately to me; she asks “Do you want them to know about you being a hybrid?” I nod “Well to Selene, since she is half vampire, half werewolf, I’m a vampire for her.” she tells the group.

“Wait was she the baby of the king’s brother’s?” Sandy seems so interested as Isis nods.

“What about my Aunt and Uncle? They’re not my real parents, what wrong with them?” I ask worried for them both.

“Well, the Council picked mortals that had a high understanding capability. We just cast a small spell on them. Kind of like downloading a file to a computer, we simply made the mortals okay with the changes and the world of Andalis, they’re charmed. It doesn’t hurt them in anyway, and when you reach at eighteen you can decide if want to keep them or erase that as a memory. It’s quite simply really. The Council Requires me to get to know you. So here’s what were going to do: Going around in a circle like Kindergarten. Tell us about you. It's easy. Ryan, you’re first.” I blinked and Isis was now a wolf. She was absolutely beautiful. A large black wolf with silky and what looked like smooth fur. It was all short and waved but it looked stunning. She wore a gold necklace that had a pendant of a throne and she stood proud and tall.

“Oh okay, um… My name is Ryan,” I completely forgot the other wolves from Isis’s sheer beauty like literally damn!

“Uh… My grandparents are Jordan and Maria Delquene, Founders of 'Delquenie Big Squeezy’ That restaurant chain. So obviously,” He smiles “I’m loaded” I saw Alana smile as much as canine lips can as ‘I ain’t saying she a gold digger’ starts playing in my mind. 

Isis interrupts “But sadly, the parents pay too much attention to product and not enough to their actual one. Navigation and knowledge are your special talents; they will serve you greatly in your life to come. You are now in this Circle.” She walks over flawlessly and a gold chain appears in her mouth before she places it over Ryan’s head “Welcome. Alana your next.”

Alana clears her throat before she thinks. “I’m Alana Tompkins, I already know my special gifts, It’s hunting and getting away. I live with my real father but—“

“But yet again a simple life rules out for a young child. The child craves the adult’s attention, but the adult is too busy. Here is your Chain” She places the wheat chain over her head. “Sandy your beauty is needed now.” 

Sandy crept to the middle. “I’m Sandy” She stuttered “I’m good talking to maybe one person, but not to a group. I live with my real parents.” She kept stuttering. 

“Oh shy innocence, your strong powers seem healing and reading. Wow! Reading others—all others not just your own species is rare, consider yourself lucky.” She places the chain around her dirty blonde neck. In wolf form she is the prettiest honestly.  “Last but not least, Selene?”

I step forward trying to look proud. Isis addresses me immediately. 

“Ah, the young royal hybrid. It looks as if all your powers are set way above the normal, but your most high-powered powers are Creativity and Spiritual nature. Pretty close to mine actually. These will help you a tremendous amount in life!” She places the wheat chain over my neck.

And thinks to only me, “Ryan’s Claws have quite the picking for you. The color doesn’t usually change much the first night.” I look over and his claws are a light pink color, glowing lowly.  

She steps away. “Look Circle, you get a pendant when you either graduate or preform something extraordinary to your abilities. Now it’s time to learn how to live on your own.” The rest of the night is Isis telling us how to do everyday things; eat, drink, use the restroom and more.




I wake up laying on my stomach.  I look to my surroundings, the woods but the portion closer to my house. Everyone wakes up around the same time as I and everyone else is here except Isis. And yes, we’re all naked. Its awkward and everyone covers themselves up immediately. Poor Ryan, being naked with three girls and not allowing them to see your boner, even though they know you do. 


The two other wolves look at her, then another one comes out of the bushes, this one smaller than all of us. But then the larger wolf says "Hello, I'm Isis, Guardian of supernatural change. I know all of you." Her lips don't move but I can hear her saying things. "Ryan, Rebellious, and fun-loving," she continued "Selene, Royal hybrid, Alana, Large hunter,  Sandy, Shy innocence." Sandy was the smallest and obviously most weak looking, I could tell that Alana likes Ryan, Sandy and Alana wants to be my friend and Ryan wants to be together with me. "Introduce yourselves to each other." Isis says patiently. My eyes go to straight to sandy and my feet or well paws now just walk straight toward her.

"Hi, my name is Selene, yours is Sandy right?"

"Yeah, so your a hybrid of what?" she asked

"Vampire and werewolf and I'm also royal so apparently I have different powers than everyone here..."

Apparently she and I have been in the same school since the 4th grade, she and I have the same classes except 7th and 3rd periods. She comes from a broken home of yet more 'Not-you-real-parents-but-there-keeping-you' people. Her 'father' is abusive to her 'Mother'. So she's shy and skittish, she probably won't be cool and confident any time soon.

Ryan is a rich kid who, mostly just because he's rich, gets to do whatever the hell he wants all the time. He lives' with his real parents.

Alana automatically puts on a fake smile, she can tell that Ryan likes me and not her. She's a orange looking wolf. My guess is that she probably has orange hair in human form. It didn't even occurred to me what my fur color looked like. I looked at my paws -golden-brown. That's what I thought that means Sandy is blond, Ryan has black hair, and Isis has dark brown hair.

Isis started Immediately to teach us the basics, like eating, using the bathroom, walking, easy stuff like that. Ryan kept trying to show off, I guess he is kind of cute and stuff. His eyes are brown, I'm guessing he's Mexican.

Isis tells us our skills, The skills you are born with is the easiest thing to do for you.  Mine is Creativity and spiritual nature, . Alana is hunting and dodging (getting away without getting hurt) , Sandy, emotional calming and healing, and I'm pretty sure Ryan's is navigation and knowledge. Isis says where we sleep we will awake in human form before 6 probably naked, but get used to it she said, it's just parts. And I do awake with slight knowledge remembered from last night. Alana, Sandy, I and Ryan are a naked. It must be embarrassing being the only naked boy.

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