Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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14. Fights

A/N: There more cussing in this chapter then probably the whole book!


I stand there looking at the words in complete silence. It felt like hours I was there just looking at the words, but when Sandy snaps me out of it she says I was only looking at it for two minutes. Ryan also smells it, he looks at me then at Sandy then at me again. We all know what we smell but we don't want to admit it to ourselves and each other. Ryan, Sandy and I change back into to human form.

"Okay, this isn't right... someone is messing with us. Isis.. she's...she's Isis, this can't happen, not now, not in our first year at least!" Ryan says. A sob escapes his lips. We all look around nervously. Ryan squats down to me, I am the only one siting down. Then instead of squatting, he just plops down. we hug each other but also cry...a lot, then Sandy sits down and we all just cry.



It's been a week since we learned about Isis. I haven't gotten over it, well no one has. We told Kristen and Alana, Kristen took it hard, but all Alana said was "Oh, that sucks, oh well things happen." I think she's heartless, but who could blame her, she's Alana.

It's December  6, it's almost Christmas time. I was going to ask Isis if there was a special thing that Andalis people do for it. Ryan has barley spoke to me since the woods. This is the last Friday before Christmas break. I'm at lunch. Alana, for some unknown but probably stupid reason, still sits at our table. Ryan hasn't sat at our table this whole week but he does today.

"Hey Selene, I got you some Ice-cream." Ryan says to me. Alana still likes Ryan, so she gives me 'The Look' all the time but especially today. "Thanks, Uh, can you get me a spoon?" I ask "Oh yea, sorry I forgot, I'll be right back, I love you." Ryan's never said 'I love you' before. I know that Alana's pissed. "I love you to!" I say.

"Look Selene, I know that you like Ryan but he's eventually gonna fall for me so don't get to involved!" Said Alana. I gave a huff and said " You're still on this? Really Alana? I don't like you but I still know your not that stupid bitch that thinks a boy will always go for you." "Well at least I've had more than one boyfriend." says Alana That got me really pissed off. "Well you know what Alana? At least I'm not a bitch who thinks she's better than every other single person on this earth! At least I'm not the person striving to be popular! At least I'm not a bitch who wonders what your life will be like in 10 years, some part of you knows you'll be part of a trailer-trash park, and the other part hopes you'll be a famous movie star who everyone looks up to. Well guess what Alana, we all know that Inside your just a scared little bitch!" I could feel my voice rising with each word. I could feel eyes staring at me, all over the room. I started to read Alana's mind: "She can't do that, stand up for yourself you scared little girl, everyone's right! I am just a stupid little shit, I'm a brat, but I still need to take her down.

I knew her next move, would I dodge it or would I just get it over with? I decided quick. I knew I had to do it.  She got on top of the circular table, and lunged toward me. She took the first swing of her fist which I (stealthily) avoided. I swung a fist that hit her jaw. She was on top of me, fighting like stereotypical girl, pulling my hair. I kneed her in her stomach, that made her fall over. I pushed her off of me then I got on top of her and started punching her ( Yes I am going to add, not so stereotypical girl would do) I must of got 20 hits into her before a teacher came and talked to us. We both looked up at her, "Detention for both of you! After school! 2 hours!"


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