Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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15. Detention

A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a while guys! But still thanks for reading!!!


I go to the detention Office after school as told. Alana's already sitting here of course. I enter the room, there are 6 other kids sitting in here with us too. I've seen them smoking and shooting up behind school sometimes, they must have got caught, again. I'm forced to sit in the front row since that's the only seat available. It's 15 minutes before a teacher finally walks in.

"Good afternoon delinquents! Get out your textbooks and read pages 435 to 472!" He says with a bright smile on his face. Mr. Jarred is always like this everybody hates him except nerds. I get out my text book and pretend to read the it while I'm actually reading people's minds. First I read Alana's: "Man, I don't belong in here with all these losers! Selene not even all that pretty, why do people like her? School is so boring." I ask "Is all you do complain?" as soon as I said it, I knew I forgot to put the "lock" on it to where she couldn't hear me. "Selene get out of my head!" she says to me. "Fine but you complain too much!" I say then silencing her. I look to Mr. Jarred, He says in his head: "This sucks, I should have never taken a teacher career! but at lest everyone respects me!" I make sure the "lock" is on this time, then say "No...No we don't respect you! everyone hates you!"

I look behind me to read a druggie's mind: "Why we cook bacon, and bake cookies?" he says. This time I don't put the lock on. "Wow, you need help!" Suddenly he jumps out of his seat and says out loud "Get out of my head demons!" Then runs out of the room. "Stay here class!" Mr. Jarred yells as he goes to chase...Johnny? The rest of the druggies run out too after a minute.

"Why don't you join them Selene?" asks Alana. "Shut up desperate." I say right before another teacher walks in.  This teacher looks, smells and walks familiar.

"Hello class!" she turns around and it's Isis! "I thought you were dead!" I exclaim while Alana just stays in her seat. "Well, I was gone for a long time." says Isis. "No" I say "We saw your blood in the forest!" I say "Well I was investigating my brothers disappearance. And..." We both have the same realization at the same moment. Who ever wants me, killed my mentors brother trying to freak me out!

"The other Teachers almost back, tell all the other pups to meet at the clearing after detention! Bye" I nod and she walks out of the room. Then Mr. Jarred comes back into the classroom followed by the druggy. I think his name is Johnny. I wait for the next hour to be over then I go tell Ryan, Sandy and Kristen.

Sure enough, We all meet Isis back at the clearing. We tell Isis about our incident-both the fight and the words on the tree stump, and she tells us about the investigation.

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