Selene Webb is a young girl with a secret. She is a royal hybrid; half werewolf, half vampire. After teaming up and learning new tricks and tips, She and her crew will have to fight for her—and the world to be safe. I'm revising this story.

Rated Y for language, violence, drugs and drinking.
I’m Rewriting this, I’ve improved a lot.
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1. 15th birthday

*Authors Note: This Movella was already written, but I took a break and I'm re-writing all the chapters, since my "Skillz" have greatly improved. Tell me down in the comments how you like the new version. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this AN up but I'm keeping the original chapter down below, Thanks for reading*

I open my eyes, they're slightly blurry as usual. I sigh to myself, and just lie still, waiting to for the motivation to start each day. It usually comes around after fifteen minutes. After which, I get dressed, sweatpants and a loose t-shirt that probably has some sports logo or 80's band on itI'm not really paying attention.

I head down the creaky stairs that I've come to like, days just don't seem right if I don't hear the creaks. After I'm past the stairs I'm almost in to the kitchen, then I hear a faint skittering. Probably a mouse but it’s strange I can hear it. I get on my knees and put my ear to the wall, the noise is even louder now. It's even more strange when I start hearing the rapid sounds of the mouse's heartbeat.

I'm startled by my uncle clearing his throat. "What on earth are you doing down there?" He asks "Your aunt and I have been waiting in the kitchen for almost twenty minutes since we heard the stairs creak." I live with my aunt and uncle, my parents died in a car crash, a really long time ago. It’s not so bad, I really don’t even remember them much, I only have a small picture.

I stand up, "Sorry, I heard... Never mind. What’s for breakfast?" 

"Birthday pancakes!" My aunt exclaimed, she was now standing in the archway. "So are you going to say 'Hi' to us young lady?"

I sighed with a smile. "Hi Rose, Steve," I trail off "Do we have mouse-killer?"

They escorted me the four feet to the kitchen table. "Yes, but don't worry about the miceIt's your birthday, how old are you again?" Steve and his dad-but-actually-uncle humor, he was good at dad jokes.

I pity laugh "I'm fifteen, I've been with you for fifteen years now, are you sick of me yet?" 

"Nope not yet, you can stay with us until your fifty!" Aunt Rose tried at least.

"You want me to be dependent on you until I'm fifty? Can I even get married?"

"Only if we like him!" She smiled. "Anyway, you need to hurry up darling we have to go to Steve's new art exhibi—" She was pouring juice and all of a sudden she changes her mind. "Actually, just Steve and I need to go, you can stay home. 

"Why can't I go?" I asked, I actually did want to go with. This is his first public art exhibit, I wanted to be there for him.

"You just can't, you should stay here...take Buster for a walk, he's getting on the chubby side." she was serious now.

"He's way past chubby, but okay..." I trailed off. There wasn't much else talking that morning until they left. Maybe I should be glad, maybe they're getting me a birthday present. Sadly, were not very wealthy, so it sure would be a surprise. Besides the '88 Buick couldn't hold much—I'm surprised it still even runs.

It takes me an hour to eat my pancakes, mostly because The few channels we have let me catch the end of a movie. Teen Wolf with a young Michael J Fox, if people were more accepting of monsters... I chuckle to myself.

I walk back up the stairs, with Buster in my arms. Again with the creaks, I open my door. Buster struggles to get down, he falls from my arms. Instantly I feel horrible but he gets back up and barks repeatedly. My eyes follow the direction he's barking in.

There's a box on my bed. It's black with gold swirls, I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before. No it was not, I wouldn't make my bed. Who put this here? They didn’t go upstairs yet. I wonder to myself. I'm not sure if I should open it, I mean what if it's like a bomb or something...then again it is my birthday. I guess I should open it. I decide to sit down near it, Buster finally stops barking and starts wagging his beige tail. At first I touch it with my hand and pull back quickly, nothing. I inch closer to it, touch it again. I didn't mean to but I knocked it off the edge of my bed. I guess it's not a bomb... I'm over-thinking this... I need to just open it.

I pick the box up and turn it right side over. I place it on my lap and open the top. I thought it might have something cool in it, but I was wrong. It's just blank paper, a lot of blank paper, some crisp, some crumbled, some lined, some not.

"What is this?" I say as if someone would answer. I close the box and put it under my bed disappointed. After I stand up, Buster starts barking again, loudly. "What?! The box? There's just blank paper in it!" I glare. I guess I am kind of mad about this, I expected something at least. Not just blank paper. He continues barking. "Here I'll let you look!” I get on my knees once again and get the box out from under my bed. "Here! take a good long look!" I open it, and to my surprise the papers, they have writing on them. I rummage through the box, yes they all have writing on them, some of them have pictures.

The note on top on top reads:

Dear my beautiful Selene, Oh baby, I can't believe it's your fifteenth birthday. Oh I miss you so much! Anyway I guess I should cut to the chase. I'm your mother writing this—yes, I'm alive and so is your dad! We both miss you very much. You might experience some stuff today just know that its normal. You don't belong in this world; you belong in Andalis. Yet you’re a hybrid unlike any other—Half werewolf, half vampire; But the thing that makes you special is your royal blooded, you have many different abilities that others don't. I'm not sure if you want to write back but if you do, burn the reply and let the smoke fly out the window, the one with 'A' above it. Just think "fire" and it should happen. I love you so, so much baby! —Your Mother and Father.

If this note it for real, I can't believe it. If this is true, this changes everything. My long lost dead family is alive? I hope it real because I'm going to feel like an idiot if I write back and it's a joke.

Dear "Mother and Father" I hope this is real. I honestly do, I'm not even sure what I'm thinking right now. I guess I should ask questions. Do Rose and Steve know? Is anyone in the human world like me, a werewolf or vampire I mean. And lastly, can I control this stuff or not? I love you! —Selene Webb

I walked down the stairs, and got the matches, I'm still new to this; I don't want to actually burn the house down. Back up the stairs and to my room, the box is still there and so is the note I wrote. I went to the one window in my room, that happens to have an 'A' atop it. I light the fire and start to burn the paper. The wind sucks up the smoke on cue even though the wind is still today. After its gone, I close the window and walked down stairs, hearing the creaks.

****ORIGINAL**** This is what I wrote originally, I've greatly improved as you can tell.

I wake up today is my 15 birthday. My aunt and uncle greet me when I come down the stairs. I live with them because both my parents were killed in a car wreck. At least today is Saturday. I eat my birthday pancake while watching TV. My dog, Buster lays under the table seeking crumbs and other dropped food , he acts like we don't feed him when in reality he's the fattest dog in the neighborhood. I look in the refrigerator, not much there. So I just go back upstairs. I open the door to the room. There's a box on my bed. What is it? There's a note inside, it reads:

Dear Selene, You are not who you think you are. You are gonna experience some strange things today, this is because you don't belong in this world, You belong in the world know as Andalis. Your a hybrid unlike any other. your half werewolf, half vampire, but what makes you special is that your a Royal, you have many different abilities, it's unclear of what you have but if you ever need to know any thing... write a paper and burn it but let all the smoke out of the window that has the mark of "A" above it. -sincerely Your mother and father.

My mother and father? This is a joke...It has to be. But I figure why not?

Dear mother and father, how were you really killed?  What's going to happened to me? Do my aunt and uncle know? When I turn into a werewolf will I be any ugly human or an actual wolf? Will I eat my friends? I don't know what to do but if this isn't a prank....I love you!  -Selene Webb

Just then I thought how am I supposed to light it on fire? My aunt wont let me get the matches and my uncle never knows where anything is. I laid my head down on the desk. I put my hands on the back of my neck, It felt hot, almost burning I took them off then I was freezing cold. my hands were hot. I said quietly "Fire" a spark, Then more loudly "fire!" and they lit up with flames. How do I turn it off? "Uh... Off!... Um.. extinguish"- I thought for sure that that was going to work "Stop!" then they stopped maybe I have to think it too. I folded the paper into an airplane and looked around my room for a window that has a letter "A" above it. I couldn't find it. I looked in all the other rooms, bathrooms, kitchen , and living room. There's only one room I Haven't checked- The attic. There's a window with an "A" made out of sticks above it. "Fire" My hands flame up. I light the paper on fire and through it out the window as soon as it gets out of the house; it vanishes with all the smoke going up very quickly.

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