I will always come back

Aria is found I a crisis and ezra doesn't know if he can handle it. Will they survive this obsticle?


2. This is my weakness

After being accepted into the University of California aria went on a tour there and loved it, the only thing left to do is tell ezra and she wanted to do it sooner than later and it was killing her. So tonight she was going to surprise him, she would clean and decorate his apartment and put on her new dress she got last week and make him a fancy dinner. He loved it when she did things like this. Everything was in place now all she had to do is get herself ready.

 She took a shower and dried her hair then she walked over to the bag she brought and took out her dress. It was a pot pink backless and low neck body hugging dress. She knew this would drive him crazy the first time she saw it and it was on sale, so how could he turn it down? When she was dressed she did her makeup and curled her hair into loose curls. Then as if in cue ezra walked in. "Ummmm aria I'm gonna need you take take that off! And what is all if this?" 

" this is something special just for us and why would I take this off I thought you would like it?" 

" that's the thing I love it. Maybe a little to much."

"we'll I'm flattered, now mr. Fitz I'm gonna need you to give me that kiss I've been waiting for."

 And with that he pulled her in to a passionate and loving kiss. Which eventually ended up on the couch. Ezra started to get sexually frustrated and knew he had to stop."lets go eat this delicious meal you made and continue this later."

" Right this way Mr. Fitz" and led them to there amazing meal.



about 50 minutes later they had finished eating and were cleaning up when aria walked up behind ezra and hugged him. She slowly moved her hands down to the buckle of his pants and undid it. Ezra snapped around and realized what she was doing " aria! You know that I don't think your ready yet why are you doing this to me!" 

" Ezra, trust me I'm ready if we both want this why can't we have it? Listen I love you and I don't want there to be a barrier between us." And with that she turned around and walked over to the bed. She looked in her bag and realized she forgot pajamas so she decided to once again make him regret his decision and took off her dress. Now he was really watching her. When he saw she was only wearing a thong he was waiting for her to grab one of his shirts but instead she just laid in bed. On top of the covers. 

Thats when he decided to screw waiting this was happening. Tonight.

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