I will always come back

Aria is found I a crisis and ezra doesn't know if he can handle it. Will they survive this obsticle?


3. Lots of info

When aria woke up in Ezra's very much naked arms she realized even though she had done all that for last night she still never told him about California. But another thing that happened was she realized she no longer wanted to go to California because she wasn't willing to give up what she had here. Sure she liked to college but she had nothing else there, where here she had everything. As she was thinking ezra woke up. "Hey beautiful" said aria "I was just thinking about you"

"Oh yeah? What were you thinking?"

"just about how much I love you"

"we'll u like the sound of that" and with that they drew into a passionate kiss. It wasn't rough or playful just passionate. After their 25 minute make out session, aria decided to talk to ezra about some serious topics." Ezra we need to talk"

"umm aria that doesn't sound good"

" no! Ezra you have nothing to worry about!"


"well I was thinking and we didn't use protection last night and I had no clue that would happen and I don't remember is I took my pill yesterday. And 2 I'm not going to California."

" Oh my god! Aria are you sure you don't want to go to California?!? I mean that is your dream school and as for last night I don't regret any of it."

" Yes I'm sure and as long as you know there is a possibility of me having a bun in the oven."

" I'm sure you will be fine." And he kissed her forehead.

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