I will always come back

Aria is found I a crisis and ezra doesn't know if he can handle it. Will they survive this obsticle?


1. Enveloped in your love

Aria had been waiting for this moment since the day Ali made her promise to apply. But today it was different. Before she wanted this, she almost needed it, now it was almost a burden. She was holding her future in her hand. Ezra made her promise to do what she wanted and he would follow if she wanted him to, but aria didn't want to restrict him from any opportunities he might have here..…… At that moment ezra walked in his apartment and saw aria was a bit conflicted, his eyes went straight to the letter in her hand. He walked over grabbed it from her hand and set it on the table. He sat down next to her holding her hands in his." Aria, you know I will do whatever I can do to help you. Whatever it takes. I will never leave your side, not unless you want me to." 

Instead of a verbal response she pulled him in for an intense kiss. This eventually turned into an make out session. She flipped her leg over to straddle him, she Immediately felt his hardening member under her. She new he wouldn't have sex with her but she still wanted him to struggle with his decision. She made the courageous decision to take her shirt off. He tried to stop her but she managed to get it off. "Aria, we can't, I told you we need  to wait till you are at least out of college. Trust me I want to, so badly but I think we should wait a little while longer."


"..…Ezra, I know you won't do this, and I wasn't planning on it either I'm just taking my shirt off you do this all the time." 

" aria I am also a guy you have boobs"

Aria took in this comment as it was true but she didn't care. She just kissed him and slowly grinned her  hips just enough to drive him crazy." Aria no! I need you to stop. It's driving me crazy I'm ready to take you right now, but I can't. Please."

"Ezra trust me I will always respect your decision, as for your little problem, I think you should take care of that before you explode."

So with that he went into the bathroom.



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