Sam Horan

When Niall leaves for the x factor he leaves behind Lizze. The only problem with that is a week after Niall leaves Lizzie finds out that she's pregnant. What happens when Niall shows up in town, famous, three years later.


20. chapter twenty

Lizzie P.O.V.

"When are you gonna tell the rest of the boys?" Emery asks me the next morning as we sit on Nialls bed.

"Maybe during breakfast." I shrug. "Harry's cooking."

"Breakfast!" Liam yells up the stairs.

"Okay." We yell in reply.

"Where's Sam?" Emery looks at me.


"Oh. Do you think we could go get him after breakfast. Mom doesn't even know I'm back."

"And maybe after that we could go see Ruby."  I say.

"Where's dad?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I just don't know. He left one day and never came back."

"Guys, come on! Your breakfast is getting cold." Zayn yells.

"Lets go." We say. Then we dash down the stairs.

Emery sits down but I go straight to Niall.

"Emery and I were talking." I whisper. "And we decided to tell everybody now." 

"Okay." He stands up. "Guys we have an announcement to make."  Nobody looks up.

"Who ever can guess it, other than Emery, gets ten dollars." They all turn around.

"Your engaged" Zayn says.

"Not yet." Niall says.

"Lizzie is an alien."' Harry smiles.

"I am not." They start shouting out answers all at once.

"One at a time! One at a time!" Niall yells.

The last idea I hear is by Louis. "Your pregnant." He says.

"As a matter of fact-" Niall begins.

"You get ten dollars Louis." I smile.

"XxxSo your- then- but- Congratulations!" Louis stutters.

"That's great!" Zayn comes o we and hugs me. The first hug he has ever given me for the three months I've known him.

"How far along?" Liam asks. I notice he's the only one who didn't talk while the rest were guessing.

"About....two and a half months." I say.

"Okay Sis` enough chatter chatter. Let's go see mom." She literally drags me out of the house and into my car. "Now drive." She says handing me the keys.

"Alright." I put the key in the ignition and we begin to drive.


"We're here." I tell Emery.

"Okay." She steps out of the car and I do the same.

She knocks on the door and I hear footsteps. The door opens.

"Oh my gosh!" She throws her arms around Emery. "I've misled you so much Emery."

"I've missed you too mom." 

"Why don't you girls come in." She opens the door even wider. We walk in and sit on the couch.

"Hey mom. You have not one but two surprises." Emery says.

"What's the second surprise?"

"Lizzie." Emery looks at me.

"Mom...I'm pregnant."

"That's great sweetie." She smiles.

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