Sam Horan

When Niall leaves for the x factor he leaves behind Lizze. The only problem with that is a week after Niall leaves Lizzie finds out that she's pregnant. What happens when Niall shows up in town, famous, three years later.


21. chapter twenty one

Lizzie P.O.V. Four months later

"Okay. I'm going to put this gel on your stomach. It's going to be a little cold." The doctor says.

"I know. It's not my first." I say.

"Then I'm guessing you already know the gender." He looks at the screen.

"No. What I meant by its not my first is its not my first kid."

"Oh. I'm sorry. How old is your kid?"

"He's three." 

"Well do you want to know the gender now or do you want it to be a surprise?"

"I'd like to know now."

"Your baby is a... girl. Congratulations." He smiles.


Authors note: I don't have any good name ideas. So if you have an idea just put it in the comments. If your lucky, the name might be chosen. Happy name choosing and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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