Sam Horan

When Niall leaves for the x factor he leaves behind Lizze. The only problem with that is a week after Niall leaves Lizzie finds out that she's pregnant. What happens when Niall shows up in town, famous, three years later.


6. Chapter Six

                                                               Lizzie P.O.V.

We are standing at his friends house and he try's to open the door. It's locked.

"They're probably still sleeping." Niall says,"But not to fear Niall man's here with his super duper secret weapon!" Niall lifts up the door mat and pulls out a key.

"It's not much of a secret if I know about it." I say. He unlocks the door and walks in. I follow him.

"'ll be right back."He says walking down the hall and through the door.

"Harry Styles get out of bed." I hear Niall scream.

"But I don' wanna." I hear a British accent complain.

"Oh...I just thought you might want to meet the nineteen year old girl in our living room." Niall says.

Then out of nowhere a green eyed boy with brown curly hair comes up to me. "Hi I'm Harry. Harry Styles. Pleasure to meet you." He puts his hand out for me to shake it. "Well Miss what is your name? Are you a fan? Who's your favourite? Is it-"  Harry gets cut off by Niall.

"Whoa man give her a chance to answer."

"I'm Lizzie, I became a fan yesterday, my favourite is Niall, and I'm not going to shake your hand." I say.

"Ohhh! Harry Styles rejected." Liam comes out followed by another boy with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. "This is Zayn." He says as another boy walks out."And that's Louis."

"Hey Liam." I say.

"Hey Lizzie." He says. 

"Wait you two know eachother? How?"  Zayn asks looking confused.

"Yeah. We met yesterday." I say.


"So do you know that Ni-" Louis starts to talk but I cut him off.

"That he has a large appetite, he was born on September 13 1993, his favourite colour is green ." I say.

"But how?" Louis says.

"Lets just say we've known each other for a long time." Niall says.

"Like how long?" Liam asks.

"Well we met after..." Niall says and then pauses to look at me as if to ask "can I go on?" I nod and he smiles. "We met after her older brother died. Her brother Noah and I were best friends."

"He was the only family I had that really cared about me." I say.

"I wasn't popular. I had no friends except Noah. We saw eachother at the park a day later."

"That's when we become friends."

"Then best friends." Niall says.

"Then somebody left without telling me about three and a half hears ago." I cross arms and look over at him.

"Hey. I'm not the one to blame here. I didn't think I had a career in music then. All I thought is that I would go on the x-factor and if I made it I would come home and tell you what's going on and then I would leave still staying in touch with you. Then when I got put with their lads. I had to come back and pack my bags. I would have visited before I left but I didn't have time and I'm sorry about that. Can you forgive me?"

"Yes." I say.

"Who wants to watch a movie?" Louis asks.

"Lets watch Saw!!!" Niall screams.

"No let's watch Toy Story." Louis says crossing his arms.

"Lets vote." Harry says.

"Raise your hand if you want to watch Toy Story." Liam says. Louis is the only person raising his hand. "Raise your hand if you want to watch Saw." Everyone but Louis raises their hands.

"Saw!!" Harry shouts running to put the movie in.

                                                             Harry P.O.V.

Lizzie is beautiful. I want her to be mine. Now it's about halfway through the movie.

"Niall? I'm scared." I hear her say to Niall.

"Its ok come sit with me.." He puts his arm out for her. She lays her head on his chest and he wraps his arm around her.

Nialls lucky but they haven't became a true couple yet. I still have time to win her over. Usually Niall starts dating someone once they kiss.

                                                             Lizzie P.O.V.

"Well I got to go." I say standing up when the movie was over. "You ready to go Niall?" I ask looking up at him.

"Yeah let's go." He grabs my hand and we walk out.

We walk all the way to the car and get in.

"So your driving this time?" I ask.


"I'm scared!" I shout playfully. 

"You better be." He smiles and kisses me. I put my hand on his shoulder. We kiss for who knows how long and then he leans back in his seat.

"We better get going."

"Yeah." I say buckling up.

We drive to my mom's and get out of the car.

"Your coming with me?"

"Hell yeah I want to see Leona."

"Ok just watch your language."

"Don't I always." He smirks and kisses me.

We walk up the stairs to the front door and knock.

The door opens. "Hi Lizzie...Niall?" My mom stares at him.

"In the flesh." Niall smiles.

"Where have you been?" She asks.

"Well I went on the x factor and I got put with a few other boys. Now your looking at a famous member of One Direction although I still wish we were Niall and the potatoes."

"Still got that funny tang to you. Would you guys like to stay for dinner?" She asks. I get ready to say we're busy but Niall beats me to the answer.

"Yes I think that'd be lovely."

"Well come in come in." She says.

We walk in and Sam comes running to me. 

"Hi buddy." I say as I give him a big hug.

"Hi mommy! Can I show daddy my toys?"

"Yeah just don't make to big of mess."

"Yay!" He shouts as he grabs Nialls hand and walks down the hall.

"Daddy huh?" She asks me while beginning to make dinner.


"Since when?" 

"Yesterday." I say.

"Oh. Did you tell him or did he figure it out?" She asks.

"He figured it out." I say. "I'm gonna go to the playroom." I say.

I walk down the hall and take a left into the playroom.

"Mommy!! Are you gonna play with us?"

"Yeah mommy are you?" Niall says.

"Yes. I'll play." I sit down next to Niall and Sam hands me a red toy car. Sam has a blue one and Niasll has a green one. "Lucky he never let's anyone play with the green one."

"Is that why I have a stuffed policeman glaring at me?" 

"Probably." I say smiling.

"Dinner!!" Mom yells from the kitchen.

"Food!!" Niall and Sam run to the kitchen screaming. I follow behind them.

We sit down at the table my mom already had set. 

"Hey why do I have an Elmo plate?"

"Because you chose to sit there." I say.

"Well how comes there's two Elmo plates not one. There's only one kid.."

"That's where my nephew usually sits." I say.

"Wait. Ruby had a baby?"

"She found out she was pregnant a few months after I found out I was pregnant." 

"Oh." He says.




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