Sam Horan

When Niall leaves for the x factor he leaves behind Lizze. The only problem with that is a week after Niall leaves Lizzie finds out that she's pregnant. What happens when Niall shows up in town, famous, three years later.


15. Chapter Fifteen

Niall P.O.V.

I'm sitting on the couch next to Louis when the front door opens.

"OMG!!!! ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" A girl that looks a lot like Lizzie walks in.                                    "Hey Niall." She looks at me and instantly I know its Emery, Lizzies twin sister.

"Hey...Emery. What are you doing here?" I ask.

"She is staying in the guest room for a while." Lizzie comes up from behind Emery.

"Am I seeing doubles or did I just have too much to drink last night?" Zayn comes from his room. "Who let Lizzie use the coppier?" Harry asks coming up behind Zayn.

"No. I'm Emery. Lizzie's twin sister." Emery says putting her hand out for Harry to shake it. Harry shakes her hand and smiles a cheeky grin.

"So who all knew Lizzie had a twin sister?" Zayn asks. I raise my hand and so does Liam.

"How'd you know about Emery?" I ask Liam.

"I told him." Lizzie says.

"Why didn't you choose me to come with you?" I ask her.

"I don't know."

"I'll take it as an answer but only because I love you." I say and kiss her forehead.

"What's for dinner Nialler?" Emery asks me.

"Haha very funny. You know I can't cook." I roll my eyes and turn to Lizzie."Will you cook?" "Under one condition."

"What's that?"

"You help me."


"What are you cooking?" Louis asks.

"Um...home made pancakes." I shrug.

"Works for me. Emery your in charge." Lizzie runs to the kitchen and I follow.

We begin to cook and Lizzie is just whizzing through everything.

"I thought I was supposed to be helping." I say.

"Do you want to go to the hospital?" 

"Would you be there?" . I ask.


"Then I wouldn't mind."

"Sure." She says sarcastically.

"Oh your gonna regret saying that."

"I am?" She turns around and looks at me.

"Yup. Now cover your eyes." She does a  she's told  and I reach behind her and grab a handful of flour. Then I throw it at her.

"What did you just do'!" She screams looking at her flour covered body.

"You didn't let me cook. Now I'm gonna cook you." I shrug.

"Maybe I'll cook you instead." She smiles and throws flour at me.


!" I shout. Then I throw a big handful of flour at her.

"Meant." ! she sticks her tongue out at me.

"What is going on in here ? I heard-" Louis stops talking and looks at us.

"It was him." Lizzie points to me.

"It was her." I say.

"You started it." She says.

"I don't care who started it but you two need to clean this mess up." Lizzie looks at me and smiles. I nod. Then she throws a handful of flour at him.

We go on  like this until we can't see any skin on any of us.

"Maybe we should order Nandos." Louis suggests.

"You think." Lizzie says sarcastically.

We walk out to the living room and everyone stares at us.

"What the hell happened to you three?" Zayn asks.

"Lizzie wouldn't let me help so I threw flour at her." I shrug.

"Then I threw flour at him." Lizzie adds.

"I tried to stop them but then Lizzie threw flour at me and about five seconds ago we agreed to order Nandos." Louis finishes.

"Cool." Liam says.

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