Sam Horan

When Niall leaves for the x factor he leaves behind Lizze. The only problem with that is a week after Niall leaves Lizzie finds out that she's pregnant. What happens when Niall shows up in town, famous, three years later.


11. Chapter eleven

Liam P.O.V.

"Lizzie." I say tugging her arm and puling her back into the hallway to talk to her privately.

"Yeah?" She asks looking into my eyes.

"Niall really seems to like you. He almost forgot he was hungry earlier." I say. She nods.

"I know." 

"Don't hurt him He has a hard life with girlfriends as it is." I say regretting it,

"What do you mean?" I knew she would ask.

"Three years ago he had a girlfriend. Her name was Allison. Then one day she just disappeared. Niall was so scared he actually stopped eating for three days straight. After her he dated Noami. They were going to see her parents. They went to the train station and she fell onto the tracks." I say.

"Did She?" I nod. "How come he didn't tell me about this?"

I shrug. "Don't bring it up to him though."

"Hey Lizzie. We better get going it's almost six." I hear Niall shout from the kitchen.

"Okay." She says and then walks away.

Lizzie P.O.V

Why didn't Niall tell me those things that Liam talked to me about?

"Don't go!" Louis shouts. "Stay here."

"Yeah mate. Stay the night it'll be great." Zayn says.

"I agree." Harry says.

"I'm sorr-" I begin to say.

"Can I talk to you? Privately?" Niall looks at me. I nod. I follow him into the hallway where Liam and I were a few minutes ago.

"This may be the time." He says.

"Time for what?" 

"To tell them about Sam." He whispers. 

"I'll take my car. You take your car." I say. "I can get Sam. You pick up a few things that we might need. Like pull-ups and his blanket and pil-" I get cut off.

"I got it." He says and then kisses me.

"We better get going." I say.


We walk out into the living room and Niall walks out the front door. 

"Wait!" Liam shouts from behind me. I turn around.


"I was in my room when you two were talking." He says.

"Hey Lizzie?" Louis says.

"What?" I ask.

"Please stay the night!!!! We can have a Toy Story marathon!" He says putting his hands in the air.

"Well Louis with that I think I might just stay. We can even watch Barney if you'd like." I say.

"Sweet!" He yells.

"But I have to pick up a few things first."  I say.


"Can I come with?" Liam asks me.


We get into the car and buckle up.

"Ready." I ask.

"Ready." He says.

We start driving and about five minutes later Liam talks.

"So do you have any other siblings other than Noah." He asks.

"Yeah." I say. Emery.

"Who?" He asks.


"How old is she?"

"She's my twin." I say.

"How old are you?"

"Nineteen." I say.

"When's your birthday?"

"August 28th." 

"What year?"

"1994." I say.

"So Niall's about a year older than you."


"How come you never talk about her or anything?" 

"When we were fifteen about a year after Noah died she couldn't handle our parents divorce so she went to live with our grandparents. She tried to get me to come with her but every time she asked I would just say no. Then she stopped asking. I lost contact with her and our grandparents. I haven't seen or spoken to her since." I say.

"Oh." Is all he says.

I arrive at Ruby's to see her, Sam, and Zack in the front yard playing.

"By golly she's beautiful." He says staring at Ruby.

"Ruby?" I ask making sure I saw right.

"No the car. Yes Ruby!" He yells.

"Well sorry bro she's taken."

"I know." He says.

"You want to meet her?" I ask.

"Does she know who I am?" He asks.

"She loves One Direction if that's what your asking. I'm surprised that she hasn't noticed that Niall is in One Direction also." I say.

"I'm coming. with you."


I climb out of the car and Sam instantly sees me.

"Mommy!" He yells.

"Hi sweetie! Did you have fun?" I ask.

"Yeah! Can Zack stay the night?" He looks up at  me with pleading eyes. I look at Ruby and she shrugs.

"Maybe." I tell him.

"Liam!" Ruby shouts.

"Hey...Ruby." He says.

"He knows my name! OMG I'm fangirling right now."  Ruby shrieks.

"Yeah. By any chance did you know Niall is in One Direction?" I ask.

"No. Wait! He is?"

"Yeah." I say. "And this is one of his friends." I say pointing behind me to Liam.

"OMG this is amazing!" 

"Well Sam wants Zack to stay the night." I say.

"Oh it's fine if it's okay with you." She  says.

"Okay. Come on Zack and Sam." I say grabbing Zack's car seat out of Ruby's minivan.

Were o the road for about five minutes.

"You do know that Zack is going to have to stay at our place with Sam right?" Liam asks.

"Cra-" I stop myself. "I mean I forgot all about that." 

"Well we better go to your place now to meet Niall." He says.


We arrive at my house three minutes later. "I'll go in you stay here with the boys." I climb out of the car and walk to the front door.

I open it and walk inside. "Niall!" I yell through the house. "Niall!"

"In here!" I follow his voice to Sam's room.

"Well we have one more little boy to look after tonight." 

"Who?' He grabs some pull-ups out of the top drawer and puts them in Sam's old diaper bag.

"Zack." I say.

"Well where are they? You didn't leave them in the car by themselves, did you?

"No. Liam's in the car with them." I say.

"Liam. Right. He know's doesn't he?"


"Well I have everything we need." He says.

"Alright. Let's go." 

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