~*~ the scott boys~*~

this story is about 2 bestfriends, since birth being inlove with their bestfriend brinley taylor, one of the scott boys has her rapped around his finger, she changed her ways from being a tomboy to a cute southern girl but when vincent scott goes on a whole summer long vacation she changes, she doesnt wanna be good anymore she wants to be bad, she wants to feel sexy. when beau starts to feel for her will she go with beau or stay with vincent, find out in the scott boys


4. the scott boys

ugh, im so sorry i didnt post anything yesturday, i was gonna use my phone for this chapter but now im doing it so beeeee happpyyyyy :)

brinley's pov-  i woke up the next morning or... afternoon, i slept till 1 in the afternoon, havent done that since i was 10 cause i went to a slumber party at my cousin darcey's house. she is the same age as me, when we were younger everyone made fun of her, she has redish brownish hair, has freckles, has these really dark green eyes, she was awkward and weird and didnt fit in like i did, we always hung out, vincent and beau put a lizard in the pocket of her dress at church in 6th grade and she got scared, good thing we were outside on the play ground thing waiting for our parents, she cried, we laughed. lets just say she never hung out with me when i was with the boys.

i got up and ready, im going to my grandmothers house, i love going over there on my free time, whenever im not working, i work every other night at a country resturant. the foods great. but the people i seat are so rude, well everywhere i go there will be rude people. me and her are so much alike, youd think that since we have the same mind we'd fight but no, we're not fighting people. we're lovers, not fighters,


i pull up in my grandmothers house and she is already outside sitting on her porch swing drinking he classic sweet tea, getting out, she yells 'babygirl, come up here and give your nana some sugar' i do as she says and hug her tight but not to tight, "hi nana" i smile and sit down on the swing. my nana is the only person I can go to when I'm real down. she might've gettin older but she has more spunk than any lady I know. "guess who dropped by" she patted my knee "who?" "beau scott" I laugh "nana, I haven't had a crush on beau since 9thgrade, I'm with Vincent" she rolls her eyes, "honey, Vincent ain't no man" "and neither is beau" I replied. "Vincent makes me happy and I love him" she laughs. "okay briny whatever you say" 

i left her house and went to mine, as i pulled in the driveway beau was leaning agenst his truck. I get out and stare at him. "what are you doing here?" he grins that half grin , he claims is so sexy. "here to take ya to my party" ugh.. i dont wanna go "ugh i thought that was tomarrow" "nope, tonight" he winks. i roll my eyes and walk inside "what should i wear" i say walking up the steps as he follows me inside "anything,but wear those cute boots of yours" he replied messing with the pictures on the shelf in the livingroom. "i haven't worn those boots since freshman year. i bet they dont even  fit me" i yelled walking into my room "i bet they do" he argues with me all the time. 

i put on a white skirt and a blouse and put boots on. i look at myself in the mirror and nod. walking down the steps, beau meets me at the bottom shaking his messy haired head. "nope nope nope" go back upstaires and change into some daisy dukes or something cause a white skirt to a field party? eh heh" "i aint got no daisy dukes beau" he walks up satires and starts looking through my drawers pulling out every shorts i had and pulls out these old torn, short jean shorts. they're cute but trashy. he throws them at me and nods "those are hot" i roll my eyes. well Vincent ain't here to see this so i guess i can wear'em just one night. i push beau out and start changing. hm. maybe i do look alittle better. i walk downstaires and he nods. "there's the Brinley i know" he grins " all ya gotta do is put ya hair up" he says running his fingers through my hair "oh.. uh.. sure why not" I pull my hair up and his deep blue eyes went from dark blue to baby blue. his face brightened up. he stared into my eyes and I stared back I couldn't help myself. i... I think beau.. beau freakin' scott. the cousin of my boyfriend that is 6 hours away. might actually like me.. and...i think I might like him too...

oh no..

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